Balika Vadhu 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 18th June 2013 Written Update

Badi Haveli:-
Episode begins with Singhs at lunch together .Sanchi is making Sumitra sit while she willserve food for everyone Sumitra is hesitant but Dadisaa asks her to sit Bhairo too gestures Sumi to sit and finally Sumitra does so . Sanchi starts setting plate for Sumitra while Ganga and Anandi bring food Dadisaa happily says today the lunch will have its unique taste Its so special for us since after many days Jagdish is with us on lunch. Yesterday he was served food in his room but today he will eat with us and in this happiness we will eat more today Jagaya is happy so are others Ganga . Sanchi and Anandi are serving food to all . Anandi says Dadisaa today you will really enjoy lunch the most , when you will eat kheer made by Sanchi Sanchi is shocked hearing it Basant asks really

Sanchi made kheer today ? Anandi says yes . Sanchi is tensed and pissed off as well She thinks to herself there is no biggest enemy of mine than Anandi bhabhi she found the burnt kheer she also brought it for here all How cheap is this act of her . Dadisaa happily says then first serve me the kheer I cannot wait for long to taste it .Anandi happily does so
Sanchi is tensed and turns her face to other side so she won’t see it .Kheer is fine Anandi serves kheer to Dadisaa Sanchi is not looking at it She is tensed looking to other side .Dadisaa tastes the kheer and she recognizes from taste it’s Anandi who made it She was about to say it to Anandi but Anandi signals her not to Dadisaa understands and doesn’t take Anandi’s name but appreciates the kheer its very very tasty All are happy Sanchi is shocked and happy as well after hearing it and asks from Dadisaa did you really like the kheer? Dadisaa answers yes very much Jagaya says if Dadisaa is appreciating it so much so even I would like to taste it Sanchi is overjoyed hearing this from Jagaya. Anandi gives kheer to Sanchi who serves it to Jagaya Jagaya tastes it He too recognizes from its taste its Anandi who made it He looks to Anandi who looks down understanding he too recognized it Jagaya appreciates Sanchi awesome you really made nice kheer Sanchi is very happy and says thanks to him Anandi is very happy while Ganga is feeling bit uneasy seeing Jagaya appreciating Sanchi

Sumitra asks Sanchi to sit down as well and have lunch with us .Sanchi says no maa first you all eat then I will eat .Sumitra gives her biggest smile to Sanchi while Anandi is shocked at Sanchi sudden mannerisms Dadisaa says to everyone I can give this in written to all of you this Sanchi is going to be a great daughter in law Sanchi is very happy at it while rest too smile Dadisaa says wherever Sanchi will go she will blossom the luck of that family and also that boy whose wife she will become Her in law and her husband will love her very much . Sanchi is blushing while hearing it Rest are happy Dadisaa nazar utaro of Sanchi and calls Makhan kaka and give him the money .Makhan kaka is over joyed he got 500 rupees. Sanchi is very very happy .Bhairo then says to family he talked with police inspector The police has found out that Sunny and his friends are not involved in the attack on Jagaya .Everyone is surprised If they didn’t got this attack done then who did this .Dadisaa says police must be saying this on statement of those boys no thief will himself say I theft Bhairo says to Dadisaa you are right but police has found out those boys are telling truth and they are not involved in this Sumitra says if they didn’t do this then who did this Basant says to Sumitra police is investigating but still haven’t caught those attackers Basant then tastes kheer and says this kheer tastes like how Anandi makes it is very very tasty .Dadisaa and Anandi look at each other truth came out Sanchi looks at Anandi shocked She thinks to herself Oh so she made the kheer but why she did this ? to help me so that all will appreciate me No that’s not possible I am sure she did this to put me down only

Ganga tries to give water to all filling their empty glasses Sanchi sees this and is jealous and goes to Ganga and looks angrily at her Ganga is confused Sanchi takes jug from Ganga Anandi sees this Moving Ganga aside Sanchi starts giving water to all Anandi is shocked at Sanchi’s behavior with Ganga Anandi looks at Ganga feeling for her who is sad

Night time :-
Jagaya in his room is reading a book Ganga comes there with Mannu She makes Mannu stand near Jagaya’s bed Ganga asks Mannu to be a good boy here with doctor sahab and don’t trouble him at all After giving medicines to doctor sahab then I will leave you with Taisaa and there Mannu will sleep with her Jagaya smiles Ganga gives Jagaya his medicines who takes them Jagaya calls Mannu towards him who comes towards him Ganga asks Jagaya this is time for your rest so I will take him with me Jagaya says to Ganga why you again and again come between us two friends to stop us don’t do this don’t do that. Ganga smiles Jagaya says now neither Mannu wants to sleep neither I so let him be with me for sometime Jagaya again calls Mannu towards him Mannu comes Jagaya picks up Mannu Ganga asks to be careful you will hurt yourself Jagaya says to Ganga nothing will happen Mannu dances standing on bed while Jagaya and Ganga happily watch him dancing .Sanchi comes there and sees it Sanchi fumes up in anger She comes to Ganga and asks her to hold your Mannu look he is destroying all bed sheet Sanchi angrily says to Ganga I told you Jagdish needs proper sanitized environment if there won’t proper cleanliness there can be infection . Jagaya is shocked at Sanchi’s behavior while Ganga is embarrassed Ganga tells Sanchi actually doctor sahab said to her let Mannu be here Sanchi says and you agreed. Jagaya speaks up come on Sanchi Mannu is such an adorable kid and I really enjoy his company ( Mannu is dancing all the while ) Sanchi says I know it Jagdish but for now nothing is more important than your health Sanchi asks Ganga to take Mannu away She picks up Mannu from bed Mannu slaps Sanchi

Ganga takes Mannu from Sanchi shocked while Sanchi holds her cheek Ganga says to Mannu what you did , this is not good Sanchi is holding her cheek while Jagaya tries hard to control his laughter Ganga asks Mannu to ask forgiveness from Sanchi jee Mannu does so folding his hand and laughing with it Sanchi is pissed off while Mannu is laughing Jagaya says to Sanchi now even Mannu is smiling looking at you , you cannot be angry with him right. Sanchi forces a smile Ganga says to Mannu if you again did this then your mom will be very angry at you Jagaya says to Ganga why are you angry at the child he is only a child and Sanchi has no issue with Mannu right Sanchi ? Sanchi says forcibly smiling yes he is only a child . Then she thinks he is a kid or a devil he slapped me so hard Ganga says to Jagaya I will be right back and goes from there Sanchi looks at Ganga going away then becomes happy she is alone with Jagaya now and smiles to him Sanchi says to Jagaya you didn’t comment on my dress Jagaya says I already said you are looking good Sanchi says that you said yesterday for yesterday’s dress today I wore a new dress Jagaya is confused Sanchi says to Jagaya you remember you said you like Indian girls in Indian dresses only so now you like me Jagays says yes in this dress you are looking like … Anandi . Sanchi is shocked I look like Anandi to him then she notices Jagaya looking at door and turns back to see Anandi standing at the door with a stern look on her towards Sanchi .

Sanchi is angry and says to herself after a lot difficulty one went but another one came to interfere Anandi comes to Jagaya and says to him Lal Singh called he will be coming for your check up tonight Jagaya says that’s great let him come he cannot tie me on bed I will get permission from him to go out as well I am bored being locked up in one room At this Anandi and Sanchi speaks up at same time No Jagdish you need rest Jagaya is shocked and confused and look at both of them He is frustrated Sanchi says to Anandi I am here with Jagdish I will take care of everything you can go Jagaya is frustrated at Sanchi’s words Sanchi’s say to Anandi you please go and spend some more time with rest family don’t know when you will get this chance again Anandi nods in ok and goes from there Sanchi is very happy at it She looks to Jagaya who has irritated expression on his face Sanchi says to Jagaya you are bored by staying in one room only , I have lot a many jokes should I tell you to cheer you up .Jagaya forcing himself says yeah sure Sanchi then read SMS jokes to him from her mobile Jagaya laughs at her jokes

Ganga passing by the room sees Jagaya and Sanchi laughing Ganga is sad seeing it Sanchi tells Jagaya I have a lot many jokes like this should I tell you all Jagaya says yeah sure .Ganga becomes emotional and says I can never talk with doctor sahab , well mannered like Sanchi They both are from big families , both are well educated and I ‘I am no where equal to them No match for them There is difference like sky and earth among us Ganga then wonders to herself why she is feeling pain at this Am I feeling jealous from Sanchi? Why my eyes have tears seeing Doctor Sahab and Sanchi jee happily talking with each other , so happy with each other ? why I am feeling pain or I am feeling sorry for myself Why I am upset ? What is reason behind it ?is it that I have allowed some other feeling to come in my heart and I am unaware of it? is it some other feeling have come in my heart ? Sanchi is telling jokes to Jagaya who is laughing at them while Ganga is teary eyed She emotionally remembers her moments with Jagaya , them being on giant wheel in mela , Ganga throwing color on Jagaya on holi , the eyelock in jeep , plus hospital one when she is helping him lie on bed Ganga is scared and says to herself No no devi maa this cannot happen .Ganga runs away from there

Ganga comes to temple of haveli and emotionally says to devi maa I have no problem with doctor saa and Sanchi jee’s happiness together I am very happy for doctor sahab too I always want him to be happy like this all sorrows far away from him he gave me this new life and because of him I came out of that hell I am indebted to him forever for this I got shelter in such a good house I have started studying to make my son a good man having good status in his life ( Ganga is crying while saying all this ) I want to make my son a good man just like doctor sahab She stops at it and says why on my tongue again again doctor sahab’s name is there what has happened to me ? This cannot happen No devi maa this cannot happen what people will think and say about me That Ratan Singh said so many cheap things about me and doctor sahab that day I couldn’t match doctor sahab eyes properly , after what blame Ratan Singh put on us She then remembers Ratan Singh saying to her you live in this house as this doctor’s wife and in night you Ganga says because of me doctor sahab has to hear so much from that sinner Ratan Singh Then Ganga stops and she remembers Ratan’s threat to Jagaya they will meet again and he promise this in front of devi maa Ganga then remembers Jagaya being attacked by goons Ganga connects dots and says that Ratan Singh threatened doctor sahab is it he who got this attack done on doctor sahab? I know that Ratan Singh really well he cannot just threaten what he says he does that Devi maa this is his work only he did this with doctor sahab why I could n’t think this before I should tell this all

All are gathered in hall sitting . Dadisaa asks from Ganga what you are saying Ratan Singh did this you doubt on him Ganga nods as yes Bhairo asks from Ganga are you sure Ratan Singh got this attack done on Jagaya. Ganga says who else can be that Ratan Singh is known for this kind of works He always hits from back and this is what he did here He must have send all his goons after doctor sahab These all are same type of people, in bad works always support each other That Ratan Singh knows everything about doctor sahab where he lives where he works everything he knows He send all his men , on seeing a chance attack doctor sahab ..Ganga is crying while saying all this Basant says to Jagaya we did a huge mistake we should have complained to police right at that time and get Ratan Singh in jail when he threatened ,threatening someone is also a crime Ganga says I am very angry at myself why I could not think this before I know that cheater so well because I have lived with him for years still I made this mistake in judging him Sanchi is very jealous and looks around Everyone is hearing Ganga with so much concentration Ganga continues that sinner criminal should have been jailed forever I have been so stupid . In front of my eyes they beat doctor sahab so badly but I couldn’t understand anything Sanchi is very jealous of Ganga . Anandi consoles Ganga who is crying Anandi says to Ganga why are you cursing yourself sometimes it happens we cannot even think somethings, no problem what ‘Sanchi speaks up why not no problem this is the matter of Jagdish ‘s life and you are saying no problem Anandi is shocked so are others Sanchi asks from Ganga if I can think within one second this attack can be done by Sunny and his friends then why you couldn’t think about Ratan Singh or you must have thought about him but you kept quiet Ganga says no Sanchi jee I swear as soon as it came in my mind I told it to all Sanchi says may be you are right at first you wouldn’t have thought about it but do you even know how much big loss this family would be facing because your this big mistake This family who gave shelter to you and your child if anything would have happened to Jagdish then what would have happened to all of them Ganga is feeling guilty Sanchi says Now even there is no use to tell police Ratan Singh’s name, so many days have passed now he must have removed all clues and evidences by now

Sanchi says to Jagaya I feel so sorry for you Jagdish you gave support to this woman and her child , kept them in your house and you got such big punishment for this Jagaya is shocked Ganga is emotional while Anandi is doubting Sanchi why she is doing this . Sanchi continues to Jagaya in a way you almost lost your life Sanchi says looking at Ganga it seems like in today’s world people have become so selfish that it’s a crime to even help someone Ganga is very emotional

Jagaya says to Sanchi no Sanchi if this thought about Ratan Singh would have come in Ganga ‘s mind before she would have told us before Sanchi is shocked seeing Jagaya supporting Ganga .Bhairo says to Sanchi now there is no use to argue on this what is true and what is lie we got such a big clue now about the culprit and this is no less and we should inform police about this as soon as possible Basant agrees with Bhairo police have not doubted anyone yet neither caught anyone Jagaya says to Bhairo you are absolutely right Bapusaa this information can be really very helpful to police and if Ratan Singh is the real culprit then he has no right to roam freely Jagaya says we all should be thankful to Ganga she helped us a lot by telling us this because none among us thought about Ratan Singh . Sanchi is very very insecure and upset seeing Jagaya supporting and also thanking Ganga while Ganga Is relieved Anandi smiles Bhairo asks Basant lets go to police station They both leave Anandi looks at Sanchi ., Sanchi angirly looks at Ganga while an emotional Ganga goes from there Episode ends on Anandi looking at Sanchi

Voice over :-
Infatuation when becomes love , one cannot tolerate someone’s else closeness to her beloved and become bitter to that person who is near her beloved

Sanchi feuling up Sumitra against Ganga I am sorry maa you made a mistake by keeping Ganga at your home Sumitra is shocked .

Update Credit to: hina

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