Suvreen Guggal 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 18th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode starts with Soni surprising Suvi of getting short listed in a print ad, both of them are very happy and jumping with joy. Soni tells her that people were very happy seeing Soni’s dressing and she confronted Suvreen’s name in front of all. Suvreen is glad she did that but tells her that it won’t be fair to betray RC sir and work individually.

There upset Geeti arrives at the office and is about to open a gift when Preeti tells her to not do it since its a gift by her bf.

RC is very excited and announces that whoever has worked with him for Madhura’s dress are invited to go to Cannes with him, i.e. Suvreen and Alisha. Suvreen gets sad and inform everyone that she can’t go as she doesn’t have a passport. This shocks everyone, she tells them she is from a small town and had arrived to Delhi and now Mumbai, it never clicked her mind for making a passport. And irritated Ira tells RC to go along with Alisha. He tells Alisha to pack her bags and be ready. Alisha is over excited and show offs with Ira to low down Suvreen. She is upset and is sitting alone when she gets a call from Yuvi. He understands that Suvi is upset and she tells him about the passport stuff. Yuvraj is also surprised but tells her that what if she couldn’t go to Cannes now, he will take her there soon. He will fulfill all her wishes.

Preeti comes to console Suvi and she tells Preeti that its ok if she couldn’t go this time, you need to be happy with whatever you have. Suvreen calls her mother and appreciates her for always being with her. She tells her to have a video chat before her father arrives from the office. Suvreen’s mom is upset and thinks till when could she hide the fact that her father is jobless now.

Part 2:

At the office Ira is anxious of being without RC for so many days. She continues blabbering when RC arrives and she gets back to her senses. RC informs her stuffs she needs to do in his absence. Ira is trying to show him attitude but is failing high time. RC pecks her cheek and bids her good bye.

Yuvraj gets a call from Alisha saying she is going to Cannes with RC. She asks him what he wants from there and he tells her to get something for Suvreen instead. This irritates Alisha and she tells him to think about himself someday..:|

Tired Suvreen is back home from office, she is surprised to see a path full of roses, it was giving a red carpet feel. She is so anxious to see where it leads.

Part 3:

Suvreen finds a gift box and is shocked as well as astonished to find her brand new passport & who else could do this?? Her Yuvraj ofcourse! (God so sweet..) He hugs her from behind and Suvreen is so pleased. She thanks him for it. She tells him that he is the world’s bestest boyfriend (which he surely is).
She asks him how did he do that? And he replies by saying that it could be possible all because of Soni her roomie cum best friend. She is so so happy. Both enjoy the moment together.

Suvreen is video chatting with her mother. Mr. Guggal is back home and so she bids Suvreen a bye. Suvreen’s mom forgets to close the connection properly. Suvreen finally finds her father’s truth. She hears her parents talking about Mr. Guggal’s office boss summoning him with a legal court notice for frogery. Suvreen is dumbstruck!

Update Credit to: Jyo_Ksg

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