Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2014 Written Update

Radha calls Tripthi and says she wants Gauri to be out of the house and asks her what to do. Tripti asks her to do it carefully.

Kokila comes and sees Vidya holding doll. Rashi says kids want to perfom doll marriage. Gopi also backs Gopi. Even Hetal backs them. Rashi says she enjoys doll marriage and says she wants any neighbor doll/gudda to marry their guddi/doll. Hetal says her neighbors performed their doll’s marriage with all rituals. Gauri goes into flashback enjoying doll’s marriage as a kid. Radha thinks Gauri will remember her past and tries to go near her, but Hetal stops her and says they are trying to get back Kokila’s memory. Kokila feels uneasy. Hetal asks what happened. Kokila says she is remembering something. Rashi asks what is she remembering. Kokila says she is feeling headache and will go and rest. Rashi says even doll’s marriage didn’t help Kokila get back her memory. Radha picks doll and remembers playing with it.

Rashi says Hetal that their plans did not work at all. Hetal says whenever we tried our plans, Kokila gets headache and she is forced to remember something, so we should not stop trying.

Gauri prays god crying that she thinks she came to this house before and she played with that doll before. Radha hears her conversation and thinks Gauri is remembering everything and should stop her. Gauri thinks of informing to Gopi and goes.

Radha comes to Gopi’s room and tells Gopi that Hetal is calling her. Gopi goes. Radha hides behind the curtain. Gauri comes to Gopi’s room and thinks of waiting until she comes. Radkha takes out Gopi’s jewelleries and alleges her that she was trying to steal Gopi’s jewelleries. Gauri starts cyring vigorously. Everyone hears her shouting and ask what is she shouting. Radha says Gauri was trying to steal Gopi’s jewelleries. Radha sees Gopi’s necklace on her shalwar and hides it below the door mat. She says Gauri would have fled away with jewellery. Gauri says she does not know about the jewellery. Radha asks Gopi to check if any jewellery is missing. Gopi checks and finds her necklace missing. She asks Gauri if she took that necklace box for playing. Gauri pleads she did not steal. Gopi remembers Meera doing the same thing in her childhood. She hugs Guri and tries to console her. She says she knows she cannot steal. Gauri again pleads she did not steal. Radha says Gauri should be kicked out. Rashi asks Radha to stop as Gauri is crying vigrously. Kokila sees another almirah open. She smells the jewllery box and says Gauri cannot reach Almirah’s racks, then how can she steal. Radha shows stool and says she would have stolen with it. Gauri pleads again. Radha says Gauri is orphan and tries to slap Gauri, but Gopi holds her hand and warns her not to tell Gauri as Orphan and try to slap her. Kokila says she cannot believe Gauri stole as she cannot see jewellery with her and says she will search the whole house to check who stole the jewellery.

Precap: Radha says Ahem that Gauri stole Gopi’s jewellery. Gauri pleads she did not steal. Ahem says he knows she did not steal and will find who stole it.s

Update Credit to: MA

  1. That radha should be kicked out of this show

  2. I just hate radah face sooo much once she do get to knw te truth abt who killed umang then she will ask forgiveness nd i hope modis dont forgive her once the family knes radah true face

  3. I cried watching Gauri (Meera) in this episode. She has suffered alot and I wish that Kokila gets her memory back & Radha goes to jail so that Meera gets back her family’s love that she deserves. Please please hurry up!!!

  4. last 2 weeks we have been watching more of radhas evilness to gauri. when will it end. pls punish radha is such a way that now one does such crime to a child. dont drag the story more .

  5. please make it fast that everyone should know that gouri is the real meeraand kick that radha to out

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