Sadda Haq 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 18th April 2014 Written Update

Sanyukta comes to her room and looks at her family’s photo and cries. Other hand, company’s CEO is praising Ankit and he too is taking all credits. He says he did all for his dad. Ankit’s dad says he wants to talk something to Ankit and sends CEO out. He asks Ankit how he did the design. Ankit says he did with his friends. His dad tells him that he found out everything, it’s Sanyukta who made this design. He scolds him. He says he was fool that he thought he won. In fact, he lost and all because of Ankit. Daughter lied and son betrayed. Ankit says they wanted his happiness. His dad says he doesn’t know how he will be able to live. All his life, he will keep thinking that his daughter took care of his office. He asks him to leave.

Ankit calls Sanyukta and tells her that he warned her not to get involved in business, dad won’t be able to take that. He can’t face himself now. He shouts at her asking why she wanted to help with this model’s excuse. Sanyukta says enough. He’s elder and she listened to all he said quietly, but today she will speak and he will listen. It’s her father as well and she will do anything to help. She hangs.

She comes to the canteen and orders coffee. She sits down. Parth brings coffee to her and sits with her. Both look at each other and smile (awkwardly). Sanyukta’s coffee comes and she passes it to Parth. Both drink coffee together. Randhir comes to them now. He says, unbelievable. It’s not even an hour after family drama happened, and here they started again. Some people have no shame. He asks Sanyukta if father scolding didn’t affect her. Sanyukta was about to reply to Randhir, but Parth stops her. He gets up and tells Randhir, he doesn’t care what people say about him. He’s used to hear all that, but warns him not to say anything about Sanyukta again. Sanyukta feels happy. Parth stares at Randhir with anger. Vardhan sees everything from a distance. Randhir looks at Sanyukta. He says in his mind, he won’t spare Parth. Vardhan says in his mind, he’s feeling like he’s seeing his own life’s flashback. Him, Niharika, and Kabir. Only difference is that here is no villain.

Everyone is in professor PK class. They all are bored and no one is paying any attention and they all are making noise. Randhir throws paper plane at him. Vardhan comes and catches it. All get quiet. PK, who is busy writing on the board, thinks all got quiet because of his warning. He turns and sees Vardhan. Vardhan tells him that Dean called him for some important work. He leaves. Vardhan says he wants to see all Dream Team students in a line in 30 seconds. All run. Vidushi wonders if he doesn’t get bored of giving surprises every other day. He gives them couple of orders like putting their finger on their nose. Everyone does it except Randhir. Vardhan says he didn’t know he has sheeps in his Dream Team who just follow orders without using their sense. Randhir says what they can do, they are all sheeps in the team. Vardhan tells him he’s also part of the same team. Sanyukta smiles at him. He tells all to meet in lab at 5, he has a task for them. He leaves. Parth gets a notification in his phone that it’s Arpita’s birthday today. Sanyukta goes to him to see what happened, but he leaves.

Vidushi says love is for losers. It’s time for her to show spirit. She will win in today’s task. YoYo is looking at Kastuki from outside. He wishes to go in Dream Team for Kastuki as well. Vidushi gets Kastuki’s attention to YoYo. Kastuki looks at him smiling at her and says this is not good.

Someone brings a huge gift to Parth. He tells him to thank uncle aunty. He knows they don’t like him, but sends him the gift every year for their daughter. Sanyukta sees the gift in Parth’s hand. She says, such a big gift, must be something special today. She goes to him and asks him. He stays quiet. She wants to open it and see what’s in it, but he stays quiet and then leaves.

It’s 5 and everyone is in lab except Parth. Vardhan comes and asks where is Parth. Parth is in his room, looking at the gift. Vardhan says, brilliant, Dream Team captain is not here. What the hell is happening?

Precap: Parth finally starts opening the gift. Randhir comes and says, hello, I am talking to you. Parth stares at him very angrily. Randhir says Dream Team is waiting for him. Later, Sanyukta also tries to talk to Parth, but he asks her to leave him alone.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. Ya true mamta

  2. Ya really rhandir n sanyukta luk 2 gether ossam n thier background tuning is so romantic

  3. Yeah shru i agree wid u….Randheer k sath koi aisa incidence hona chahiye jis k baad use dusro ki takleef ka ehsas ho……….and i also want to see sandheer together..

  4. Thanks for the update tina i missed today’s episode and i ‘m eagerly waiting for randhir and sanyuktha love wen will she feel randir’s love and pls don’t change the couple as paarth pls it randhir and sanyuktha forever and wat abt the secrets of paarth and vardhan sir niharika’s love story its so interesting serial i have ever watched but guys make t a lot of romance story between randhir and sanyuktha
    Wen sanyu feel love for randhir guys pls telecast as soon as possible

  5. Thanks fo written update dear

  6. Gosh…where is the fun of college life here in this serial…each character has a sad past…cmon channel V put some sunshine in characters life…

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