Nadaan Parindey 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 18th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Angrez talking to Bebe about a guy getting killed by the army as he crossed the border to get his cow. Bebe feels bad. The guy leaves and drops one pic of Sameer. Meher is worried as Bebe’s medicines ended. He asks Balli to open the door and gives him money. She says I will come back in 10 mins. Balli opens the door. Meher is happy and runs. He says come back soon as you will get my dead body. She laughs ad leaves. Sameer plans to free Meher with his friends. They ask him the idea. They think. They ask Sameer to become a ghost and scare them. Sameer smiles. He says no, Maasi is very clever, she will not get fooled. His friend says lets throw stones on them, they will come out.

Meher comes there and hears them talking. Sameer is shocked to see Meher. Meher beats them for that cheap ideas. They run away. Sameer says how did you come here. She says will tell later, I m going to bring medicines for Bebe. He says Bebe went to buy the medicines. He says Bebe is very upset. Meher says Bebe must be felt bad. Sameer says I would have taunted your Maasi. Meher says its because of me, I will go and see Bebe. Sameer says she will come. She scolds him for not going. Sameer counts his favors and says you did not thank me. Meher cries and says Maasi ruined everything. Sameer thinks he has to do something.

The guy’s dead bodyis given to his parents. The villagers mourn. The army men regret their mistake. The guy’s mum says what did my son do. The villagers get angry. The army men tries to explain. The matter goes in panchayat. Sameer stops Meher . Meher says my year got ruined. Sameer says write exams next year. He asks her to smile. Meher says I will leave from here one day without caring about anyone. Maasi asks Minty to call Meher. Balli gets tensed. Minty goes to ccall Meher and is shocked seeing the room empty. She says I m gone, it seems she went to Bebe, who opened the door, if mum comes to know, she will not leave me. Minty thinks what to do. She acts that Meher is not hungry.

Minty says Meher won’t have food. Maasi comes there and asks where is Meher. She comes to Mangal and tells him everything that Meher is not in the room. Mangal says but you have locked her, who opened the door. Maasi doubts on Minty. She says get up, lets look for her. They leave. Balli says sorry to Minty. Sameer and Meher come near the border. Meher is upset. He reminds her of old times to make her smile. Meher does not smile. Sameer says come on smile, I know you will pass BA. Meher says I won’t be able to, Maasi is deciding my marriage with some Canada guy, education and dreams will be broken. She cries.

Sameer jokes and says its good, you can go Canada. He says take me also with you. She says you don’t understand anything. He says make me understand. She says I don’t marry now. He asks why. He says if you stand like this, I will go across the border to bring Amlas for you. Meher says I will not stop you. Sameer stops and says if I cross the border, I will not come back. He says I will stop if you smile. He walks towards the border. She stops him and smiles. He says I m hungry, bring some food. She asks from where. They see a baraat going. She says no. He says yes, I can see hot Naan. They go to have food.

The villagers talk to the sarpanch about the innocent guy’s death. The sarpanch says control your anger, it does not solve problems. Mangal is asked to come in the panchayat in evening. They come to meet Bebe at the Dhaba. Angrez asks what happened, Meher is not here, even Bebe is not here. Maasi asks where is Bebe. Angrez says Bebe went to bring medicines from city. Maasi does not believe her. He says she went to bring BP medicines. Maasi says lets go to city and catch three of them. They leave. Angrez says Bebe went alone.

Meher and Sameer come in the wedding. Meher says lets go back. Sameer tells the names of the dishes. Meher agrees. Sameer says we won’t get caught, we can fool them easily. Maasi sees Bebe going and they stop to talk to her. Sameer acts friendly with the guests. Meher greets some guests. They doubt on them. Sameer and Meher get tensed.

Maasi scolds Sameer. Bebe slaps Sameer infront of the panchayat. The panchayat decides Bebe to stay away from Meher.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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