Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha hears Rashi informing her family that Gopi is with Kokila in Katra and they are safe. She thinks Tripti lied her. Jigar calls Ahem and informs that Gopi and Kokila are in Katra. Ahem says he will reach Rajkot soon, then they can go to Katra.

Radha calls Tripti and scolds her for lying that she killed Kokila. Tripti says she heard it wrong. Radha warns her that if she is caught, she will not spare Tripti.

Kokila during the religious recitation wakes up, Gopi asks her why did she get up. Kokila says she wanted to throw something and goes near the dustbin, she thinks why is this girl helping so much, I have to reach my mother’s house soon. She goes back and sits with co-passengers. A co-passenger asks if this girl is your bahu. Kokila says she is not my bahu and I don’t know who she is.

Madhuben is worried that she did not get any news from Modi bhavan. Her brother asks her to call Modi bhavan and check. Madhuben calls Kinjal who informs that Kokila is with Gopi in Katra. Madhuben gets happy and informs about it to her brother. Urmila overhears their conversation.

Ahem reaches Modi bhavan and meets his family. He informs Jigar that they should leave for Katra soon. Jigar says he has booked tickets, and Rashi, him, and Ahem should leave in the morning.

Religious group informs that they have booked tickets for the temple. Gopi thanks god that she is coming to the temple.

Tripti thinks of calling Radha and convincing before she informs about it She calls Radha who asks her why did she call her and asks her to come in the morning with garland to greet Kokila and cuts the call. Tripti calls back and says she is mistaken and should not lose a chance to finish Kokila. She asks what will happen to them if Kokila comes back and gets back her memory. Radha says how will they reach Katra before Jigar and Ahem as they are going by flight. Tripti assures they will reach before Ahem and Jigar.

Kokila goes away from Kokila to buy aloo parathas. She gets Ahem’s call who asks her about Kokila. Gopi informs that Kokila is very weak and stumbled many time since yesterday. She is insisting to reach mother/god’s house. She is not even recognizing her and asking who she is. She asks him to come there soon. Ahem says he and Jigar with Rashi will reach there soon. He sees Meera packing his bags and smiles. She asks if he will bring Gopi and Kokila home. He hugs her and says he will bring them. Meera says she is worried about Kokila and Gopi. Ahem says they are fine and he just spoke to Gopi.

Gopi gives aloo parathas to Kokila. Kokila says she will start religious travel without food and will fast until she reaches the temple. Gopi says she is not well and without eating, she will fall more ill. Kokila says she does not want to eat and asks why is she taking care of her being a stranger and asks her to stop following her. She starts traveling with religious group. Gopi prays god to protect Kokila.

Modi family together prays god. Baa prays that Ahem, Jigar and Rashi should bring Gopi and Kokila back safe. She says Ahem that it is written in religious books that we should not lose hope, god will not send his followers bare hand.

Kokila sees Ahem’s wallet and steals his ID cafrd. She turns back and sees Meera coming there and asks what is she doing here. Meera says she came to pack Ahem’s phone charger and asks why is she here. Radha says she came to check Ahem’s packing and says everything bad is happening because of Meera, Kokila is ill and missing because of her and goes from there. She calls Tripti and informs that she exchanged Ahem and Jigar’s ID cards with Tolu/Molu’s and says she will meet her at airport in 1 hour.

Ahem sees Meera crying and asks why is she crying. Meera says everything is happening because of her, Kokila is ill and went away because her. Ahem tries to console her. Meera asks if she can come with him. Ahem says she cannot but agrees on Meera’s insistence.

Radha asks Hetal if she can go and stay at her mother’s place. Hetal says ok. Radha says she will leave in some time and thinks she should leave to airport soon.

Precap: Ahem and Jigar are shocked to see that their ID cards are changed with Samar and Sahir’s ID cards during airport security check. Officer says they cannot travel without ID card. Tripti and Radha watch them from behind an smirk.

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  1. Hey bhagwan…….!!!!!!!as usually another boring episode….. Hey mataji please make this kokila get back her memory or make her to escape to any other far place that this time no one should get her back..hey someone push that kokila down the cliff…..poor gopi she is the solo bearer of this ghajini……… it necessary for this Hopi to get a aloo parata this kokila is thinking that this lean gopi mixes anesthetics in that parata and carries away her with single hand to kidnap………auntyji kidnap tho kids ko karthe Hai ap jasey aunties ko nahi


  3. i know u are adil

    1. Shukryah jee. Aap bohat ache hain.

  4. oh god hw much more , the rubber band is about to brk, so is the story. Dont our characters have eyes and head in proper places, dont they check documents before leaving home for travel. And hw come everything is so convienently kept for culprits to tamper with. Why did not ahem ask meera to tell him who told those ill against her. Why is meera only crying instead of standing for herself, she is turning into another gopi. Writers please give some common sense to the characters so that at least it is convincing. Radha is all the time on phone with tripti and now one has ever asked her to whom she is talking and what she is talking. Just think in our houses is it possible to do that once atleast. Writers just think before drafting

  5. Stupid episode plz take pity on us

  6. bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit ….this show is crap and I feel sorry for whoever watces it……just wanted you toknow 😉

  7. this serial had become an undigested food .. there are so many events which is above fantasy level .. i have a doubt if radha is so powerful without money or education then y cant be modi family.. they are saying that modi’s are educated but it seems they are brainless. even rashi who is known for her tactics had become a puppet in the hands of radha.. why cant they send radha to her mother’s place when her mother is alive…. impossibility plays a vital role in this serial.. totally it is a sticky chewing gum….

  8. stupid bakwass episode they are saying kokila will regain her memory but WHEN WHEN or are they just fooling us so we watch this LOUSY IDOTIC show and waste our time . I think they should not write such things on telly express or bollywood life because this story is going on and on never ending imagine ahem so educated but still they cant catch radha and rashi with her mum they cant do anythg i hope they end the show ASAP ASAP

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