Ek Mutthi Aasman 17th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Raghav is standing in dark outside his car. He is thinking about Kalpi. The sone ‘Jiya jaye naa’ plays in the background. Kalpi is think about him as well. They are both upset. Raghav says don’t know how would kalpi be. She is not in good condition but I promised that we won’t meet for whole year. Kalpi is sitting outside chowl. Raghav comes there. Kalpi says what are you doing here Raghav. He says I couldn
‘t stop myself. I wanted to see you. If you wanna work then you can work in my office. You don’t have to go anywhere else. Kalpi says I can’t do that and I told you we won’t meet for whole year. Raghav says kalpi I love you and can’t live without you. And so can’t you. Kamla is in temple. She sees kalpi’s back and feels like she is talking to someone. She goes there but kalpi and Raghav saw her already. Kalpi holds Raghav’s hand and they hide behind a large drum. Kamla is about to go then she turns back. She says where have kalpi gone. Kamla leaves. KAlpi says please go from here Raghav. He holds her hand and says please kalpi. Manda is looking at them. Kalpi says please Ragahv go. He leaves.

Manda says look Kamla is so worried about kalpi’s restaurant and she is [laying here. Kamla and Vitthal are so proud of her. Look what am I gonna do tomorrow.

Scene 2
Pakhi is trying to call Raghav. He omes in she says wher were you ? Go and fresh. I will serve the food. I am so hungry too. Raghav says whats your problem why you don’t understand that this wedding was a problem for me and a cheat for you/. Leave me alone. Don’t try to come near me. Pakhi says enough Raghav you don’t have any right to talk likt this to me. Problem is with you not with me. I owned you and trusted you blindly. I could stop my parents and stand against you but I did not. I know that my parents were wrong. I tried to give life to this relation. I agree that this wedding does not mean anything to you but we were friends before. Why did our friendship burn in this revenge but your love for kalpi never endeed. Prblem is with you. I am brought up by kamla maa. I may have someone else’s blood but my upbringing is by kamla maa. The same who brought up kalpi. When she doesn’t find any difference between me and kalpi why do you ? Why you hate me then ? Why you hate me? Actually, I am the one who should hate you. You deceived me took advantage of my innocnce. But I couldn’t hate you. Kamal maa filled me with so much. If you don’t wanna live with me the I dovorce you. I have no problems. I don’t care whatever happens to me onwards but at last your problems will be lessened by this. She leaves.

Scene 3
Next morning kamla asks kalpi is the list done ? She says yeah almost. Kamla says first of all we have to bring kitchen’s stuff. Like utensils etc. Vitthal makes the breakfast. Kamla says what is this. he says I will handle the kitchen of house. Nettu says how can I stop them. She says give me some work too. Pakiya says I have something solid for you. Kamal says stop it pakiya. Kamla says I have downloaded the permission form too. I will handle the paper work. Kamla says lets go meeting is right now. Nettu drops the bucket full of water and pretends like she is having so much pain. Kamla is about to go to her Vitthal stops and says you are late go. Nettu says I have headache too. Kamla goes and gives her he medicine box she say all the medicine are in this box. Kamla says you can take more from the kitchen and leaves. Nettu says in heart I hope people don’t agree to work with them.

Kalpi is downstairs and is making list of people. Kamla says what are you doing ? She says I am writing name and works to be assigned in this list. kamla says that’s so good, Mand comes and asks is the meeting ready. Kalpi moves forward and slips. Her papers fall in water. Manda says oh her dreams are shattered once again. MAda says its easy to see dreams and say yes but no one is coming here. Kamla says look back. There are so many people coming. manda syas oh you all are here. You have to be. Kamla is so good and her daughter is even better. It doesn’t matter who deceives her but she will always be with them Ragahv cheated on him but shw was meeting him in this chowl last night. Kamla says what are you saying. Manda syas you better ask you girl. kamla asks kalpi is she right ? Kalpi is quite. Manda says she can’t solve her problems and is going to solve ours. she is so blind in her daughter’s love. She can deceive her mom how can we trust this kalpi. Kamla says trust us, manda is lying. We are honest with you. Kamla says speak up kalpi. Show them you are not wrong. Manda says look her gaze is down. A lady says kalpi is not out of this shock yet how can we trust her. second one says, We have earned by so much hardwork. How can we invest all we have in something that doesn’t assure any return. Another says running this hotel is just a piece of cake.Let the rich people do all this. We can’t. Everyone leaves. MAnda says looks kamla learn something from today. Solve your problems first.

Nettu says this manda is so clever. I knew people of chowl are not stupid to trust her. Let me see how will they open the restaurant. She says kamla you have listened to much come upstairs now.

Precap-Pakhi says on a call to kamla, I am divorcing Raghav. I can’t live with him anymore. Kamlas says what are you saying. She says I have talked to the lawyer, so I thought to tell you. Kamla is shocked, Pakhi disconnects the call.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. will gouri agreee to dis decision????????????????????………………………..

  2. Am sure all the great” maata jis” of the show. Kamla, Gauri and even Daadi will league to convince “Makkhi” & Rags to hold on and stop the divorce from happening!!! The precap is just something to get people to watch the show again due to decreasing TRPs!!!

  3. You are kidding na..this is another carrot ..no divorce will happen .they are just taunting ragna fans

    1. the ema production is cheating us. they wont let pakhi divorce raghav……

  4. Vote for Ashish chowdhry-
    Vote for Rachanahttp://tellyexpress.com/2014/06/17/poll-top-10-tv-personality-of-indian-television-female/

    1. NEVER!

      1. Poonam till now we are fighting to see Raghav n kalpana together,till this month end we give them time.what Actors like Ashish n Rachana can do ?they are following the as per creative brains-CV also dont know what is going to happen.they make mess up this beautiful story – just to promote -Pakhi-.shirina singh who is in management team, as per PD tweets.just voting – in future whether we can see them together. thatz all.

  5. if they = make pakhi divorce – the END for EMA. No RAGHNA no EMA

  6. sorry – they dont make pakhi divorce the end for EMA

  7. Dont fall for this guys…..remember there s still gauri who wants raghav to stay married to pakhi…and poor kalpi again will get in trouble wit her parents more cryin slappin and shoutin thnx to manda . …I dont even think I care to read the written updates again too much crap all at once

  8. yess….
    pakhi will devorce raghav
    but i have doubt that gouri will agree or not..:(

  9. Oh my god.i wish that kamla will not interfere in pakhi decision.i just want she give divorce to raghav and move out from his life.then only raghav and kalpi will be unite.and also hope gauri will accept pakhi decision and not interfere in that like same as kamla.

  10. Hope now everything will ok

  11. I don’t understand if gauri does not allow raghav to divorce pahki then she will force raghav to stay wid pahki and do wat exactly coz they both don’t wana stay married…..who does this benefit only these f**kin old mothers that’s breaking there childrens dreams…..kalpi has to fight for what she wants rather than pleasing everyone…im waiting for pahki to find out that raghav has married kalpi……it would be a delight to see…..I think pahki will turn out to be lyk her mother and kalpi will be dfrent from all them…..raghavs love is growing each day for her and kalpi is hiding how she really feels about raghav and that’s really bad

  12. this is just separating raghav and kalpi even more……….i can t begin to understand this story…as for kamla i am tired of her preaching she messed up both paki and kalpi’s life….she only sees paki’s dream not kalpi’s heart….kalpi is still trying to gain her love but kamla is only looking to make a memsaab out of kalpi…..and really making and asking people in the chawl to support her idea how stupid…..and who owns the chawl…..kamla claim to have so much pride and she still lives in raghav’s chawl i mean really…..and raghav still wont say anything about the chawl…..what was disturbing was how she told raghav she would only ride in a car bought buy her daughter…..really how stupid….can they not bring raghav and kalpi together despite the odds….this story is dragging i am only reading updates but even that is annoying….a beautiful story totally destroyed….dont understand why one must sacrifice love to be successful…you can have both and this would have been the ideal show to do you can have it all ……………………..

  13. pakhi such a b*t*h. how she gonna tell him he belongs to her. and also that kamla raised her and kalpi the same. wrong. kamla raised u with love while kalpi was raised without her mom love. so its totally different. and kalpi can stand on her own and shes a fighter, which your not. your just spoiled, thats why raghav loves kalpi. also we all know kamla is going to convince her to stay married to him because she thinks kalpi should move on. also gauri is probably going to convince her to stay and maybe be a little bit nicer to her which will lead to her liking pakhi and blah blah blah. but its mainly going to be kamla that convince her to stay. which she will.

  14. Hi ap Girija ji anshu choco ek dd Tatiana and other tu frnds
    No divorce ema walo ko ema na end nahi karna hai,that’s why they bring new frndship drama,
    Rakhi (frndship) scenc will start soon

  15. Like to say about paji

    Maan na maan

    Me Tera maheman

    1. Hi mom ya now damla will asked kalpi to convince raghav to stay in marge with pakhi ….today epi is a lolipop given to raise the trp

    2. this serial start with good intention but after 10yrs leap – when shirina singh joined the management team-everything went off.bhakwas serial/ showing one or two scenes -RAGHNA LoLlIpop to get the trp. that is all. they know we are here still following and giving feed back.once we stopped then they will come to know what viewers power

  16. Looks like bulb went off in writers head for making Ms. Poo.. wake up from her incosiderate, greedy, selfish, dumb kapoor behavior for a moment and do the right thing for once.. Have her run to the court and get a divorce before she or anybody make her change her mind. . Ms. Dumbo Kamla make her meet with an accident when she is running on the road to meet Ms. Poo. Even Bappa & Vittoba are upset on her. She knows it and that is the reason she is behaving like a watch dog on …RAGNAA. If she trusted god she would let him take care of the situation.
    If the divorce does happen the story can get back on track Raghav can continue to take revenge w/o being married the stalker!!! and the RAGNA love can continue bloom and Kalphi can help business and take care of home life and bring hamoney in Singhania household long due. She can try to reconnect with her dad and win his trust again. Kamalaa can ONLY come out of the hospital after 6 months and has had memory loss :-)))))

    Hopefully writers will make the the divorce process more interesting by showing the violent, dangerous, jealous side of Pakii(she inherited by blood) and the selfish, manipulative, obsessive side from Kamala’s upbringing. It comes to mind in one of the old episodes how she cringed when she knew that Raghav had a female visitor(Maya). BTW where is MAYA, may be she and Sammy can help RAGNAA

  17. Pls pls

  18. I think that after this kamla will force kalpi 2 marry someone else who agree

  19. Pl stop this Serial full of SUPER IDIOT WOMEN KAMLA selfish ,Gouri menally sick who is responsible for spoiling life of her own son Raghav & his love Kalpana
    Neetu greedy ,Pakhi menupilating possesive spoil brat who Demand love & rights of love…..
    Raghav who is listening idiot PAKHI & under illusion sees Kalpana in PaKHI….so sickening
    Our Love Guru Sammy disappeared again
    ONLY KALPANA IS BEAUITIFULL INSIDE OUT & SHE HAS TRUE LOVE & HONESTY so she is suffering HER own hypocrite MOTHER KAMLA is making her suffer….Pl. STOP this SHOW… as there is no way out from the mess created by Writers PDK,,……PAKHI IS HORRIBLE & SHAME ON THE NAME OF TRUE LOVE

  20. Hi To All I cannot understand what is really going on, it is what pookie, daballa ,nutte, vitthal they wants. Please don’t have Kal back to a corner crying I just hate that ,Kal stop trying to please 4 stupid people , If mother daballa vittha Hate Rags so much who owns the Chawl how quick they forget when the The Kapoos was kicking them out, it was Kal who went looking Rags to save their ASS other wise they would be on the street thanks to Rags and daballa @vitthal treating Rags so bad how ungrateful are all these people who lives on the block. Rags Get the darn Divorce you live so long without your mom she will upset but she will come around when she remember her Chito(.nanda manda you should be the 1st to get kick out , you always in the middle likr Wednesday leave Kal and Rags alone.

  21. Here is a thought, if Pakhi really wants to be friends and help Raghav as she claims that she drove her parents out of the house to help him, Raghav should think about agreeing to it on one condition that he will tie “Rakhi” to Ms.Paki and make her as his sister and give her the place of a “SISTER” in the house and she will agree to hold off on their divorce for a year. That way she gets the friendship she wants :-)) and will not try s*xual tactics on Raghav and maintain her so called FRIENDSHIP and may be she will fall in love with Sammy and all the younger generation will play this game for a year to please the older generation. Silly and what a mess writers have created. Even clean up is difficult. Goobers!!!!!!!.

  22. Hi mon, ek, net, girjaji, anshu, ap and other all tu friends, guys yesterday episod was nice i like when raghave scolded pakhi and told here what and where she stand for him and dont try to become very important in my life. But anyone noticed when paakhi souted to raghave she was saying she is innocent and she give life to this relationship and if she wanted to stand with her parents but she did not and stand with raghave.how cheep she is still she is saying that she did lots of for him only becaseue miss paakhi you are very very selfish you just want to get whatever you want to get its ur jid to get raghae thats whayu still saying why our friendship burn only in this revenge when ur and kalpi love is still living how mean u r pakhi also she said when kamla doesnt make any diffrences between kalpi and e then why u hate me. how she is ……pakhi u r diffrent then kalpi becaseu u always think urself and want to get that only byhook and crook you learned from kamala to be a good person how we can make people fool and get everything whatever we want without any distructiona nd loose. like kamla always did kaas raghave bolta ke kalpi ke parvarish without kamla maa ke love ke huwe hai becasue u snached it and today trying to snache her love also and friendship ke baat karti hai ager tujhe kader hoti friendship ke to dosti kehelp karti naa ke usee paane ki her mumkin kosis. now kamla mothre lover will speak as of now she is showing that she is much concern for her daughter kalpi now whe will aks and show to kalpi and all of us that she always love only pakhi notkalpi. as she was doing from begining but with sarafat ka chola oud kar and kalpi ke liye payar dikha kar. now shewill force to kalpi and say becasue of u my daughtr house is going to distroy and i will never forgive you ,. you are the one who always give me pain i always try to give u love and stand for you but you did always shame thinks and then kalpi ask to raghave forgive me and keep stay with paakhi as she never want to hurt her kamla maa she cant live happy with her parents hate.i think now this is starting ofraghave kalpna relationship end. divore to hoga nahi but i think raghave become agian our old one and take revenge.

    1. If Kamala is not right then how can her parvarish will be right. Kalpi become good not because of Kamala because of her father he brought her up.

  23. kalpi will leave this city and do her own way and make her carrier but raghave as ur love is true you still have to wait for her. and punish all those who are bad for both of you. poor guys payar karne wallo ke saath hamesh aisa hi hota hai i am sorry but its really disgusting,

  24. That is it- Raghav will now be nice to paaki and one day he will do something stupid like accidentally sleep with her and then he won’t be able to leave her. Or the writers will get paaki into some stupid accident where Raghav won’t be able to leave her!! Like I’ve said many times, the only one getting the bad end of the stick is kalpi. All the revenge is happening on her and everyone is turning against her even the chawl ladies. No one is saying anything g bad about manda and neetu! So stupid!!


  26. i am here Mon,AP,Anshu ,Dd,EK. but not watching EMA any more.not even online.only coming here to see your feed back. i miss you to all RAGHNA fans.here our feed back also counts. so AP,Mon,Anshu,chocopie get in touch in tweeter.

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