Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks Hetal who is Meera. Hetal asks her not to think too much. Kokila says she prays god that Gauri gets well soon. Rashi and Jigar see Gopi and Ahem hugging and then running towards somewhere. Rest of the family sees Ahem and Gopi runing towards Gauri’s room and go behind them. Radha and Tripti hear Rashi telling Jigar that Gauri is Meera. Tripti thinks she will be caught if she stays here and thinks Radha is waste for her. Radha calls her, but she removes her sim card and throws in dustbin.

Kokila sees Jigar and Rashi hugging and gets angry on them. Rashi says Kokila she is thinking wrong, she was about to fall when Hasmukh/Jigar saved her. Kokila slaps Jigar and Rashi and says Rashi that she used to think Hasmukh is behind her, but she herself is behind him. She drags her with him. Jigar tries to interfere, but Kokila scolds him and asks him not to come to Modi bhavan again.

Gopi and Ahem reach Gauri’s room and remember their happy days with Gauri. Ahem hugs Gauri and starts crying. Gopi calls Gauri as Meera and asks her to open her eyes. Ahem says both her mama and papa are with her. Their family come there and are surprised to hear that Gauri is their Meera. Doctor asks everyone to go out and let girl rest. He asks Ahem and Gopi also to go out. Ahem says she is his daugther and he found him after many years. Doctor says he understands his emotions, but he cannot stay here until Gauri wakes up. Urmila asks Gopi how did she find out that Gauri is Meera. Gopi shows paternity test report.

Jigar stops Kokila and asks her to listen to him first. Kokila says she will put him behind bars. She tries to open the car door, but it is locked. Jigar gives her car locker. Kokila asks him to stop following them, else she will slap him in public. She scolds Rashi and says how can she love a servant.

Nurse informs Ahem and family that Gauri is awake now and can meet her. They all get into Gauri’s room. Ahem calls her Meera and kisses her forehead. Gauri asks family not to cry as she is fine now. Gopi asks her to call mama ask she is her daughter, Ahem says he is her papa.

Ahem and Gopi informs Gauri that she was lost in temple and now they found her out. Ahem says he loves her and kisses her forehead again. Gopi says she had complete faith that her Meera will be found. Gauri/Meera calls Gopi mamma and Ahem papa and cries. Gopi asks her not to cry from today and says god gave back their happiness after 8 years and thanks god.

Whole family then hugs and kisses Meera. Kokila drags Rashi into Gauri’s room and sees whole family together. She asks what happened. Ahem hugs her and cries saying he found his Meera. Everyone gets worried. Radha thinks Ahem is informing everything to Kokila and what if Kokila remembers everything, she runs from there. Kokila pushes Ahem/Bharath and asks him how dare he to hug her, she says she does not know who is Meera. Radha thinks how to get away from this problem and who will save her now. Kokila gets unsconscious and falls down saying Meera. Ahem holds her and gets worried.

Precap: Rashi says they escaped now and Kokila does not remember Meera even now. Hetal says she will remember Meera soon. Naani and daadi thank god for saving Meera. Kokila hears their conversation.

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  1. Cany tell u guys how happy i am thank god i didnt gaved up watcbin this serial few

  2. it was awesome when meera call gopi ahem mumma papa its just superb yar and y dont this kokila get back her memory always troubling rashi and ofcourse wait to c radha thrownout and gopi should give a tight slap to radha to harm meera.

  3. Today’s episode is soon cool it is nice to see the family together with all happies.

  4. hw many more months should we wait for radhas truth to be out. and hw much more is radha going to trouble meera more. that child is innocent pls let her in peace with the parents and family. just kick radha out of modi mansion know

  5. Like this episode

  6. yepz it was an awesome episode!! koko is one sadial woman..serial walo plz help her regain her memory otherwise she will be a pain in everybody’s ass and even that bitch radha’s truth won’t be out..

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