Saraswatichandra 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir dying to hug Laxminandan seeing him hug Saras. Laxxminandan tells Saras that he was always proud of him, he is now happy as his son understood his love. He says now I don’t want anything. Kabir leaves. Laxminandan stops him and goes to him. He holds him and says will you not hug your dad once. Kabir looks at him stunned and folds his hand saying forgive me dad. Kabir holds his feet and hugs him. He says I m really sorry dad. Laxminandan says no, it was my weakness that I lost you and your mum, I can’t give life Saraswati, but give me a chance to give you your dad and home. You had the full right to take revenge of your mum’s death. Kabir says no dad, I m regretting like Saras now.

Kabir says I should not supported you, but I blamed you, we promise we will never make you feel our mum’s absence. Kumud says Kaka, you should be happy to get your all sons back. Laxminandan says not fate, but you. Vidyachatur says you laugh, I m crying, as you will take my daughters, what will we do here. Laxminandan says my family is with me, I don’t want anything from Lord now. Everyone smile. Its night, Kumud dries her hair and catches cold. She sneezes. Saras says Gold bless you. He says don’t stand below fan after having a bath. He makes her sit.

He dries her hair and music plays………………. O piya……………. She smiles and says Saras, what happened, it all looked like a bad dream, not true. He says bad time is over, don’t think, thanks. She asks why. He says for making me meet my brother, as you brought Ghuman’s truth, else I would have not met Kabir and our family would have not been complete, so thank you. She hugs him and gets a vomiting feeling. She runs. Saras says Kumud……………..

Its morning, Saras tells Guniyal that Kumud is having vomiting and feeling uneasy. Everyone smile. He says I will take her to doctor. He says she is headache too. Laxminandan says give acidity medicine. Saras says I gave, but its not that. Kusum asks shall I come with you. Saras says no, I will take her. Kumud comes. Guniyal and Yashh’s mum smiles. Guniyal asks her to tell all the symptoms to doctor and then bring good …….. Saras asks what good? Everyone look at them. Guniyal says tell us what doctor said. Yash’s mum says tell us on phone. Guniyal says go slowly. Saras does not understand and leaves with Kumud.

Guniyal and Yash’s mum have a talk happily. Vidyachatur asks what happened. Yash’s mum says its that we are thinking. Vidyachatur says Kumud is going to become a mum. Kusum says it means they will have a lovely child. Everyone smile. Yash’s mum says let them come back with the good news. Laxminandan says Kabir you are becoming Kaka, Lord kept you away from family, you are getting a new relation as bonus. The doctor checks Kumud. She asks them to do some tests. Saras asks is there anything serious. She says do the tests and show me the report.

Kumud goes for the tests asking Saras to wait. Saras gets a call from Mehta. Everyone wait for Saras’s call. Guniyal says we will wait till they come. Saras and Kumud come home and asks what. Guniyal asks Kumud what did doctor say. Saras says nothing to worry, we did the tests and is waiting for report. Everyone smile. Kumud says I m feeling tired. Guniyal says yes, that will be, come, take rest. I will take you. Kumud says I know my room. Yash’s mum says be slow on the stairs. Kumud says yes and leaves. Laxminandan looks at Saras.

He says Saras, what happened. Saras says I have to tell something. Guniyal says say, don’t be shy. Saras says why will I be shy, Kumud and I…… He gets another call and says now? Fine, I will come. He says I have to go to factory, I will come and talk in evening. He leaves. Laxminandan laughs. Guniyal says I think the news is sure. Laxminandan says Saras is shy, he will take whole day to tell. Vidyachatur says congrats to all and hugs Laxminandan. Guniyal says we will pretend as if we don’t know, we will hear the good news from them. Yash’s mum says lets make sweets.

Guniyal says I will make Gajar halwa. Yash’s mum says I will bring pickle for her. She says I will make gond laddoos for her. Kumud comes and asks laddoos for whom. Guniyal says you, for everyone, how are you. Kumud says I want to have kulfi. Guniyal says no, I will bring milk. Kumud says I don’t like milk. Guniyal says now you have to drink. Kumud says now means what? Yash’s mum says now you have to drink milk. They make her have the milk. Kusum talks to Danny and decides name like Sooraj and Kiran for baby boy and girl. Danny says I will think of better names, will the baby tell me Chachu or Kaka. She says he will call me Maasi. He says Mrs. Danny Vyas, you are my wife, so he will call you Kaki. She says yu Mausa. He says compromise, KakiMaasi and Kaka Mausa.

She packs some gifts. He says we should also gift the baby, a younger brother or sister. He says if we plan now, we can give this gift to the baby. Kusum becomes why. Danny says everyone will be having with our good news. She says practice for two three years taking care of the baby, then think. Danny holds her closer and music plays…………………. He kisses her forehead and they have an eyelock. Danny goes ahead to kiss her. She pushes him on the bed and runs. Danny smiles seeing her. Vidyachatur and Laxminandan play chess and are very happy with Saras and Kumud’s good news.

Laxminandan says the news did not come and we heard, I got fresh, but I will have more right on my grandchild. Vidyachatur says Nana loves him more. Kumud comes and says you guys fighting again. Laxminandan says no we were playing, are you fine. Kumud is puzzled. He asks her to go and rest. They laugh and continue playing. Danny blows many balloons. Kusum comes and asks what are you doing. He says to celebrate the good news. She helps him. Danny hugs her and Kabir comes. Kusum says come, help us in blowing balloons. Kabir calls her Bhabhi and they laugh. Kusum says don’t call me Bhabhi, else I will call you Jethji, call me Kusum.

Kumud comes and asks whats all this. Kabir says nothing, this is to welcome you. They say welcome back. Kumud says thanks and leaves. Kabir says Danny we should buy a gift for them. Danny says yes, but what. Kabir says yes something to make them happy. Danny says come with me to take the gift. They leave.

Danny brings a tshirt with tag SOON TO BE DADDY and asks him to wear it. Kumud and Saras are shocked. Danny says we knew you are giving us which good news.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

  1. A feel good episode when does kumari is going to arrive poor kabir might be feeling bore with out a company.

  2. Is kumud really pregnant?
    Nice episode.

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