Sasural Simar Ka 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says that God can come anywhere just to save his people. Juwala says yeah she is right. Today on this very well day I wanna say that God loves me. I bought Bharadwaj house and God came here. Media asks mata ji why they sell theri house to juwala ? Juwala says we will tell you time. I promise that we will make a temple here. This all has happened due to bharadwaj house. Some reporter asks how it feels like to leave the house. Simar says we are not leaving the house yet. Juwala has given us 7 days to live here. Juwala says yes they were so emotional so i gave them 7 days.Juwala says so you all asked for 7 days. I am giving you those 7 days. Nothings gonna make any difference. If i find any of you here after 7 days, he will kicked out. 7 days and this house will name as juwala house. Mata ji is in tears. Juwala leaves with her men. Mata ji looks at her family. Simar wonders what will they do now.

Scene 2
Sujata says what will we do now. Khushi says I think we should go and make a deal with juwala she will pardon us. Roli and Simar go and ask for pardon. Roli says she is the one who should apologize. Its about her ego now. she won’t go for any deal. Roli says please trust us mata ji we won’t let this house slip off our hands. we have won many trebles to win this fight. God has always helped us. Mata ji says I wanna stay alone for some time. Sujata takes her to her room. Roli says I can’t see mata ji like that.We have to stop juwala devi anyhow.

Scene 3
khushi says everything is worsen. I was with juwala because i thought she will this house worthy. She goes outside the room of roli and simar. Khushi says these two can do something. let this juwala’s matter settle i can handle them later. Khushi goes in and says all hopes are from you two. We will fight with juwala. Simar say yeah but how. khushi says no if and buts. We just have 7 days. We have t sav this house. Roli says I got an idea. Roli says wow thank you for the idea. Khushi wonders when ? Roli says will tell it in frot of whole family tomorrow.

Scene 4
Next morning roli has called all the people in the lounge. Roli says is juwala wanna make a mall here so she will need a builder. Roli says so we need a man who can say that he is a good builder and shows interest in this project. We will deceive her like she did. Roli says we have to get out homes back from her. Khushi wonders how she planned all this.
They all go to pray. Simar syas i know this is against your rules mata. Look at mr patel she took his life. Mata ji says that doesn’t meean that we will forget our rules to take revenge from juwaala. Simar says our Gods even did this which was better for us. Sujata says there must be some other way. Simar says we have tried everything already. Everyone is with juwala. Mata ji says my heart doesn’t consent to it. Roli says khsuhi said yesterday that a big fish eats smaller one. The smaller has two options either to leave on to join all her small mates. Simar says we can’t give this house and neighborhood to juwala. Everyone is agreed. Sujata says sometime we have to take the wrong way to get the justice. Mata ji says maybe this is the only way. She asks for forgiveness. She says please help us God. Mata ji prays for them all.

Scene 5
Roli says we need other people to help us. ALl the people who have been driven out of their houses. Simar says yeah we shoulf tell them. Karuna says distribute the numbers and talk to different people. Everyone of them starts calls the one who has been given to them no one is agreeing to be with them. Simar says to roli i must talk to kinjal my self. Simar calls kinjal and says we are going to fight against juwala. Kinjal says i don’t wanna lose more poeple i love. Simar says don’t you want justice for your husband. She took the house from you that your husband brought for you. Roli says i hope kinjal agrees to help us.

Precap Simar says I asked all the poeple to come. Mausi ji says no one will. All the ladies are there. Mata ji we won’t let juwala take away our homes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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