Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera reads Radha’s fake letter and Gopi’s jail release papers and tells their mom is a criminal and killed Radha aunty. Tolu shouts that he does not believe all this and his badi maa is a good woman. Vidya says she cannot believe mom can do this. Meera says she is not their mom and says she is worried about Mansi now. Vidya says nothing will happen to Mansi and says they will have to go to Indore jail to know the truth. Meera says she will not, but Tolu/molu agree. Kinjal hears their conversation and smirks and thinks Mansi’s plan is superb. She calls Mansi and informs that her plan of keeping a fake letter in Radha’s box worked and kids also go Gopi’s jail release papers, so they are going to Indore to know the truth.

Gopi tells Kokila that she is missing Radha a lot today and wants to prepare her favorite food. Kokila says Radha is her younger sister, so she must be remembering her. Gopi says she is feeling something bad will happen today. Kokila says nothing will happen and asks her to stop thinking bad. Gopi asks if Radha has forgiven her. Kokila asks her again to stop thinking much and relax. Gopi still feels something bad will happen.

Mansi sees Ahem coming and drops food on floor purposefully. Umrila sees that and asks her to clean it. She says she will not and says she has many servants like her in Mumbai. Urmila gets irked and tries to hit her. Kokila and Gopi come to rescue her. Ahem enters home and Mansi asks him to save her from Urmila and Kokila. Gopi asks her to stop lying. Urmila says she was trying to hit her and not Kokil and asks to stop lying. Mansi says Gopi provoked Kokila to hit her. Ahem says he cannot believe mom can do this. Mansi says her life is at risk here. Ahem says he apologizes on Kokila’s behalf and says he is tired of daily fights. Once Ahem enters in, Mansi gives ugly smirk. Gopi says she knows she is a selfish woman, but did not know she would lie to such an extent. Mansi asks her to cut to the crap and goes to her room.

Jigar comes home and asks where are kids. Pari says they have gone out. She further says siblings are mingling well now. Hetal says siblings can fight, but cannot hate each other. Meera hears that, calls Meera and asks where are they as everyone are tensed. Vidya asks her to reach chawl as she they are also coming there. Kinjal hears her conversation and informs Mansi that kids are coming there. Mansi gets tensed and runs to stop Vidya downstairs. She asks why is she tensed. Vidya says she know knows where her mom was for 10 years. Mansi asks her not to tell anything to Ahem or Gopi and request Ahem to take them back to Mumbai. Vidya says her concern is understandable and she will set the things right today.

Vidya calls Gopi, Ahem and Kokila. Gopi asks where she had been with Tolu/molu. Vidya asks why did they lie that Gopi was with her mom and told tolu/molu that she was abroad for her treatment and says she knows Gopi killed Radha and is a murderer.

Precap: Vidya says Gopi that her real name should be Mrs. Gopi Modi, the murderer.

Update Credit to: MA

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