Mohe Piya Milenge 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mohe Piya Milenge 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baba says to sanjivni takes these papayas and cut them. He asks his grandson, what is the news? He says Aadi will go on a date tomorrow. They all eat the papaya together. Sanjivni says what were you both talking about? Palav says chacha and chachi are going on date tomorrow at SV road.

Whole family comes to aadi and each of them give a shirt. They say you have to wear any of these shirts. After wedding you wont have to wear clothes of your choice, meghna’s choice will rule. vijya says its nothing like that aadi. They all ask him to wear shirt of their choice. Archana says girls like surprises. Palav says you should give her chocolate.

Meghna gets ready. Suresh says you are going to meet you husband to be why are you wearing such a simple dress? Meena says she still looks good. Suresh says pray in temple and leave. Madhvi says don’t argue with anyone. Meghna says I don’t argue with anyone.

Aadi desai comes to restaurant and asks manager where is his reserved table? He shows it. Aadi is about to sit on it, Meghna’s aadi comes and sits there. desai says to him this table is reserved. Aadi says oh i am so sorry, he goes and sits on another table.
Meghna arrives, Meena says don’t get me wrong but you know. Meghna says baba must have asked you to keep an eye on me. meena says you should go its too late already. Meena comes to restaurant, aadi desai sees her. he waves her. Meghna goes and sits on his table. He says hi, please sit. Aadi is on opposite side of them. He says why are you late? She says i am not late. Adi desai says no i think i came before time. We get to prepare by coming before time. Meghna says what you wanted to talk about? he says this is not a business meeting. I want to know about your heart. i think we should know each other better. College is different, people get to spend time with each other. I want the formalities to be wiped out. If we like each other we should meet often and become good friends. Meghna is quite.

Amit says to baba they like each other, but when such people meet they say weird things to each other. Baba says real conversation is with eyes. Amit says those days are gold. Baba says i know better. Satish says we want to impress the latter. Baba says what happens later? Maa says later things change.

sanjivni says will she be able to adjust with us. Vijiya used to come here. we knew her before. satish says were you scared when i came here? she says obviously i was, there was another guy being added in male team.

Aadi desai feel awkward. He smiles. Meghna says what is it? he says you look tensed. Come on relax. I am not going to take your interview, you can take mine though. Aadi says you look beautiful and simple. That is why i liked you. Because i like simple and straight forward girl. You are really down to earth and sweet. Just like the one i always wanted. Will you say something?

Precap-suresh says what are they doing inside? meena says they are talking to each other. meghna is in tears. Aadi desai says you look beautiful even when you cry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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