Sadda Haq 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to raghini karan can’t talk. Raghini says i want to talk to him. Randhir says go to your room and sleep i promise i will call him tomorrow. She sits there in distress. Randhir sits with her. She puts her head on his shoulder and cries. Sanyu is with anju.they take her to ICU. The doctor is having tea.

Sanyu calls doctor and says sanyu says attending my mom is more important my mom is in ICU and you are enjoying tea. Thruv comes and asks her what are you doing here? she tells him that anju is in ICU. He checks her and says i came from college and saw her on floor. He says you left her alone? I asked you to stay with her. He gives her injection, anju opens her eyes. thruv says how you feel now? The other doctor comes. Thruv takes him outside. He says where were you? He says i wan is canteen. thruv says how can you ignore a patient like her. She has fatal tumor, i told you. Sanyu overhears it. Thruv says to sanyu she will be all right don’t worry.

Sayu goes and sits with anju. Anju says when something troubles you in college you never tell me. why should i tell you? you have many other problems as well. everything will be okay. Thruv said i will be fine. You wont tell anyone anything. sanyu says we should tell papa. Anju says no you wont tell them okay. And you should be in college, what are you doing here? you have a competition starting up, sanyu says i am not going anywhere. Anju says if you don’t go i wont feel good. sanyu says who will take care of you? anju says i will take care of myself. i will do as doctor says.

Ranawt is in cabin. Randhir comes in. Ranawat says look who is here. He says come in kamesh. randhir says you said no to mentor us and i want to thank you for that. Ranawat says don’t say about my good deeds. He is about to fall on glass randhir holds him and helps him to stand up. He says thanks that you saved me choti. randhir says i am randhir i am not choti. Ranawat says cant even be. Get out now. randhir leaves.

Sanyu comes to college and is still worried for anju. she sees randhir and hugs him. sanyu says why were you not picking the call. he says i was busy. Why are you crying? She says randhir maa.. Raghini calls him. Randhir says to sanyu i will be back in five minutes. raghini says i want to talk to karan. Randhir says okay he will call you in a while randhir calls as karan from voice modulation app. Raghini says i have been craving to talk to you. karan says sedators keep me asleep all day. Raghini says why are you not coming back. He says i dont know nothing is serious. Randhir says don’t worry take care and do as randhir asks you to do. She says sorry i was worried for you. He says i miss you too. take care of yourself I love you. SAnyu overhears it she leaves. sayu goes to canteen. Randhir comes there. Randhr says i have told ranawt that we dont need him and we can win without him. randhir says we shouldn’t depend on him. I told him that i will lead dream team. sanyu says how can you take that decision? Sanyu says its whole team. he says who will lead the team you? sanyu says i can do it better than you. parth says guy relax and vote. sanyu says okay make chits.

After voting parth counts all the votes.

Precap-raghini says i am glad to talk to karan. i am so happy. Randhir says if someone see me talking to you it wont be safe. Vidushi sees them. randhir says if someone gets to know about your fake admission they will spread it like wild fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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