Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bramhay was in office and asks Esha how is Mr. Prabharkar Deshmukh. He told him he is brilliant but must always remember the correct names. He asks Esha to concentrate on her work. Om calls Esha, she says she is excited about her case tomorrow. Om says he also has, they had it in same court, same cases in same timings. Om says it is her first confrontation and with him too. Esha says she is coming fully prepared, he says he is really confident. Both of them comes outside the building, Om spots her and comes to her. Esha wishes him his frist defeat, Om asks Esha to buy tulsi tablets so that her voice doesn’t go with the thinking of argument. They wish each other best of luck.
Om comes home to find Dataraam snoring on sofa. Dataraam asks Dhaneshri to bring tea, Om says he will. Dataraam wakes up and hides his face. Om says he had left home in the morning, Dataraam says he lost control of his mind. Dataraam was reading upside down newspaper and that too out-dated. Dhaneshri brings tea for him, Om asks what time is it for tea. Dataraam asks him to have one as well, and asks Dhaneshri to take two biscuits with her tea. Om says it is time for her meal. Dataraam says today is Tuesday and she has been fasting. She even doesn’t smile at all.
Dataraam asks Om to sit and he will do the comedy. He says a father tells his daughter that she is young now, she must not go out of the house from window. After that the daughter never left from door but window only. Om smiles but Dhaneshri doesn’t, she says she will ask Jayesh to explain.
Om was about to leave, Dataraam asks about Dadi. She always complains that this house isn’t his. Om says she isn’t his real grandmother, she has two sons. One lives in America and the other in India, she used to live with one for six months and to the other for six months. Once she came to India but her son didn’t come to take her. She spent two days on road, then she went to an old age house. He met her there as he went there for a case. And after a while brought her home. Dataraam appreciates his heart, Om says he didn’t know him but brought him too. They hear Dhaneshri laughing aloud, Dataraam laughs that she now understood the joke.
Ashvini asks Esha to relax a bit, Esha says it is her argument againt Om. Ashvini says she is preparing well. Esha says he is very important for her. Ashvini says he is smart isn’t he? She asks Esha if she likes him. Esha says she is being crazy and needs councelling. Esha says all the grounds of case are in favour of divorce but the father wants the custody, Mrs. Khamkar doesn’t earn anything. She was determined not to lose the case.
Esha’s phone rings, it was Aditiya bhai. He tells Esha that he had a fight with his wife, she got promotion and he forgot to bring her gift. She complaint about not caring about her, he also asked her to go. He says if it goes this way, Esha will have to learn their divorce case. Esha asks him to talk and meet her, they must understand each other. He must remember what he has said to them. Esha says it isn’t between them only, but about their whole family. Aditya says he will go to her now, sorry. Esha was crying herself.
Om laughs reading a book when his phone rings. He wonders who may be calling, it was Esha. He says she has accepted defeat so easily. Esha says tomorrow at 11 they have a hearing, Om wishes her luck. Esha asks him not to take her wrong, but can they meet before hearng. Om suggests 10 in canteen. She hangs up saying thank you.
Dadi complains to Om that Dataraam has spoilt her pooja by singing songs. Ranjeet announces he is leaving. Jayesh watched his hand and says he must leave his film line. Ranjeet was angry at him. Om says what he said was right. Ranjeet says he didn’t invite him to come to his room. Dadi asks Ranjeet to go but after breakfast. Dadi and Dataraam again begin their argument. Om shouts at them all to stop it, and leave. He brings mp3 player for him to hear songs. He asks dadi to go and pray. He tells Ranjeet he will tell Jayesh not to disturb him, he asks if anyone still has problems. They all leave. Om holds his head and says this house is mind blowing.

PRECAP: Om and Esha mocks a couple who lived for only a few months together. Outside, Om and Esha are happy to celebrate their victory. Om apologizes her calling his wife. She says it is ok, a simple lie doesn’t make them real husband and wife.

Update Credit to: Sona

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