Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi and Kokila pray god to help them in freeing Pari from Vivan’s clutch. They reminisce writing a message with neon ink on kite for Pari to bring Vivan to a mela and they will meet her there. Pari reminisces Kokila’s words that truth can be found in dark also, she switches off light and reads Kokila/Gopi’s message on kite. Kokila assures Gopi that with them all united will easily free Pari from Vivan. Gopi looks at Ahem and says we are still not yet united.

Vivan comes back to Pari and asks her to have some food. Pari changes her tone and apologizes Vivan for not understanding his love. Vivan gets very happy. She says she was fool that she was in blind love of Jigar instead of him. He happily hugs her. She asks if he will marry her and to take her out from here. He says they will marry today itself. She says not today, they will fly kite today to develop a longlasting bond. He gets very happy and hugs her again.

Gopi tells Ahem that she is incomplete without him and without his help, she cannot get Pari back home. Ahem says he wants to help her, but he is tired with Pari’s drama. She requests him to help her last time. He looks at Kokila who nods yes. He says he will help her and family. She thanks him. Kokila says Gopi that whole family is with her. Gopi says we all will bring Pari back home. Ahem says this is the last time he is helping her. Jigar comes and hugs him. Hetal says if we all go to mela, Radha will be suspicious, if they should inform her about their plan. Jigar says she will create problem if she will know. Kokila asks where is Radha. Hetal says she is sleeping in her room. Kokila says we will have to safeguard our secret from Radha and if Vivan sees us in mela, Pari’s life will be at risk. Kinjal comes there and says it will not happen. She fixes moustache on Jigar and Ahem’s faces and makes disguises them as Rajasthani villagers.

Modi family with Urmila and Kinjal disguised as Rajasthani villagers reaches mela. Jigar says they will have to start searching Pari from here itself. Urmila gets tempted seeing tasty food stalls and asks if they can have some snacks before. Kokila scolds her and asks says they should find her. Someone signs Ahem. Ahem tells Gopi that he will help them find Paridhi and Vivaan. Urmila gets hungry and thinks how to eat the food. Vivaan asks Paridhi, if she wants to eat anything. He buys jalebi for her. Urmila comes to the stall and buys the jalebi. Paridhi hears her voice and goes back. She couldn’t find her. Vivaan asks why did you come back. Paridhi makes an excuse. Vivaan asks her to come. Ahem and Gopi look for them. Paridhi insists to get their photo clicked and removes her dupatta from her head. She hopes someone could see her. Ahem and Gopi see her and runs to catch them, but misses them.

Precap: Gopi tells Jigar that she saw Paridhi, even though she couldn’t see her face. She says I am sure that she was Paridhi.

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