Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik is leaving when Nandini says that at least listen to me while he refuses her again. He says that you want to hepl Navya like this. He says that you think that you are helping her but you are not. Manik further says that by exposing her you are going to break her forever. Nandini says that I am not trying to break Navya and If other students are going to accept it than the Principle will take his decission back.
Manik says that I can’t that you are still living and believing in that world. He says that these are the same people who were laughing at Navya and now you want them to vote for her. Nandini says that she isn’t not asking anyone to vote for Navya. Nandini she is not asking them to vote for Navya but to vote for the truth. She says that I’m going to motivate them to stand for the truth while Manik says that you want people to talk about their s*x life. Nandini says that she is not going to ask for the detail just for their vote. Manik says that how ill they answer to your question. Nandini explains her theory while Manik goes to sleep. She wakes her up and Manik says that you should stand in the elections. In the end they argue and Nandini leaves.
Aliya is looking for her glasses and puts them on when Dhruv comes and gives her a gift. The gifts are lenses and Dhruv says that don’take this the wrong way but you keep losing your glasses. He says that I also like your eyes and hiding them behind those glasses is not justice. Aliya says that if you were not there than what would I have done. She starts to talk about last night when Dhruv says that I also need to talk about it. Later they are standing upstairs and Aliya says that it’s true. Dhruv says that I just want to know if you are thinking the way I am. Aliya smiles and hugs him and Dhruv smiles.
Later the Fab5 has gathered in the music and Cabir asks Muktii that why she didn’t reply to him. Nandini and Manik also comes and Nandini gives them the schedule. Cabir mocks her again while Nandini says that I am little busy and have something to do.She says that you guys carry on and I’ll take a leave. On leaving she says that I hope you guys will follow the schedule while Manik doesn’t gives her way to leave. After a few moments of trying Nandini leaves while Manik comes in.
Cabir goes to Manik and says you two have a lot of stamina as you fight this much but don’t get tired. Manik says that don’t tell me that as I offered he help but she didn’t lsiten a word. Cabir says that this means Nandini stopped a moving bulldozer with one hand. He says that you two are the right match and accept it Manik. Manik says that the funniest people are killed very easily. Cabir asks of who the funny one is and Manik says that the funny ones are fooling around when they are actually being killed. Cabir says that are you trying to threaten me and Manik asks if he is getting scared. Cabir says that a lot and then asks Manik of what Nandini is upto.
Manik explains to what Nandini has proposed and ws going to do. Cabir shouts and tells everyone of the Fab5 about Nandini’s idea. Manik says that this is for Navya and everyone is just still right now. Nandini is making up posters when Abhymanu comes with some papers and crayons and says that I am here to help you. Nandini says that this is not funny and you are just acting like that monkey. Nandin says that iti’s fine I’ll do it all by myslef. Abhymanu sits down and says that which monkey and then says it’s Manik. Nandini explains to what Manik has said and and thinks while Abhymanu says that you want to know whether he has had….

Nandini tells him to stop about this rubbish when Abhymanu says that how do you expect people to talk about when you can’t. Nandini says that Navya has made a mistake but with this secret ballet but it can help a lot of people. They don’t know that Navya is standing behind them and Nandini tells her to trust her and she will manage it.
The Fab5 is practising when Muktii asks if Nadnini is actually going to do the secret plan. Dhruv says that shouldn’t we help her while Manik says that we need to focus on the music. The start to play while Manik doesn’t sing and Cabir says that where is your foucs. Soha comes and says that you guys need to eat while Cabir says that our manger has said to us that our break time is 12:30 so we can’t eat now. Soha apologizes for the photo shoot and says that we can always start again and pizzas are a good way. Cabir agrees and then goes to asks Manik of what is up with him.
After arguing Cabir starts to sneaze and says that I have t leave. Muktii says that I also have appointment and leaves. Soon Dhruv leaves as he has to make a new id while Aliya gets a call and leaves to give Dhruv his bag. Navya and Nandini are working on the campaign when students come and mock the two of them. Cabir comes and says that If you want a change in it you can as I am going to vote. Nandini thanks them and asks of what he is doing here.
Cabir says that I love your love story and says that I am here t help and puts up the banners as well. Soon some girls come and mock Navya as well when Muktii comes and backs them up and says that should we vote while they leave as well. Nandni and Navya are surprised when Mutkii starts to help them and Dhruv comes as well. He leaves and brings Aliya as well. Cabir says that everyone is here and should we start to work as there is a lot of work.
Soha says to Manik that she has borught a special pizza consisting of green olives as he likes them a lot. Manik says that how do you know when Soha says that I have camera installed everywhere your house. Manik is surprised when Soha says that she is just kidding she then brings a piece of pizza and gives it to Manik. Manik eats it by himself and when she starts to flirt with him Manik makes an excuse and leaves saying that she is weird. As he leaves Soha says that I will wat for you no matter how long.
Nandini is working on the campaing when Manik comes and says that all my friends are helping you. Nandini says that the one who needs to help isn’t when Manik says that I need to talk to you. Nandini says that she does’t needs to talk about it as she is working as well. Manik says that his topic is on Soha and it is important.

Precap: Nandini comes down and her hand gets stuck on Manik’s shirt because of the glue. Manik says that it’s stuck and Nandini says that how will this come off.

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