Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi starts crying that Rashi died because of her. Ahem consoles her. Rashi’s dad also consoles her saying he lost one daughter and cannot lose one more. Urmila hears that and asks him how can he call his daughter’s murderer as daughter. Ahem gets irked hearing that. Kokila asks Gopi to stop blaming herself and to be courageous for children’s sake. Urmila says she does not have to worry about children as she is taking them with her. Kokila requests her not to take children. Just then kids come and Kokila asks Gopi to take them in. Urmila stops her and says she will take home tolu/molu. Kokila says she cannot do that. Urmila says nobody can stop her and when here daughter with whom there was relationship to this house is not there, there is no question of keeping her grandchildren here.

Hetal and Chirag request Urmila not to take tolu/molu. Even Paridhi requests her, but she does not listen and asks Tolu/molu to come with her. Tolu/molu say they don’t want to go with her and asks where is their mummy. Urmila says there is mummy is …. Jigar stops her and asks her to shut up. Kids hug Jigar and asks about Rashi. Jigar asks them to go to their room. Urmila tries to hold them, but Jigar stops her and requests her not to separate him from his children. Hetal says Urmila she lost her loving daughter, but she lost her daughter and daughter-in-law both and asks her not to make tolu/molu orphan, says everyone is there to take care of kids, especially Gopi. Urmila says Gopi should not touch them as she is responsible for Rashi’s death. Madhuben asks her to stop alleging Gopi. She starts shouting at Gopi when Kokila stops her and says Rashi has gone forever and will not come back, we all have to take care of children now.

Urmila reaches home. Madhuben also comes behind her. Urmila stops her and says she cannot stay in her house now as her daughter killed Rashi. Her husband asks her to calm down. Urmila says she will not calm down until Madhuben is sent out of her house. Madhuben agrees to go out from her house. Her brother says until he is there, she cannot go from here and takes her in.

Jigar cries looking at Rashi’s pic. Hetal brings food and feeds him. He hugs and cries and says till when he will tell lie to his children, he cannot handle them alone. Pari hears their conversation and prays god to give courage to Jigar and to give her an idea to make children happy.

Meera and Vidya asks Tolu/molu to have food. They say they won’t until they see Rashi. Gopi and Ahem see that from the door. Gopi starts crying, Ahem asks her to be courageous for children’s sake.

Precap: Tolu/molu asks Hetal about Rashi and say they themselves will find her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Why did Rashi die? She was my favourite character. Urmila should take Tolu and Molu home.

  2. Whats the matter with urmila????? she lost has daughter still doing all this drama…!!!! she should be calm now…. or maybe viewers will enjoy the track if she goes to comma stage after such big shock 😛

    1. She lost her only child, so she wants her grandchildren with her, is that really drama?

      1. I think so…. this is high time she realises her selfishness is not gonna help her anyways… children should stay with their dad…. why should they be eliminated from fathers love as well just because of Urmila’s Drama!!

        And mark my words urmila will try to get money from modi’s in the name of those kids as well …

  3. I guess that’s true, they still do have their father to take care of them

  4. That’s right… on the contrary, urmila can stay with modi’s if she want to cherish her daughter’s memory and can stay with her grandchildren as well.

  5. Inazuma Eleven

    Urmila needs to stop her drama for Rashi’s sake :p

  6. Kids part is going to be tough for modi parivar 🙁

  7. Tolu molu bechare some1 must say them that their mother is dead otherwise they will become mad when they will not find there mother n I think paridhi will start liking Jigar n when all will say them to marry then I think again Rashi will come in another birth(jaanam) I only just think.

    1. No dats nt possible as rucha has quited d shw nd u all shld be hpy dat dey ended rashi’s trck nt replace her..!!

      1. no we shouldnt she was my favourite noew the shows boring

  8. Urmila think that rashi diet because of gopi , and so that’s true! Rashi saved gopi, but it doesn’t mean that gopi is a murder! And so rashi apologies when she was dying. And urmila is very sad and don’t know how to live without rashi, and so that’s why she is blaming gopi, she is not Doing any dram!!

  9. No one is gonna watch this show any…. it would have better ended

  10. Pls god…..get rashis twin sister in d show….n no paridhi for jigar

  11. Wow! Friends I got free recharge daily upto 50 –

  12. But how adi plz plz tell me

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