Ek Mutthi Aasman 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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scene 1
Suhana is suggesting names for meethi’s doll. Meeti is not liking thme. Kamla says kalpi and Raghav. Suhana says the names sound good but I feel like I have heard them before. kamla says kalpi is my daughter and Raghav was her husband. I should go now its getting late. Suhana says to meethi so they are kalpi and Raghav. She says in heart I feel like I know them since ages.

manda comes to kamla’s home. She asks pakiya is she can borrow some flour. pakiya says there is no flour here. Vitthal says you can takes the bread if you want. She says okay. vitthal gives her four breads. A lady stops manda on the way and says you are asking from them? Manda says I gave them flour so they gave me bread. Vitthal is getting mad and soon he will be completely our of his mind. kamla says what are you saying ? Viutthal isn’t mad he is just upset. If you can’t support us in tight time don’t judge us either.

suhana puts on her headphones. she can’t sleep . She calls kamla. Kamal picks up the phone. kamla asks is everything okay ? She says I am sorry I am disturbing you this late but I can’t sleep. Kamla says close your eyes and think all the good moments. She says but I have forgotten everything. kamla says let me sing a lullaby for you. She sings the same one she used to sing for kalpi. Suhana sleeps. Kamla is in tears after disconnecting the call. Vitthal pats on her shoulder and swipes her tears. kamla hugs vitthal.

Scene 2
next morning Aryan comes to chichi and dheraj. He says chichi you look so beautiful I thoughts its a girl sitting here. I feel like taking you out for a date. She says take suhana. He says but she muse be sleeping. She says no she must be up. Go and ask her for a date she is your fiancé.
Aryan comes to suhana’s room. She is still asleep. he opens the windows and shouts. Suhana scarily wakes up. She says what are you doing here ? he says will you go out for a jig ? Suhana says I don’t jog. He says that’s why you are so fat. Okay then lunch ? Suhana says okay.

Suhana goes to kamla in the kitchen. She says Aryan came to me and asked me to go out for a lunch. kamla says you should spend time with him ti understand him well. Suhana says come and tell me what to wear ? Kamla says before that you have to drink this soup. She says I will drink it later. kamla says no you have to take it now.
Suhana says to kamla I want to dress like I used to. I wanna settle in my life. Kamla says yeah you should try to recall. Suhana says you are here to think for me. suhana takes out a dress and asks how is it ? Chandni calls suhana. kamla recalls kalpi Suhana asks what are you thinking ? Kamla says nothing. Suhana says let me get ready.
Suhana dresses up in a pink gown. Kamla sasy you look pretty like a princess. kamls says God save you from bad eye. meethi says I have the cutest. Kamla says to meethi should I call yougablo ? Meethi says I will call you gablo too. Meethi says to suhana arayn is waiting for you.

Scene 3
Suhana and Aryan get out of the car. suhana stops to help an old lady walk through. She says to Aryan lets go. he says yeah I am really hugry. She says the more you are hungry the more you will enjoy. Suhana is trying to cover her legs. Aryan says the dress looks good. She orders all the chowl dishes. Aryan is shocked he says suhana and indian food this is so surprising. An little girl is making weird faces at suhana. suhana makes weird faces to her too. Aryan stares at her. the order comes. Suhanaa says I will serve. She serves for Aryan. he says the food looks good. you never used to like indian food. Suhana says I don’t remember what I used to eat before but I like it now. she says eat it now. You said you were hungry. he starts eating. Suhana is enjoying the food. Suhana asks how is it ? Aryan says I never enjoyed this before ? Its really tasty. suhana says if you eat anything with heart you will find it tasty. he says in heart this is the time to talk about the wedding. He says suhana I wanna say something for our both better. Suhana says why are you being shy like a girl ? Speak up what it is ? Suhana says oh no I had to call massi maa. he says in heart what is it to tell her ? She calls kamla and starts talking to her. After the call, suhan says what were you saying ? He says our families want us to marry. I want to know what you want ? Suhana says you know I don’t remember anything about my past I am so lucky that my familu and you support me. I know my family has suffered because of me. I can’t be selfish. I know they must have decided this wedding with my consent so I don’t wanna hurt the by saying no.

precap-kamla gives tea to chaachi. Chachi says if you ever make tea like this again in will fire you. Suhana says she is not the servant she just help others. kamla says never argue with your family because of me or I will leave this job.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Happy Independence to Everyone in India!
    Thanks for updating.

  2. happy independence day

    Now to not at all interested in reading update also. Only love to comment of the viewers. EMA should go air off soon

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  5. what to do ?????????? missing raghav and kalpi too much, but very much reviled from Kamla ka hamla.

    zee people really need good script writer especially for EK MUTTHI AASMAN.

    U CAN SEE THE contradiction in the same scene only.
    Suhana says – she (kamla) is not servant and just to help others and what Kamla says
    Kamla says – don’t argue other wise I will leave the job.

    Idiot if u r not servant how could u leave the job.

    Kuch bhi dekhate hai. Viewers ko pagal samjha hai.

  6. This show is utter rubbish and kamla is so annoying! Suhana and arya do not have chemistry there is no good love story. Zeetv big boooooo to uu

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