Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the family pic coming. Dadi asks Ramesh to hang it on wall. Rags and Menka see it and it has Suhani very fair in it. Suhani comes and sees it. She asks where am I in this. Menka says I also did not see you, we thought Dadi made you out of it. Rags goes to search for the cream in Suhani’s room. Menka shows Suhani’s pic to her and says you are looking so fair, see. She taunts Suhani. Pratima looks on. Suhani says they have done this by computer. Menka says if you got fair whats wrong, you are looking beautiful and fair. Suhani says whats there with fair color, not all humans are same. Whats the need to do this.

Dadi comes and says it has a reason why I did this. The reason is everyone will feel you are maid in this house seeing you, we value beauty a lot, everyone will come today in your reception, I don’t know they think you are maid here. Pratima says that day Suhani did not do makeup, she will look good today. Dadi says she called top makeup artists to make her ready. Menka thanks her. Dadi says I called them for Suhani, don’t know how the cream did not affect her.

Menka tells Dadi what Suhani said. Suhani says I believe in what I told, I m happy the way I look and I don’t like to get fair. She says this fairness cream is a cheat for public. Dadi says you mean Birlas are cheaters. Suhani says no, I mean the pic is wrong, and cheat as I don’t look fair like that. Yuvraaj comes and Dadi tells him to hear what Suhani said, she called her cheaters. Dadi says you are cheater to trap Yuvraaj and marry him. She calls Rags and says Suhani lied as she did not use the cream. Rags comes and shows the cream.

Dadi asks Suhani to apply it on her face. Suhani says she won’t apply it. Dadi says how dare you say no to me. You lied and cheated me, and saying I m wrong. Suhani says I took it for keeping your respect, but I did not say I will use it. Why should I become one where I m not happy. Dadi says I m not happy seeing your face. Rags says we tried hard to explain our rules, Dadi and I did not do his for Menka too. Suhani says I m not stubborn, I don’t like this. She says when my heart is clean, why should I think I m less than others.

She says I told Yuvraaj about my decision. She says he always said yes and asks Yuvraaj to say. Dadi says he will say yes with you. Pratima asks them to leave this matter now. Dadi says never go against me next time. Anuj talks to his friend. Menka comes and talks about Suhani. He is not interested in her gossip. She asks him what to wear in the reception party. She argues with him. Yuvraaj and Suhani argue in the room. She says if you don’t have problem with my color, why should I do this, I don’t like artificial colors. He says you don’t care about everyone’s feelings. He says he did not allow her not to use cream.

The makeup artists come to meet Suhani. Saurabh flirts with Rags. Rags says she has to look good than Suhani, as she is getting makeup today. Saurabh says you are very beautiful than her, don’t compare yourself. She does not listen to him and leaves. Bhavna tells Lata they are going to Birlas and they don’t have any good saree. Bhavna gives her saree to Lata. Lata says this color will suit you, not me. Bhavna says fine, you will make me lose in game then I will agree to you. Bhavna gets upset as Lata asks about her mum in law. Bhavna says her mum in law tortures her sometimes, she did not come here by her wish. Laat gets worried and cries.

Bhavna laughs and says I m lying and you could not catch it, you lost the game and have to wear this, I was joking. Lata says don’t joke like this again, I can’t bear it. Bhavna hugs her and says sorry. She sends Lata to get ready. Bhavna says she will never tell the truth to anyone. Suhani thinks about Yuvraaj’s words. She thinks what happened to Yuvraaj today, maybe he is angry. The girls does her makeup.

Dadi asks Lata to get to see a miracle as she has given a new look to Suhani. Suhani helps some people and gets her clothes and hands bad.

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  1. What the hell is wrong with suhani.. can’t she even try to adjust there or what.. I know she like being simple but its reception party she can atleast do these fir dadi! Crazy woman!

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