Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2013 Written Update

Scared Gopi runs into her room, the mad woman (sorry not sure of her name) was feeding water to Meera, Meera tries to take a cordless phone, which the mad woman snatches and tells gopi to wear a bridal outfit else she would harm Meera.. Gopi agrees to do as the woman tells her to do ..

In the kitchen Rashi wonders why the food is less and thinks Gopi might have done this to irritate koki..Gopi is dressed in a red bridal outfit .. the woman calls Gopi towards her and is excited to see her jewellery, gopi gives her jewellery and was abt to pick Meera from the bed, but the woman pierces fork on Gopi’s hand..the woman warns Gopi not to act smart as she will harm Meera if Gopi tries to outsmart her..

Baa, hetal leave to their rooms after lunch, Koki tells

Rashi to look over the cleaning and maintain peace as she would go and rest, at the same time they hear the song “hoton pe aisi baath main dabaake chali aayi” in loud.. Meera is crying.. Gopi is dancing .. Koki orders Rashi to get and get the music stopped.. Gopi is dancing and pleading the woman.. Rashi knocks the door..

the woman orders Gopi to stop the music and shove off the person at the door and also tells her to take her cell phone where she can hear the conversation on the cordless phone.. Gopi comes out of her room and closes the door behind.. Rashi questions Gopi about the music and about Meera.. Gopi says Meera is asleep Rashi wants to check on her.. but Gopi stops her.. Rashi asks her why she is decked up like a bride.. and Rashi thinks is to entertain Meera.. Rashi says she wants to meet Meera.. Gopi doesn’t let her see Meera…Rashi is skeptical ..

The woman orders Gopi to get tea for her and tells her to humm the song.. Gopi requests her to give back her Meera, but the lady refuses..

Hetal shares her worries regarding Gopi with Koki, she says there is something wrong with gopi .. she ate all the food, she did not get Meera down .. Koki refuses to believe, Gopi comes down humming a song.. Koki wonders why she is decked up like a bride.. Koki is exasperated and goes to ask Gopi about her changed behavior..

Gopi is making tea and thinking what to do, Koki sees Gopi making tea and thinks it’s waste of time talking to her and was about to leave.. Gopi writes a note with tea on the paper towel and stops Koki by pulling her arm and gives the note to her ..which Koki throws away.. Koki tells she will not forgive her and not to even seek for forgiveness.. Gopi is left crying,, she hears Meera’s cries over the phone…

Gopi brings tea to the woman, and requests her to give Meera as she might be hungry the woman refuses to give Meera, Gopi gives the rattle to Meera .. and prays to Kanaji to show her a way out of this,,..

Ahem comes home and asks Meethi about Gopi, Meethi says she was in the kitchen, Ahem goes to kitchen but Gopi isn’t there.. He is confused with the state of kitchen with some tea on the floor. the note sticks to Ahem’s shoes.. Ahem is in the hall, Koki complaints about Gopi that she did not bring down Meera all day .. Rashi tells that she did not even allow her to enter the room.. Koki complaints of Gopi’s singing and dancing .. Ahem is confused.. singing and dancing ..

Gopi requests the woman to give Meera to her and she would feed her and give back.. the woman refuses and tell Meera that her parents have tortured her and she tells Meera to take revenge from her parents for torturing her dadi (the mad woman refers herself as Meera’s dadi) Gopi is crying and pleading .. Gopi requests her to give her permission to get water for Meera …the lady asks her to humm and go ..

Ahem is in disbelief ..he says he can’t believe it .. at the same time.. Gopi comes down humming, Ahem is shocked.. Koki tells her that she cannot keep Meera away from her.. and asks about Meera, Gopi walks without answering.. Hetal requests her to answer.. but Gopi walks away.. Ahem holds her hand and stops her..

Ahem tells her to stop singing and asks about Meera.. Gopi doesn’t answer..but cries and looks down she sees the note stuck up to Ahem’s shoes and she has the glad look on her face..

Precap : the woman tells Meera that she would leave this place with Meera.. We see someone walking in with a plate of mangoes.. the woman takes the mangoes.. Ahem pulls out the pallu and picks up Meera in his arms.. the woman is shocked to see Ahem holding Meera

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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