Saraswatichandra 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 15th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidyachatur talking to his Badi bhabhi. She argues without listening to him. Vidyachatur says no one has forgotten Yash and he has spoke to his lawyer. She asks him to bring Yash home. She taunts about Kumud as she has hid a big thing from her father. She says she cannot trust Vidyachatur.

Kumud brings butter milk for Vidyachatur. He does not talk to her. Kumud takes a photo album for her parent’s wedding and shows it to him while her mother is standing there watching all this. Kumud tries to make him remember that tomorrow is their marriage anniversary. Vidyachatur leaves angrily.

Kumud’s mother says he will not listen. She accepts her mistake as she has hurted him a lot. Kumud also accepts and thinks of making their act right.

Scene shifts to Saras and Kumari:

Kumari asks Saras what to do next. Just then, Badimaa stops Vidyachatur and reminds him of his marriage anniversary. He not even smiles and stands looking angrily. Kumud brings a slipper and places near his foot. He does not react. Saras sees along all. Vidyachatur says he has seen how much his wife values him and he leaves. Badimaa says Kumud not to feel sad and it is tough to make up Vidyachatur.

Kumari tells says that Vidyachatur has gone, you were going to talk to him. Kumud hears this and leaves. Kumari asks Saras what they have to do. Saras leaves in anger.
Badimaa is taking care of the preparations pretty fast.

Scene shifts to Saras:
Saras runs after Vidyachatur and asks him where he is going. He says he has some work. Saras asks him whether he can accompany him. Vidyachatur says no need.

Scene shifts to Kumud:
Kumud says he has grinded Mahendi. Kumud’s mother says Vidyachatur will not come. Kumud and Kusum says he will come. They hug her.

Scene shifts to Saras:
Saras follows Vidyachatur. He stops and asks Saras whether he want to say something. Saras tells yes. Saras tells that he has given him the permission to stay in his home. Saras asks him why he is not forgiving his wife.

Scene shifts to Kumud:
Kumud is applying Mahendi to her mother. She says that whatever they are doing, not to invite the village people as Vidyachatur is still angry. Kumud says that it will like every year. Kumud’s mother says she is not sure he will sit with her in the Puja.

Scene shifts to Saras:
Vidyachatur says does he not have the right to react if he gets hurt. Saras explains him.

Scene shifts to Kumud:
She says that she is more adamant than Vidyachatur. Kumud asks her mother to smile. Badimaa sees this and is happy. Badimaa asks them to cook and make them eat with their hands.
Ghuman laughs at them saying they are so emotional.

Scene shifts to Saras:
Saras takes Kumud’s mother side. She was taking care of everything alone, but she cannot live alone. She needs your support.

Scene shifts to Kumud:
She is making the decorations. She keeps a stool and gets onto it. Saras watches her and asks if he can help her. He brings a chair for her. Music starts at this point.
She takes Saras’s support to stand on the stool. Saras feels happy. She does the decorations and then gives her hand to step down. Saras tries to talk to him. She says Vidyachatur will be realising her mistake till he stays in her house. She then leaves.

The next morning, Kumud wishes Vidyachatur a happy wedding anniversary. Kumud tries to make him happy but he turns his face away. Kumud’s mother comes there. Vidyachatur angrily stares at them and leaves. Kumud’s mother says every year he used to fill her Maang. Today he did not remember. Kumud asks her not to worry. She will make her ready like a bride. Kumud hugs her mother.

Ghuman talks to a pandit.
Saras talks to Vidyachatur and gives him clothes saying Kumari was going to bring it. Saras wishes him happy wedding anniversary. Vidyachatur leaves. Saras tells now he understood why Kumud is so adamant. She went on her father. He has to work hard to make up Kumud and Vidyachatur.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur’s room:
Kumud’s mother is seeing photo album. Vidyachatur enters. He gives her the saree and says not to expect more from him. She thinks it means he will not sit in the puja with her.

Kumud says Kumari that she will make her mother ready first. Saras and Kumud bump into each other. Kumari asks Saras whether Vidyachatur spoke to him.

Kumud’s mother is waiting for Vidyachatur to do the puja. Ghuman taunts her. Kumud tells Vidyachatur is not so hard-hearted and he will come. Saras goes to bring Vidyachatur. Many village people come suddenly. Ghuman welcomes them.

Ghuman tells everyone that she has invited the guests to make the function big. Kumud’s mother is shocked. Pandit ji asks for Vidyachatur. Ghuman leaves from there making an excuse.
Everyone ask for Vidyachatur. Saras tells that he will not let Kumud fail.

Kumud is in a net and Saras is watching her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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