Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 15th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kaira asking someone to buy Painkillers for her….Pankudi gives instructions for the person.. Anuj sees this and tells Kaira that she should take so many painkillers at the same time..Anuj tries to Tell kaira another method to lessen the pain… but Kaira shouts at him saying that this generation is different ( Just what anuj said to nanaji) … Pankudi advises Kaira that she should talk like that to her elders and she should learn as many things as possible from them..
Kaira agrees and asks anuj what she was saying but Anuj remembers his argument with Nanaji and goes away !

At office Rubel was talking to a lawyer and asks him not to tell any one about this matter… he also gives him money so that he wont tell anyone..When the lawyer got out from Rubel’s cabin .. he meets Adi .. He gets really tensed and when Adi asks for the reason… he said everything is okay…Rubel sees them talking and makes an excuse to get him out of the office . Adi wonders why both were so tensed

Latika asks for permission to leave from Sheila and she leaves after an indirect-hate talk 😛 Sheila shows Pankudi a jewel set and Pankudi asks of its for Latika… Pankudi remembers seeing rubel with some other girl and she asks Sheila about Rubel and Latika’s marriage but does not get a fine response.
Adi calls Pankudi and they have a sweet talk. Adi tells her about the lawyer’s visit and Pankudi suggests to meet him. Sheila hears that conversation and she calls up rubel and tells him about it. they make plans so that Pankudi and adi wont be able to meet tha lawyer
Rubel asks Adi to complete a big project for the next day and Adi tells its almost impossible to complete it in few hours. but Rubel orders him to complete it.. Adi was quit upset.

At Diwan mansion, Pankudi was about to leave when Sheila’s Friends arrived. Sheila introduced Pankudi as the caretaker of the house and Pankudi gets shocked :S
Sheila comes and apologizes to Pankudi and asks to make something for her guests. Adi calls Pankudi but she couldnt receive the call as Sheila started calling her..
Sheila makes an excuse and leaves from the house. pankudi had to wait with Her friends.

Sheila calls Rubel and tells him that she is on her way.
All the food Pankudi cooked got spoiled and she was worried… Kaira comes and she sends Pankudi to meet Adi and tells her that she will order for some food. Pankudi leaves.
She calls up Adi and gets to know that Adi cannot accompany her so she decides to go alone.

At lawyers office, Sheila was talking to him.. it was more like blackmailing.. Rubel also comes and joins the conversation. Sheila gets a calls and she goes out. She thinks Pankudi wont be able to come. Sheila and another call and went away from lawyer’s office. She sees Pankudi coming towards the office and hides. Pankudi doesnot see her. Episode ends.

Precap : Pankudi gets into the office where Rubel and the lawyer were talking. She told them that she knew they were planning something. And gives them two options. Either to tell her whats going on or She will tell everything to Nanaji.

Update Credit to: Nia

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