Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari takes 10 lakhs bags brought by NGO man, keeps it in front of god in lieu of prayers and purposefully drops kumkum on it. She then apologizes Kokila for her mistake and asks her to tell NGO man to collect money after some time before she cleans it. She tells NGO to come later, he agrees and leaves. Gopi says Pari that her brain works so fast and says she purposefully dropped kumkum to erase her evidence. Whole family is shocked to hear that and Kokila asks what she means. Gopi say she sprinkled kumkum on ransom money to catch kidnapper and says Pari and her dad made a drama of kidnap to extract money and tells her all the incidents happened recently and Pari and her dad being behind them.

Pari asks Gopi how dare she is to allege her dad and asks what proof she has to prove that her dad is a culprit. Kokila asks Gopi if she has a proof. Gopi says she sprinkled sindoor/kumum on ransom money, but before she could show it Pari took it to temple and purposefully dropped kumkum on it. Pari says even Ahem was with her and says she is unncessarily alleging her papa. Kokila says both Gopi and Pari don’t have any proof to prove their allegations and warns them to mend their ways in the future.

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Urmila gets out of a luxurious car. Neighbours praise that Urmila bought car just 2 days back and now she has bought another car. Madhuben praises her newly found wealth. Urmila scolds her. She sees a dirt on her car and asks driver to change it. Servant informs that her swimming pool is filled with mineral water now. Just then neighbours wake her up from dream and ask her to fill water from public tap first and then go home and dream.

Pari enters her dad’s room and locks door. He praises her acting skills and says Modi’s believed her kidnap drama and reminisces how he called her and asked to play a drama. She asks him why did he play drama when they needed 3 lakhs and says Gopi is very smart and sprinkled sindoor on money, but she saw it on time and handled the situation. She then reminisces giving 3 lakhs to NGO man and requesting him not to tell about it. She then asks her dad to stop playing his drama and takes 7 lakhs bag from him saying Gopi will not keep quiet until she finds out the truth, so she will keep them with her.

Pari tries her old clothes and gets worried that they are not fitting her. She thinks she has gained weight by eating Modi’s oily food. Jigar comes there and gets shy seeing her changing clothes. He takes his file and leaves. Pari goes into bathroom and someone enters her room. Gopi in the lawn asks Meethiben to finish her work and come back to kitchen. she sees window open and someone watching them. She goes and checks window and goes back home. Meethi adds phenyl in water and keeps bottle over window and gets back to work. Someone watches her from window.

Kokila sees Pari eating fruits and asks her why is she eating fruits instead of proper food. Pari says she has gained weight and does not want to eat oily food. Kokila suggests her to do household chores.

Someone drops phenyl in kitchen before Gopi enters it and watches her packing tiffinbox from window. Gopi senses it but gets back to work. She carries crockery, slips on wet floor and is about to fall when Pari holds her. Gopi sees phenyl on floor.

Precap: Kokila says Gopi that she used to make her feel proud, but now she is just behind Pari and she does not feel proud like before.

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  2. Best serial. Pari and Gopi as aways, u r the best. Mr.Writer please keep coming up with incredible stroies.

  3. Mr. Producer this show must go off air. It’s so stupid and boring.. people who like this serial are stupid just like paridhi..

  4. rashi u did a good thing that u leave this idiotic serial… which does nt contains sense or meaning…..

  5. Boring boring ..same old story..

  6. Esha and R me and john like this show so only we cab comment whoever likes it can comment u can’t say that finish it bcoz of u 2 this show won’t stop

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  9. paridhi looks so stupid, and that moronic smile of hers

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    1. i agree.. i know some people still love this drama.. but pls think if this boring and annoying entry of old enemies come in every now and then… new scripts for new serial will never enter the television…. and no chance new story writers… its just pathetic… more than story.. i hate pari’s acting.. she has to learn acting.. her voice is … errr.. i just cant explain …. GOD … run people run…. killer on loose … killing with serial drama…

  15. Saathiya is soooo boring after death of rashi pls throw this. Paridi character out or finish

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