Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shlok and Anand coming in the Raavan Dahan event. He says great to see good arrangements done. Shlok gets a message and sees phone. The men see him and come to him. Anand makes Shlok’s phone fall and says sorry, the organizing committee people are coming. The men greet Shlok and welcome him with bouquets. Shlok says thanks, good arrangements done, Baba has sent me here, if you need any help or finance, you can tell me, so I came here. The man says thanks, but everything is done, you come.

Astha talks to herself in the auto. She says I will expose Baba today, Shlok would have known that I have always been right and never thought bad about his family. The goons follow her. Niranjan says what should I do now, Astha is so adamant and I hope the goons have caught her by now, I want the good news from Anand that he has deleted the MMS from Shlok’s phone before he has seen it. He says I don’t know how Anand is not able to do it till now, I will call him and ask. Shlok talks to the organizers about the event. Anand looks on. Niranjan calls Anand. Anand says he could not delete MMS till now, but I will do when I get chance. Niranjan says Shlok will be disturbed which I don’t want, delete it immediately.

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Anand tries to take Shlok’s phone seeing it on table. He deletes Astha’s MMS message and Shlok takes the phone to give number to the man. Anand is relieved. The man asks Shlok to sit. Astha looks fir Astha’s MMS and does not find it. He says weird. Astha is still on the way. The goons stop their car infront of the auto and catch Astha. She says leave me, I will not sit, help….. They take her and leave. Anjali waits for Astha and says why did she not come till now. She makes the Rangoli. Niranjan comes home and walks over it. She says Sahib……. He looks down and sees the Rangoli.

He spoils it further. She says Sahib, what are you doing. He sits down to talk to her and says your life is going to be shattered like these colors, so don’t get happy, be sad. She says talk good. He says its good, but not for you, don’t explain me what to do, this is my home, I can do anything I want. He gets Anand’s call and thinks did he delete MMS or not, what if Shlok sees it. He throws the colors and looks at Anjali. She cries seeing him. He leaves. She says why did he tell this, Astha did not return home, I m worried, Bappa save my daughter.

Niranjan takes the call and is relieved that Anand did the work. He says good, you will get the prize for this work. He says now you won’t be safe Astha. Astha beats the goons and tries to free herself. She asks them to stop the car. They tie her mouth and hands. The car stops. The man says police at the checkpost. Astha sees them. The man says Sahib said to kill her today. He says call him, and tells him where we are. The goon calls Niranjan and says the girl is with us, but police is near Ramleela ground. Niranjan scolds them and asks them to kill the girl. The man says we can’t cross checkpost. Niranjan asks them to come in the ground and Astha will die with Raavan Dahan, evil will win over good, I will reach there in some time. Anjali hears this and is shocked. He leaves.

Anjali gets shaken up and cries. She says he is killing Astha for his benefit, no… She runs after him. The kids trouble Kalindi and Ajju. Kalindi stops them and shows the chocolates. She says not now, wait, first tell me why we celebrate Dusshehra, as the day is evident that good wins over evil. She influences the kids and makes them right. They say Ankush asked them to do this. She says the people who insult elders are always punished and sends them. The kids tie Ankush with the rope. Ankush says what are you doing. Kalindi says very good. Ankush asks what did you do to them. She says they are kids, and says his lines. Ajju smiles. Kalindi gives them chocs and they leave.

Kalindi tells Ankush that he got caught in his own web, we are bearing this as its our good values, which don’t permit us to harm anyone. She says if we decide, think what we can do to you. She moves his hair and explains him. She opens the rope and leaves with Ajju. The Raavan idol is present there. Shlok talks to the organizer. He asks Shlok to Raavan Dahan as he is Niranjan’s son. Shlok says but Baba…….. The man says Niranjan is not here, so we wish this. Anjali says I have to tell Shlok the truth, he has to listen to me, its about Astha’s life today.

She calls Shlok and he ends the call. She keeps calling him. He switches off the phone. She thinks how to tell Shlok about Astha. She cries and is on the way to Ramleela ground. She asks the driver to get her to the place fast. The goons bring Astha there and they pass from behind Shlok. Shlok sees Astha in the video going on and turns to see. He thinks it might be someone else, why will Astha come here. Niranjan is also on the way and thinks Astha wil end today with Raavan Dahan, and I will get peace seeing this, it’s a very happy day. He thinks how Anjali went against him because of Astha.

He thinks he should have done this very much earlier but kept giving chances to Astha to change. Astha tries to get free and runs. Niranjan stops her. He holds her hands and she says Baba………. He says what happened, you won’t be alive today, you have to die. She says you are doing wrong Baba. He gets angry and scolds her. He says I should have done this earlier. They tie her to the Raavan’s back. He says you are alive for few moments, Shlok could not see the MMS you sent him, I have failed you. She cries. She says please don’t do this. He says you could not do anything against me, I will regret and your Anjali…. I will make her life worst, I regret you won’t be alive to see it. She says no Baba, leave me. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Niranjan tells Anjali that he did everything with Jyoti, he has tortured Anjali always and has burnt Astha Kirloskar. Anjali sees Shlok there. Niranjan turns and is shocked seeing Shlok hearing his admittance. (Hurray, Anjali got a clean chit in Shlok’s eyes)

Update Credit to: Amena

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