Pavitra Rishta 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pari looking at divorce papers and asking Naren how can he do this to her, she is his wife and says they both can sort their issues. Naren says when relationship are untrustable, it is best to break them. He says he used to tolerate her for Ashi and now he does not want to stay with her and remarry Ankita. Pari says they can start afresh. He says we cannot live togheter at all now. She says we can fix it even now. He asks what solution she will find and says he is Ankita’s husband and her child’s father and says now he has to give back happiness to Ankita. She asks what about her. He says he is thinking about everyone and asks her to let him go back to Ankita as he needs him. Pari says till now he did not give her happiness and will not give it to Ankita also. She says she loved an ambitious and successfull man, but he is a broke now.

She says even after he is a broke, she can be with him and says she will lose everything if he will divorce her. He asks her to stop being selfish again. Pari says she will not sign on divorce papers and walks out. Naren picks divorce papers from floor.

Sunanda reaches Manav’s home and says she wants Naren and Ankita’s unite again. She tells Naren was mentally ill when he married Ankita and she took care of him well, but once he got well he forgot Ankita totally. Neither Rushali nor Ankita told him truth and now Naren is feeling guilty and asking her repeatedly if Ankita used to take care of her, etc., says she sees love in Naren’s eyes and says he may have not realized it totally but soon he will realize it. She says they both are married and have a child and we should help them unite. Manav says Sunanda that even he is thinking to unite Ankita and Naren, but Ankita is a cultured woman and would not like to break her sister’s house to set up her own again. He says if Pari agrees, he will speak to Ankita and make her agree to marry Naren.

Ankita tries to explain Pari that she is thinking wrong. Pari slaps her and says her worries came true that Ankita will snatch Naern from her again. Naren interferes and asks if she has gone mad. Ankita says she does not have any intention to marry Nnaren.

Ankita tries to walk out of house with bags. Naren tries to stop her, but she does not and says she and Ashi do not need him and nobody can legally stop her from taking Ashi with her. Naren asks Sunanda to explain her. Sunanda says Ashi needs both her and Naren, but Ankita walks out saying she cannot break her sister’s house. Naren falsl on the floor with an attack. He is rushed to hospital and while family gathers in hospital except Ankita. Teju asks Manav to call Ankita and inform her about Naren’s hospitalization.

Ashi asks Ankita if she is angry on her dadda/Naren. Ankita says no. She gets a call from Manav who informs her about Naren’s hospitalization and runs to the hospital with Ashi. Naren gets a flashback about marrying Ankita and all the romantic moments spent with her. He wakes up and finds whole family standing in front of her including Ankita and Ashi. Ankita says his Ashi will be with him now and tries to walk out. He holds her hand and says he remembers everything now from the time he met her to getting Ashi. He tells her about their first meeting, etc. She smiles hearing that. He says until he used to hold her hand, he used to not get sleep and tells her about jungle story, etc., says he remembers everything now. He requests her if she will marry him again.

Precap: Pari gives injection to wardboy, says with this either a patient will go into coma or die, asks him to give it to Naren.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I feel so sad this series goin to end, it really goin nice now

  2. I can’t believe Pari will try to kill the man she claims to love because he doesn’t want her. She is evil for sure!!!

    1. U cn say tat again

  3. Pari is so funny BE careful before Pari get the injection and fall into coma

  4. Yes Pari deserves some karma for her evil actions

  5. can’t believe Pari is trying to kill her own husband. she’ll definitely get caught. I guess Ankita wll catch her red handed.

  6. i don’t think naren will get the injection pari will or pari will tell the nurse to give it to naren and the nurse will give it to someone else

  7. Hopefully naren won’t die and Anikita kill herself too just to end the story like Laila majnu! In qubool hai the lovers died and that crazy woman lived on!!

  8. Pari never learns. .self concieted B****

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