Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks Gopi to take out all their family jewelry for polishing. Pari gets tensed that her stealing will be caught. She says Gopi that she will help her get all the jewelry out.

Kinjal tries to slap Pappu for misbehaving. Dhaval stops her. Pappu says he is trying to act like Urmila. Urmila gets irked and says Kinjal that he is acting as Modi’s. They both start fighting. Pappu throws food and runs into his room. Dhaval sees that and gets sad that Pappu is learning Kinjal and Urmila’s behaviour.

Kokila says Pari that only Gopi will safeguard jewelry. Pari asks why can’t she. Gopi says that is because she is the only bahu of this house. Pari’s dad says even Pari is Jigar’s wife. Jigar says she is not my wife and angrily walks out of dining. Pari scolds her dad for irking Jigar.

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Dhaval says Urmila and Kinjal that they are responsible for Pappu’s misbehaviour. Kinjal asks if he mean she is not taking care of Pappu well. He says they both have to stop fighting in front of Pappu. Madhu explains her the reason. Urmila says he is behaving like Modi’s. They both then start fighting. Dhaval ask them to stop fighting and concentrate on Pappu.

NGO member comes to collect money to Modi bhavan from Jigar. Gopi says he had told her already and gives him 10 lakhs money bag. Pari and papa hear that and steal money bag from NGO man in lieu of changing his punctured car’s tyre. Once he leaves in his car, Pari runs to get back family bangles.

Urmila tries to mimic as praising Kinjal but cannot. She thinks of asking Gopi about Pari’s progress and calls her. Gopi tells her that Pari is trying her usual mischiefs but her dad is trying to stop her. Urmila says she should not have sent Pari there, because of which Rashi passed away and she is ruining whole Modi family’s peace, says she will get Pari out of Modi bhavan. Gopi says we have to do it at any cost.

Hetal asks Gopi to bring all the jewelry as jeweller has come to polish them. Gopi hands jewelry to him. Pari’s dad calls Pari and asks when is she coming with bangles. Pari who is driving car says she is on the way. Pari’s car stucks in a traffic jam. She sees a cycle and steals it to reach home. Hetal asks Gopi about family bangles. Gopi says she brought everything. Kokila asks her to check again. Gopi rechecks and informs them that bangles are missing. Hetal says she had even shown those bangles to Paridhi. Pari comes home and asks what happened. Kokila asks where she had been. She says she had gone for a walk and asks why are they tensed. Hetal says family bangles are missing which she showed her the other day. Pari acts as getting tensed and says we should check locker again. Gopi says she checked locker twice. Pari says then we should check in other places.

Urmila enjoys tea made by Kinjal and praises it in front of Pappu. Kinjal asks Urmila what she would like to have in dinner. She says malai kofta. Kinjal says even it is Pappu’s favourite. Kinjal says she will also prepare gulab jamoon. Pappu says he also likes gulab jamoons. Kinjal says both daadi and pota/grandson and grandmother’s favourites are same. Pappu happily talks about his school report. Dhaval sees their well behaviour and gets happy.

Pari and Gopi search bangles at home. Pari drops bangles on floor. Gopi finds it there. Hetal says she kept them in small box. Pari says she must have forgotten.

Precap: Pari speaks to someone on phone and tensely informs Kokila and other family members that her dad is being kidnapped.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Boring………….

  2. Realy boring why they dont knw paridhi intention yet?

  3. I agree with you guyes. This serial has no line in it. Boring and dumber day by day.

  4. Who hated this plz dont read bcoz u spoil the update

  5. I don’t know why people hate this setial so much. This is the best serial and people who say that this show is boring shouldn’t read the updates. Pari is the best.


  7. John, dua…who r u to advise others about not reading these updates….
    everyone is free to post whatever dey feel about d show
    u can just give ur opinion and not teach others wt should they do
    dis used to be d best show in past….
    but now paridhi has ruined it…….she is such a b*t*h

  8. Very wrong message is being convinced to d audience….
    everytime liars r winning…

  9. Exactly rishi, no one is allowed to advise others what to post so don’t tell me what to post.

  10. Listen john…..u can post anything about f d show…but cant advice anyone to stop reading updates….n all….u r not owner of dis site.

  11. Well done rishi

  12. John shut your mouth

  13. Dua you should also shut your big mouth. U and john think that you ares lot well kiss my ass. U both are stupid just like paridhi

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