Shastri Sisters 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani and Alka talking about Rajat. Alka says don’t hurry up, first clear and then think what to do. Devyaani says even Rajat loves me, don’t tell this to Anushka else she will push me. Alka says fine, I won’t tell anyone. Devyaani says Rohan will come in your life again and everything will be fine. They hug and smile. Rajat thinks about Anushka and writes Anu on the notepad. His boss comes and he asks who is this Anu. He says you wrote Anu everywhere in the file, who is she who overtook her. Rajat says just a friend. He asks him to admit being alone and laughs. Rajat says it means I was thinking about her, it means I love her. Anushka is angry and stops Devyaani and Alka.

She asks why are they happy, what happened. Devyaani says its good to be happy. Alka says she explained Devyaani and asks her not to worry. Devyaani asks Alka not to tell Anushka and leaves. Alka leaves. Anushka says whats the secret and thinks. Astha and Hari smile seeing some papers. Astha says everyone praise you at my home, you made divorce papers. Hari says yes, Rohan and Vrinda can get her back that’s why I did this. Astha asks will Rohan sign this. He says yes, but he should not kow anything. She says you are great, I have to learn so much from you.

Hari calls Rohan and asks him to sign on business deal papers. Rohan says he will sign later, as he is going to shop. Hari insists and Rohan signs the papers. Alka’s mangalsutra breaks and she is shocked. Anushka comes and sees Alka crying and picking up the beads. Anushka asks what happened. Alka says the mangalsutra broke, see. Anushka says it’s a small thing. Alka says no, its not small thing, it’s a bad sign, now I will never get Rohan. Anushka says no, Rohan will always be with you. Alka cries. Anushka says she will make it fine and leaves. Hari and Astha smile seeing Rohan sign on the divorce papers which they kept between the business papers.

Minty is angry and Sareen jokes. He says Shastri ji is coming to apologize to you, cool down now. Shastri ji comes with his daughters. Sareen signs Shastri ji that everything is fine. Shastri ji apologizes to Minty. He says he was wrong to blame her and Rajat. Minty says ok, my heart is very soft, I don’t like fights. Neil, Devyaani and Sareen cough by this shocking statement. Minty asks what happened, did I joke or lie. She says its not Shastri ji’s mistake, its his nature to get anger fast, you should control it. She says I will tell Rajat to control his helping nature and he should ask his daughters to control their interfering nature. Sareen says all problem solved now.

Shastri ji asks did Rajat not come, I have to apologize. Sareen says he came from office, he is getting fresh. Neil gives everyone food. Minty asks them to have for dinner and says what all she cooked. Minty says she will get plates. Anushka says she will get and goes t the room. Rajat says mum, give me towel and forwards his hand. Anushka gives him towel. He holds her hand and asks mum are you still annoyed, how did your hand get thin. He looks outside. Anushka shouts seeing him and closes her eyes. Minty hears this. Anushka runs and Rajat smiles.

Anushka gives plates to Minty. Minty asks why did you shout. Anushka says there was cockroach. Sareen jokes on Minty. Rajat comes and says yes, there is a big cockroach, and teases Anushka. Shastri ji apologizes to Rajat and he says its fine. Minty says girls will go and sit there to have food, and gents will sit here. Rajat and Anushka’s hand touch and she takes her hand away. Minty looks on. Anushka goes. Minty thinks Rajat is being very friendly with them, is something cooking behind my back.

Alka is shocked reading the divorce notice and cries. Minty and Anushka see it too.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow rajat anu scene r amazing yaar.i love the more now bcoz of anu and rajat scene.and iam happy that finally rajat admit that he loves anu.and now its anu turn.and wt did this devivani saying i known she like rajat but its one side.but how dare she can say that rajat too loves her.when did rajat says that he loves u.oh oh darling rajat only loves anu.but dont worry devivani neil is for u baby.thank for update.

  2. I found anu rajat scenes here:

    I wanted to share with u all.

  3. poor alka rohan giving devorce he didn’t know

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