Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna asking Yuvraaj not to let anyone know this. Suhani comes and asks what thing, why are you afraid. Bhavna and Yuvraaj are shocked seeing her. Saurabh asks Rags to have food. Rags says no need, I m full of your taunts. Menka says lets go. Rags refuses and taunts her. She says its good to work alone, as credit will be just mine. She leaves. Menka is confused whom to support. Suhani asks again. Yuvraaj says Bhavna slipped and her phone fell, so she was worried, Bhavna wipes her tears. Sharad comes there and looks on. Suhani asks Bhavna why did she call him, and why was she crying. What happened? Yuvraaj says she was not crying, she was worried to track you, as she is getting late.

Suhani says I felt you were asking help. Yuvraaj says she got hurt, so I came here. Suhani sees her hands. Yuvraaj says nothing, she is fine. Yuvraaj signs Sharad to take Suhani. He asks Suhani to go home with Sharad, and he will drop Bhavna. Suhani says I will come along. Sharad says Dadi wil be angry if you don’t come. Suhani says yes, fine, I will come. She asks Bhavna to take care and hugs her. She leaves with Sharad. Bhavna cries.

Krishna brings Soumya home. His mum looks at her dress. Soumya goes inside. His mum thins where did she get this costly dress. Krishna and Soumya start arguing. His mum calms Krishna hearing about her rich friends. She asks Krishna to go with her and make contacts. Krishna says no way, no need to make Suhani now. Soumya says Suhani is my childhood friend. His mum supports Soumya and asks her to keep visiting Suhani. Soumya smiles. His mum thinks great, this link to rich people can be good for us, so I will support you.

Yuvraaj drops Bhavna home. Lata asks about Rishi. Yuvraaj says he had to go to his parents and asks Bhavna to give water. Lata says how did Rishi go without telling us. Pankaj says his mum is alone at home, so he went, its fine. Bhavna looks upset. Lata asks Bhavna how was the Dandiya. Bhavna says yes, it was good. Lata asks was Suhani happy. Bhavna says yes, she was happy, now I m sure if Suhani gets into any problem, Yuvraaj will take good care of her. Its night, Suhani is in her room talking to herself about Yuvraaj. She feels why is she feeling restless, and the way he drew her to him, she felt odd. She messages Bhavna and gets reply that Yuvraaj left long time before. Suhani says it means he will reach now.

The door bell rings. She gets tensed thinking what to do, he must not be angry, should she say sorry. He comes and she acts like sleeping. He goes to change clothes. She smiles. Her phone gets a message. Soumya asks her to meet for lunch. She says sure. Yuvraaj comes and sees her awake. She says she woke up by Soumya’s message. Yuvraaj says sorry Suhani, you felt bad because of me. She says its fine. He asks what do you mean. She says I mean its ok, I have forgiven you. He says forgiven? She asks why are you angry. He says I felt you will say sorry, as your overreacted. She asks why should I say sorry.

He says as I m your husband. Their nok jhok starts. He says he did not do mistake. She says then why sorry. He says as you were upset there. He goes to sleep. She smiles. Its morning, Sharad comes to Suhani and talks to her. He asks her to give a return favor to Yuvraaj as he gave her the cute Raavan. He says he booked a table in Yuvraaj’s fav hotel and asks her to take Yuvraaj there. She says fine, I will cancel my lunch with Soumya. He says yes, do that, its not good to meet her daily. She asks what. He says nothing, I mean you should go with Yuvraaj and meet Soumya later. She smiles and leaves. Sharad says lets see how Suhani does not enter Yuvraaj’s heart now. Rags hears them and thinks to do something to spoil Suhani’s lunch date. She sees Suhani’s phone and tries to send Ramesh to get juice for him. Ramesh says he is busy. Suhani says she will get juice for Rags. Rags thanks her.

She reads Suhani messaging Soumya to cancel plan, and messages Soumya to come in same hotel after one hour. She keeps the phone back after deleting the sent message. She says now Suhani won’t know my game. Suhani brings the juice. She gets Soumya’s message and reads ok. She smiles thinking its good Soumya did not get angry on my plan cancelling, now I can go with Yuvraaj. She asks Ramesh not to make food for her and Yuvraaj, as she is going out. Rags thinks Suhani does not know what is going to happen with her, its time to spoil her dress now.

Rags comes in her room and sees the dress which Soumya is wearing today. She damages the dress and says the dress will tear when Suhani sits there and she won’t be able to show her face, she will face insult and Yuvraaj will get annoyed. She keeps the dress and smiles. Rags leaves and bumps into Menka. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to come with her to his fav hotel. He agrees and says the booking is needed one day before. She says she did it and our number is after one hour. He is surprised. She says she will get ready and come. He says you changed your words so soon. She says she is smart, she made him say no by tricking him. She leaves. He smiles.

Suhani meets Soumya and asks you here. Soumya says you called me here. Suhani asks her to have lunch with them. Yuvraaj says he does not have any problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hate u rags

  2. Common guys.
    Didn’t they get anyone smart and handsome than this man for yuvraj character.

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