Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th June 2013 Written Update

Urmi enters her room angrily remembering Koki’s slap. She sees Koki’s finger prints on her face in the mirror and vows that she will give a fitting answer to Koki for this. She decides to take revenge. She is furious that she got slapped because of Meera and says that she failed to kick Gopi out of MM but she will definitely throw Meera out. She decides to think of a new kk.
MM – late at night
Gohem room
Ahem tells Gopi that tomorrow is such a big and happy day for them. Meera is 1 year old, talks a bit and can walk too. He tells her that all preparations are done for her bday like cake, decorations and return gifts for kids but he has thought of something else too which nobody would have imagined and is super happy. They watch Meera lovingly

as she is sleeping with Kanhaji’s story book in her hand. Gopi kisses her lovingly and takes the book.
Urmi is prowling outside MM in the dark and decides to sneak in through the kitchen window. She wonders how to get in as the window is too high. She gets flower pots and climbs on them to get in. She falls in and angrily decides to spoil Meera’s bday. She almost drops a vessel while leaving the kitchen and thinks she will destroy Koki. She comes out of the kitchen. Suddenly Koki calls her and switches on the lights and comes down. She glares at her and tells her that she came back even after being humiliated and slaps her again. Urmi comes back to her senses realizing she was dreaming and hears Koki’s footsteps. She hides under the stairs as Koki enters the kitchen and switches on the light. Koki sees the open window and tells herself that she closes the windows and doors herself then how this is possible that the window is open. Urmi is scared.
Urmi enters RaJi room as she is hiding from Koki. Meanwhile Koki tells herself that there is nobody so she must have just been hallucinating. Rashi wakes up and sees Urmi’s shadow and starts screaming “chor chor”
Koki enters the kitchen as Urmi watches in fear. She says that Rashi was right; Koki knows everything even when she is half asleep. Urmi climbs up the stairs as Koki comes out. Urmi is scared and wonders where to hide. She sees Koki climbing up the stairs and runs from there. Koki wonders that she heard some sound. Urmi decides to go to Rashi’s room. She enters the room and closes the door. RaJi and Tolu-Molu are sleeping. Koki realizes there is nobody and she must have been hallucinating. Urmi watches her go from RaJi’s room and heaves a sigh of relief. Rashi wakes up and sees Urmi’s shadow. She starts screaming “chor chor” in fear. Urmi is shocked and Koki stops and switches on the light. Gohem wake up and head towards RaJi room leaving Meera sleeping. Tolu-Molu wake up and start crying as Rashi wakes up Jigar. Urmi bends down to hide under the bed but manages to just sleep on the floor as RaJi see her shocked. Rest of the family enter and are shocked to see Urmi. Koki asks her why is she in their house at this hour. Rashi asks the same. Hetal helps her get up as Ahem shakes his head in frustration. Koki says her doubt was right and asks her from where did she enter their house. Urmi replies from the kitchen window and all are shocked. Ahem shakes his head again. Baa asks her why did she enter their house like a thief and Koki demands answers. Urmi watches them in fear.
Rashi asks Urmi why she came. Urmi replies that she came to spoil Meera’s bday. Rashi warns her angrily that if something happens to her Meera then she will stop talking to her. Urmi is shocked.
Urmi looks at Tolu-Molu and starts crying. She tells Baa that she cannot live without her grandchildren. She knows that she won’t be allowed inside MM but she missed them. How will Rashi take care of them alone and she was worried for them. Koki is amused as everyone watches in disbelief. Koki tells her that if she is done meeting her grandchildren then she can leave. Urmi says she was leaving but just came to meet them. Meera comes in. She goes straight to Urmi calling her nani. She wipes her tears and tells her not to cry. She tells her it’s her bday. Urmi hugs her. Koki taunts her that Meera is so innocent and loving and yet she…She tells her to leave. She tells Gohem to take Meera back to their room. Ahem picks Meera and Gohem leave. Koki says “Jai Shri Krishna” and all leave from the room. Rashi tells Jigar that she will leave Urmi and tells him to take care of the kids. She drags Urmi out and asks why she came. Urmi says she came to meet the kids. Rashi warns her to stop lying and tell the truth. Urmi tells her that she came to spoil Meera’s bday. Rashi is shocked and tells her that Meera was being so loving to her. Urmi agrees and Rashi tells her how can she be so cruel to Meera. She blames her for waking her kids. She warns her angrily that if something happens to her Meera then she will stop talking to her. Urmi tells her not to make her feel more guilty and leaves.
Next day, all sing Happy Bday song for Meera and she claps happily. Koki blesses her and Rashi makes faces lovingly. Meera imitates her cutely. Koki tells Rashi to stop. She tells all that they will do pooja and then start preparations for Meera’s bday.
Urmi asks Kinjal if she has some make-up to hide the finger prints mark on her face. Kinjal mocks her by asking if she wants to go for modelling. Urmi replies she wants to get ready for the party. Kinjal agrees but warns her to repair the kitchen first and Urmi is shocked seeing the seepage in the kitchen.
All are decorating MM as Meera is playing with balloons. Koki gives instructions to Meethi on what to cook and sees Meera with the Kanhaji story book. Gopi tells Koki that she will take Meera for bath. Koki asks Meera lovingly what she wants to wear on her bday. Hetal declares that they all have got frocks for her and she wants her to wear them. Baa asks what will Meera wear if everyone has got frocks for her. Hetal suggests that she change and wear all of them one by one. Koki decides that they will show all frocks to Meera and she will decide what she wants to wear. Meera rejects Hetal, Baa and Koki’s frocks. She points to Rashi who is wearing a pink saree. Gopi tells Koki that she wants to wear the same colour as Rashi. Rashi says proudly that her Meera always follows her maasi even in fashion. Koki warns her that then she will have to be careful that she never does anything wrong. Rashi looks annoyed.

Precap Kids are following Urmi in MM garden who is dressed as a laddoo. Meera is there too. The kids follow Urmi back home but Meera sees a puppy outside MM gate. She follows the puppy out of MM.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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