Dil Dosti Dance 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 10th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Taani and Rey having their talk.Taani asks which event between NDC.Rey says its not an event he says its a college festival.Taani asks what kind of festival that GS does not know.Rey thinks this is correct question.The gang does some crazy stuff kind of childhood games and moves to have a coffee.Rey says its secreat and when they get it confirmed they will inform her.Sharon ask Swayam why is he avoiding her.Swayam says I do not want to make a mistake even by mistake.Sharon says that you have changed.Swayam says I’m tired of hurting myself again and again.I don’t know if its ever going to happen.According to you the switch cannot be turned on and off.He also say I cant trust myself when you are near me.I cannot control.She further asks what about the promise you made.Swayam says its childish act.He closes his eyes.

Sharon comes and asks Rey to go in as Swayam wants to speak to him.Rey enters the room and sees Swayam all calm and hene moves forward and stand.After few minutes Swayam sees Rey.Both blame themselves for the fall that happened.Swayam finally says let it be 50-50 or else we will not be able to sleep.Rey asks Swayam why did you let Sharon out.Taani asks Sharon about the festival.Sharon asks which festival.Taani says thats what I’m asking you I’m the GS and I need to know.Sharon replies Please stop giving gyan(knowledge) about your GS post and moves from there.Taani realizes that the festival was a lie just to let Sharon in.She thinks Rey can understand everyones issue but her.Sharon is in home.Sharon is walking too and fro in her room thinking about what she spoke with Swayam.She decides the mistake is on Swayam.Sharon then realizes she is angry and thinks time for yoga and meditation.

She puts on the CD and sits for meditation.The baba says “maan ki icha aanko ke samne” .She sees Swayam on TV when she opens her eyes.The baba asks her to see within her.She then decides that she is somewhere at fault too.She had ignored Swayam for too long and just when Swayam has ignored her for two days she is in such state.She thinks and says she needs to give time to Swayam to trust her.The saint says human is like a puppet.Sharon says that she will dance in his tunes as she loves him.She then admires him.

Swayam and Taani reaches home and Taani says bro please give me your bag.Tauji ask how was the performance.Taani says it well on well and in the heck of excitement blabbers out about Swayam falling down at the end.Rishi laughs and says at your age I had sports injuries as trophies.He adds its all my fault if I had been strict at the beginning then you would not want to become delicate dancer.He asks I hope the judges did not see you feeling down.Swayam stays silent.Rishi says I’ll not be surprised if your team losses in semis.Now see Taani your brother will spoil the whole team.

Precap: Team in Rehearsal hall .Swayam thinks about the fall.Team speaking with VP.

Update Credit to: Asmaju

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