Balika Vadhu 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 10th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar Hospital
As the whole family gathers around jagdish, he opens his eyes groggily. As ganga comes by his bedside, sanchi comes and jerking her away, stands by his bedside, motioning ganga to step away. Lal Singh checks him up. Sanchi thinks that she wants jagdish to see her first of all, when he opens his eyes. All are waiting tensed. However he opens his eyes to see ganga, all are overwhelmed to see him awake. He asks ganga if she’s alright. Sanchi is frustrated. Ganga says that she’s absolutely fine and asks him to get well soon. He looks over to Dadisa, and doesnt turn unintentionally to Sanchi’s side. He asks Dadisa too about her. He asks about sumitra, and is told that she has gone to the temple, to pray for him, as she got very restless after seeing him like this, and god too answered a mother’s prayers. Sanchi thinks that he saw everyone and talked to them too, but when her turn would come. jagiya finally turns to her sid,e and is surprised too see her, and asks how is she here. She tells him the entrire story. He asks her how is she, to which she says she’s fine. He says that he hopes that the poliec would be very strict in dealing with sunny and friends. Shiv assures that ot would happen. Sanchi wonders why all are arent going. dadisa says that they were waiting for this moment. jagiya says that he has everyone’s blessings. Dadisa hopes that the goddess protects

Bhairo says that he’s very proud of him, for what he did for sanchi. jagiya says that to protect every woman’s self respect, is his duty, which he’s learnt from him only. Ananadi asks about his health. jagiya says that he had to be okay, as he was treated by a very capable Lal Singh. Lal says that he’s conscious but needs rest, for a speedy recovery. jagiya says that he managed everyone to go so politely. Anandi says that they would wait outside. jagiya says that she’s absolutely fine, and they dont have to stay, as he already feels good, that they came from a long distance to be with him. He tells her that his family would keep them updated. shiv and anandi ask him to take care of himself. All go outside asking him to rest, except for ganga, anandi and sanchi.

Ananadi says that she doesnt need to, but still asks ganga to take care of jagiya. Ganga says that till he doesnt get better, she wont leave his bedsie, and asks her not to worry. Sanchi doesnt like this. Ananadi motions her to come along now. Sanchi is in a dilemma, but leaves nevertheless. She turns back to look at jagiya, and is upset seeing ganga going closer to him, and sitting by his bedside.

Outside bhairo and basanat decide to go their work, while dadisa says that she would stay behind with ganga, and they can pick her up on the way back. After they leave, dadisa makes shiv and anandi sit beside her, and ask about udaipur. They ask her not to worry, either about udaipur or about jagiya. Dadisa tells them about ganga’s contribution in saving jagiya. Dadisa finds sanchi still standing there, and says that she surprised her by turning up unannounced, and then showing the strength to be able to come all alone. She says that sanchi lost all strength when she saw jagdish, and started crying. Dadisa tells them how maturely she behaved, unlike what she had always thought sanchi to be, childish. anandi says that she thinks that jagdish has done a huge favour on her, and hence she had to come and see him. Shiv takes permission to leave, and beckons sanchi also to come along. Dadisa gives them blessings. Shiv tells anandi to come after meeting dadisa, while he’s outside with sanchi. he is disturbed by the way sanchi is behaving.

Outside the hospital, Shiv reprimands sanchi for not informing them, before coming. She says that she didnt realise when she had to come to jaitsar, and forgot. Shiv says that he isnt angry that she came, but that she didnt inform. sanchi says that had she told, then they wouldnt have allowed her, as alok is angry at her as it is, and never would have given permission. Shiv too reprimands her, for thinking that she’s not being given freedom. He says that they would have taken her and came here, if they go to know, as he has done huge favours on them. he makes her realise that at this age, it might seem that she’s not understood by anyone, but they all are on her side, and would solve all of her problems together.

Inside, Anandi says that she wont lie, as everything is normal, but not ira, who she thinks is still angry at her, and has gone to mamaji’s place. She says that she only hopes that she’s forgiven when ira returns. Dadisa says that would happen, as she has prayed to the Goddess for the same. dadisa again mentions how sanchi had asked for forgiveness, and was upset seeing jagiya. She says that she had thought wrongly about her, as sanchi isnt that bad after all. Dadisa hugs her, and asks her to take care of herself. Anandi excuses herself. she goes out.

Sanchi apologizes for this. shiv says that its opkay, but she shopuldnt do this again. Shiv too praises ganga for her contribution in saving ganga’s life, and she reciprocated the same that jagiya had done for her. Sanchi finds it disgusting that everyone is just praising ganga, and thinks that she cant leave jagiya alone with ganga, as she might just cast him under a spell, by taking care of him. When anandi arrives, shiv says to anandi and sanchi that they should leave, and is about to get in the car, when sanchi stops him. sanchi says that she would wait here till he’s completely fine. Shiv and anandi are perplexed to hear her talk like this. The screen freezes on Anandi’s shocked face.

Underlying Message: A person blinded by love, doesnt understand the purity of it. That person often becomes adamant and arrogant, and doesnt even want to understand what others try to make them.

Precap: While anandi and sanchi watch at the door, ganga administers the medicines and the proper treatement to jagiya. She stumbles a little at first, and anandi and sanchi together extend their hand to help, but then retreat as ganga composes herself and continues. Ananadi is happy that jagiya is in good hands, while sanchi is irritated..

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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