Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Follows Mandira And Falls In A Trap

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira returns home. Bulbul stops her and says she needs to talk. Mandira says she will speak later, let her first check if Vijay took his medicines or not. Bulbul thinks why she is acting normal even after losing memory chip. Mandira walks to Vijay’s room and asks if he is fine. He says last night they did not consummate. She asks if he took his medicine, he should not have left her alone, she got heavily inebriated, but she is not worried as when they have married, they will consummate soon. She says she is feeling hangover and will take a bathe. She walks into bathroom. Vijay is also confused why she is acting so normal. He meets Bulblul and says he is not ruthless to kick out Mandira, he cannot let family know of Vasu and Yug’s marriage, so he has to find out what her plan is.

Mandira stands under shower and reminisces housekeeper informing that she saw Bulbul around hotel room. She thinks Bulbul took chip for sure, but she will not accept defeat easily. Vijay and Bulbul hide near door and hear her conversation. Mandira notices them, calls Yug and says he must have cop of video and should give it to her. He says he will not. She threatens him and warns to meet him right now and leaves house. Vijay and Bulbul inform Vasu. Vasu cries that because of her, her family’s problems are increasing. Vijay and Bulbul console her.

Bulbul follows Mandira’s car. Mandira notices her and walks to a secluded place near river. Bulbul walks in and thinks where did she go, if she saw her. Mandira calls her and says if she thought that was the only video copy, she is wrong, she has many copies and if she orders Yug will leak that video online. She asks to call Vijay. Bulbul says Vijay does not know about it. Their argument starts. Bulbul taunts that Vijay does not love Mandira, so he left her on suhagraat bed and did not consummate at all, he only loves his wife Bulbul. Mandira angrily strangulates her neck shouting Vijay is only hers. She tries to free herself and falls into river. She fights for life. Mandira thinks if Vijay really does not know about it and yells at Bulbul to die soon. Two passerby men see Bulbul and rush to rescue her. Mandira thinks if she does not act as saving Bulbul, she will be doubted. She extends her hand and asks Bulbul to hold it and come up. With their help, Bulbul comes up. Mandira taunts to be careful, else she will fall again. Bulbul says she will not take Mandira’s help even if she falls. Men asks Bulbul if she wants to go to nearby doc. Bulbul says she is fine and leaves. Mandira imagines Bulbul taunting her that she failed and throws stgones on Bulbul. Bulbul disappears..

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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