Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi blackmails Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says I didn’t shoot you anajli. I shot him. He came here to kill you. He hugs her and says I love you. I felt like it was deep.
Tara asks her fake mom what do you know about that arohi? SHe says I dont. Tara says then find out.

Arohi says to Virat thanks for the gift. Arohi wonders what gift is he talking about. He says I am very lucky to have you. Lets go.
Fake mom says I got everything ready. Tara says thanks we will have a good time. Deep comes home. He is shot. Tara asys who did this.
Virat says t Arohi I know you are pregnant. Its my baby. I am so happy. I saw tis file. I know you hid to surprise me.

Virat hugs Arohi and says I am really happy. Lets celebrate for our baby. Arohi says in heart that means she was pregnant as well and her baby died with her.
Arohi’s fake mom dresses deep’s wound. Tara says who did that? Arohi as died who else would attack us? He says in heart you better believe arohi is dead. He gets a text and leaves.

Arohi reads about anjali. She is daughter of a very rich man. Aroi says deep changed my face to get her money. What does vira tknow about it all this? Virat coms. Arohi says I wanted to ask you something. Why were you asking me about deep. Why would he attack me. He says please don’t trust anyone. They might harm you. He goes to get her medicine.
Tara says is deep hiding something from me?

Tara gets a call. A man says deep wasn’t with that girl. He wants her money. He would give it all to you. Deep is making him say all this. Deep says now youw ill keep an eye on tara for me. Tell me everything she does.
Deep sits in hi car. arohi is on back seat. She puts gun on his head and says you are such an evil. stop the car. You gave me Anjali’s face to get her money. I will get you all this money but you wont harm anyone. Deep says you dont’ see the reality.

Deep’s men stop Arohi. She says ask them to lock the room. Deep says do as she says. Arohi opens the locker. there is nothing, she leaves. DEep says you can’t run from me.
Arohi puts gun on deep. She says you did that all for money. I played your game on you. You changed my face for money but you wont get that money ever. He says you are doing a big mistake. She says I did. Now you will see my game. He says the game has just started.
Precap-A bike circles around aorhi and stabs her. Its Tara.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I didn’t get anything what actually deep is playing but I like to day episode… deep acting is awesome.. everything is nice except Nia.. I hate her dressing.. In precap Tara entry is super ????

    1. Hi sravanthi. Same thoughts.

    2. Hi rhivanya..
      To day is my birthday

    3. Satya127

      Happy birthday sravanthi…. May u have lots of happiness and success in life

    4. Hi satya..
      Thank you so much dear..

    5. Happy birthday dear.??
      Enjoy a lot.

    6. Thank you dear..

    7. happy birthday sravanthi. many many happy returns of the day 🙂

    8. Thank you dear..

  2. i didnt like today’s episode, especially any of Nia scenes. i feel the Nia portions are simply dragging and dragging. where were the goons when Nia had cleared the locker?? Just tell us what is Deep’s truth so that i can decide whether to continue or stop watching the show…. in the precap, when the bike rider took off the helmet, for a wild moment i hoped that she was the real ‘Arohi’. but then i realised she is most probably Tara…. btw, i like the fact that Tara can ride a bike 😛
    p.s. in the precap Nia isnt stabbed. someone hits her on the head with a log of wood and she falls down unconcious. (seriously, her baby is either the next hulk or wolverine)

    1. I also hoped that she was real arohi.but not possible.??

  3. btw, remember when Arohi met Deep after jail time, during those episodes where Deep had kidnapped Vedika and Arohi agreed to meet him in return of Vedika’s release. At that time Arohi had brought three more women wearing the same dress as her so as to confuse them and Deep and Virat were seeing Arohi everywhere… (best times lol) anyways, that scene where Arohi and Deep met and their dialogues… Arohi saying something like ‘dekho Deep mujhse door rehke kaisi halat ho gayi tumhari’ and the way Alisha delivered those lines, those scenes had so much emotion and seemed perfect… and today when Nia and Deep were confronting each other, i didnt feel anything for Nia or that scene. please bring back Alisha as Arohi

    1. Agree with you dhara.that episode was awesome. And am doubt on she really pregnant.

    2. Satya127

      Yes dhara…. Those episodes were the one of the best….. There we used find tashan, love and revenge… There arohi attitude style planning everything r just perfect but in today I felt like please nia kill urself first and get lost…. Alisha acting and dialogue delivery is felt like it is from her heart BUT nia her everything is just scripted and that also she cannot do properly….. And the entry of tara in the precap is super I felt if it is real arohi who just came to finish everyone…. Then it is on top….

  4. Hello r u all?
    Except nia part everything was nice.
    Deep & Tara scene is super.
    I can’t trust virat.he is a selfish person.he will do anything for money.because he already try to kill her mom& sister.
    In current track deep dialog like as code word.not clearly. Can’t get anything. So many confusion. I don’t like this nia.I don’t know wt happened next my guess Tara thought that anjali was shoot deep so he decided to kill precap Alisha( I think she is Tara) entry just awesome?????
    p.s. alisha looking so beautiful in transparent saree.

  5. Still I can’t accept nia as am not felt her pain.please writers do something. We want Alisha as arohi.

  6. Satya127

    Episode is ok…. Only for arsha parts…. Nia parts r just disgusting….. In today’s episode I feel virat is the one who murdered anjali father and he is after her money because virat is not person who loves anyone besides money… Guys do u remember how he tried to harm arohi when she was acting as tara and he and pruthvi also fooled roma only for money and virat is not Like deep who changes in minutes.. And today my trust on deep being a good person increased has he completely told wht is seen is not true sometimes…. That means there some other reason….. Let’s see wht happens but hope after this bullshit track they bring alisha back.. Today at few scenes of tara I found AROHI and that made realise how much I loved her as arohi and how much I am missing her…. For me and I think for all immj fans ardeep means arsha only don’t know why does writers understand thus point….

  7. deep is hoodlum and murderer, in previous episode he says that he still alive after spend some long time with mad women because he is more smart ! no ! not bcse he s smarter than her but because he is like her , psycho and mad more than her with very cold blood !

  8. i think this nia havent any grace and any class , the role does not match to her !

  9. Satya127

    Don’t know guys what will happen next…. I recently saw a interview of immj where nia is talking…. By listening to her talks I feel the writers are so interested in nia only they don’t feel anything about us….. And I want to tell them we r not hating nia for what she is but for us there is no one who can be our arohi except alisha….. Nia was telling if she is not on board then there will be other actress could have replaced I felt that could have been better too because nia is not even the last option for playing arohi…. Because when we got to that nia or adha is coming it would be better to choose an actress who have the main trait of arohi like when u think about arohi u get picture of cuteness and sweet innocence…. I think they could have taken adha, mouni, rati, sanaya… or any other
    Don’t know why I am feeling like they have no idea of bringing back alisha as arohi but I cannot tolerate nia at all guys….. There may be any good actresses Like nia and alll but for me ALISHA is the best for AROHI….. Hope Big boss shooting starts soon so we can get the answers of wht writers r thinking but I suggest to off air the show if they want to continue nia as arohi or to kill arohi’s character…. If they do this and deep taking revenge is also nice because he has done lot to save his love and if they kill arohi how will this mastermind will take revenge will also be quite interesting…. I can see any stupid illogical track in immj but not nia in place of arohi….

    1. i like the option of Sanaya, she portrays innocence very well but dont know how she would have been in boldness scenes… i would have even loved to see Mouni and Arjun together again… but i dont understand why they had to change Alisha? what was the problem?? its not as if Alisha has left the show, she is still doing Tara’s role. if Alisha was getting overworked then they could have added a temporary twist. but this Nia seems to be the genuine Arohi. it seems like Arohi can have no happiness in this show. she has lost all her family, friends and now face. only chawanni is left and even he was pushed so close to death

    2. Satya127

      I know I feel sanaya is good option as she can portray the cuteness and innocence very well and it would quite interesting to watch her in a new avatar and taking revenge and it can also gives the fresh look to the show and we alll know how sanaya and arjun always look cute when these two r together…. And it has been like three years that sanaya has done any show on tv and she also have quite large fandom who r just eagerly waiting for her one show (including me tooo)….. And she is also in the contract with beyond dreams for vodka shots they could have her arohi role I won’t say sanaya suits for arohi but she may have looked better opposite arjun and for some extent she could have proved herself…..and frankly sanaya is is best than nia…..I everytime try to accept nia as arohi I feel like someone kicked my heart seriously…. And guys don’t believe all the news regarding big boss I have checked each and every page related to the new season in which in one edition published in May states that the Nia herself stated that nia entering Big boss is a rumor and she never been approached for big boss….. But truly I want her in big boss hope this track ends in this month and alisha comes back as arohi again as someone stated in the comments that mamatha stated this track is two months and everytime alisha and arjun are only the main leads…..

    3. Agree with you also watched nia interview. We are not hate her.she is not suits for arohi role.Alisha only perfect.I like her cuteness and innocent.
      Agar nia ek show 200 episodes leading role kar rahi hai suddenly change her face(change a leading role) thab nia fans kaisa react karengey.
      Not only nia,Alisha,
      Any show change the leading role mean in fans point of view no one accept the new character.

    4. Satya127

      Yes rhivanya, I too don’t accept anyone replacing alisha I just only said and gave options like these r better than nia…. And u r right being the main lead for more than 200 episodes putting all ur hardwork and now being just a negative role we’re her own fans could not even support her role…. And we fans seeing the same lead for more than 200 episodes, loving her soo much and suddenly they gave our favorite role to some unknown is quite unjustice

    5. Hey satya,dhara am not accept any one play arohi role.only Alisha only Alisha only Alisha.

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