Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratap Tries To Prove That Kunti Has Short-Term Memory Loss

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti calls Sarla home. Sarla asks Kunti if she will not feed her any snacks, at least methi mathri. Kunti asks Panjiri to bring tea and mathri for Sarla and asks Sarla if Pratap had money envelope. Sarla says yes. Kunti asks if it had money. Sarla says 100 rs note. Pratap hiding behind thinks Sasuma cannot prove him wrong at all and reminisces clashing with Sarla in market and acting as his envelope fell down, signaling envelope on ground. Sarla says it is on ground. Pratap says let him check and shows 100 rs bundles with only 1st and last 100 rs note and rest papers. Kunti tells she asked Pratap to return 100 rs notes, but he did not give it. Pratap thinks he will prove that Kunti has sort-term memory loss and is mad.

Kunti gathers her bahus and says damadji is trying to prove her mad, she needs their help, either she will prove Pratap wrong and herself as mad. Pratap hears their conversation and thinks he will be exposed for sure, so he has to do something. Pari’s jokergiri continues and she says this painting will prove that Pratap did not return money to sasuma and shows plain paper. Pratibha asks where is Kunti and Pratap here. Pari says Kunti did not receive money and Pratap forgot to give, so they are not in painting.

Pratap walks to Bahus and says they should help him prove sasusama is mad. They resist. He tries to emotionally blackmail them. After sometimes, Kanhaiya brings sweet box saying neighbor gave and keeping it on table asks Kunti to taste it. Pratap changes box. Kunti sees gulab jamoon and tastes it happy. Kanhaiya returns. Kunti says gulab jamoon was very tasty. Pratap silently changes back sweet box. Kanhaiya says neighbor gave ladoo. Kunti says she had gulab jamoon. Kusum opens box and shows laddoos. Pratap acts as coming from outside and shouts Sasuma has gone mad. Kunti scolds him.

After sometime, Pratap silently walks into Kunti’s room and exchanges her specs. Kunti wears specs and sees blur. Pratibha walks in. Kunti calls her Prema. Panjiri walks in next. Kunti calls her Pari. Pratap walks in and says Kunti cannot identify her bahus now. Kunti says she is seeing blur. Pratap silently changes specs. Kunti asks bahus to blow on her eyes to see if any dust fell and wears back glass. She sees clearly. Pratap continues trying to prove her mad. Next day, Kanhaiya asks Kunti if she misidentified her bahus. Kunti says no, calls 4 bahus and says she can identify them well. Drama continues. Bahus change their place. Kunti looking at Kanhaiya says she can identify bahus without seeing them and names them wrongly. Pratap says she is wrong. Kunti scolds bahus why did they change position. Pratap enters and tries to prove Kunti mad. Kunti scold him and leaves. After sometime, Pratap walks towards Kunti to prove her wrong, sees Kusum sleeping with eyes open, misunderstands and says he is doing for them both as he does not want to leave this house. He realizes that she is asleep and relaxes…

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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