Saam Daam Dand Bhed 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 5th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira sees Vijay in market and smiles, but Vijay does not pay attention. Nephew informs that Mandira chachi is looking him. Vijay angrily leaves. His friends try to cheer him up and ask if bhabhi did not agree yet. Nephew says chachi had come in market, but chacha did not look at her . Friend says today is Agastya’s match. Vijay excitedly rushes towards ground saying today Ranchi trophy selectors are coming.

Pankaj gets ready to meet CM when Ragini comes out of washroom vomiting. He angrily asks if she is pregnant and yes, then he will kill her and her child. He asks Raghav to find solution for this problem before he returns.

Vijay with his friends watches Agastya’s match. Agastya hits 99 runs and loses before hitting a century. Vijay angrily tries to hit umpire and warns him to declare not out, else he will hit him. Agastya scolds Vijay and apologizes umpire. Back home during dinner, Prabhath asks where is Vijay. Agyastya yells that Vijay ruined his match today and don’t know if selectors will select him or not. Prabhath says he saw Vijay’s anger, but not his love; if he gets inured, Vijay gets doctor’s team. He gets up and says he will find out if Vijay and nephew had food or not, then will have food. He gets a call from Pankaj’s goon after sometime warning not to stand in election, else to face dire consequences.

Vijay dreams of Mandira and sings a song with her. He opens eyes and sees his friend in front instead who asks if he is dreaming about Bhabhi. Vijay says he forgot that girl. Vijay then sleeps with money bag as pillow. Raghav’s goons come and spray sleeping spray on Vijay and his friends, steal money bag and replace it with paper bag. They inform Raghav that work is done.

Doc comes to check Ragini and gets concerned seeing her bruises. Ragini pleads to help her escape from here. Doc shouts girl escaped and takes her hiding in her car. Ragini reaches Prabhath’s house and knocks door. Prabhath opens door. She pleads him to help her. He takes her in and asks to tell what happened. She pleads to let her stay in her house for 2 days. Sunanda asks who is this girl. Prabhath says she works with him and asks Sunanda to take Ragini to their room. After sometime, Ragini comes to Prabhath and asks him to send her to her aunt’s house somehow, she does not want to become trouble to him.

Vijay reaches Pankaj’s house with his friends to return money bag. He is shocked to see papers in place of money. He meets Pankaj and informs that he lost money. Pankaj acts and says he already told he is his brother and not to worry about money. Vijay says he can do anything to repay him. Pankaj asks him to find out Ragini Jain then, he helped her, but she is blackmailing him to give 50 lakhs, else she will defame him in front of his wife.

Precap: Vijay promises Pankaj that he will find out Ragini Jain at any cost. He sees her in his house. Ragini tells her story to Prabhath and requests not to tell it to anyone. Sunanda bhabhi says she feels this girl will bring trouble to them.

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