Nimki Mukhiya 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Nimki Mukhiya 5th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Scene 1
Ram is collecting water from pump. He extracts water and pumps it to manual shower he created for Nimki. All neighbors are looking at shower too. Ram pumps water so Nimki can shower. Aunty says to Ram that you are spoiling Nimki, Nimki says why are you jealous? I know you want to maryry my father. Aunty says I wont come to your house from now, she leaves.

In Tattar’s house, Mai is solving women problems. Ritu says we should make her head of village. Tettar says no give women power till kitchen only. They laugh. Mai is about to give her verdict for women’s fight but Tettar says let Babbu take this decision, let us see what he prepared. Babbu asks whats the matter? One woman says this woman took my utensil, other woman says cow dung was my mine, they start cat fight, Babbus takes out gun and fires in air to stop it, all get tensed. Ritu says Babbu wont have to give decision because nobody would be alive, all laugh.

Nimki tells about shower to Tunee and says I showered like heroines. Tunee says you can come to my house, I will have shower there, Nimki says I cant come to your house daily, he says why dont you understand my feelings, I brought rose for you too, I live in Delhi but comes here for you, Nimki doesnt understand it. Tunee shows her Ipad and I brought it for you, Nimki sees Babbu’s photos in mobile and says he is looking great, Tunee says I brough phone and you are talking about him? look at this phone’s camera and videos. Nimki opens news channel and sees a news of a woman doing suicide because of her mother in law’s bad behavior, Nimki gets tensed hearing it, she freezes and drops phone and runs from there.

Scene 2
At night, Ram comes home and asks Nimki to come out for dinner, he says did she sleep before dinner? it never happens. Mauha asks Nimki to come out. Nimki is silently lying in her bed. Mauha says she was tensed, she didnt even watch TV. Ram calls out to her. Mono says Tunee met her and said she got scared seeing a video. PRECAP,, in her room, Nimki looks at ceiling fan, she recalls suicide and screams. Ram comes there and says look at me, I am here, your father, Mauha goes to bring water. Nimki asks Ram why she did it? why? Ram says human doesnt have control. He makes her drink water. Nimki lies down. Ram sees Nimki sad and says should I sing lullaby for you? she doesnt respond, he massages her head and sings for her. Nimki sleeps.

In morning, Dublo’s wife says he wont sign. Dublo comes to Tettar, wife says he wants guarantee for his business to start, it will start as soon as you give it. Dublo walks behind Tettar and requests him to sign. Babbu jokes that ritu keep making his hair, Ritu asks maid why she is collecting his hair? she says dadi asked me to make brush of it, all laugh. Ritu says all are making fun of me. He says to family that I have called reporters to take Babbu’s interview, Tettar says great, he is people’s hero. Dublo requests him to sign it. ritu says why you are behind small agency? Tettar says he is right, you are wasting time like always. Mai says he wants guarantee so give it. Dublo’s wife says you are doing so much for your Babbu, do you not have responsibility towards elder son? Tettar gets angry hearing it.

Mauha and Mono jokes that Nimki looks good while sleeping only. Ram comes there, he caresses her face. Ram says to Mauha that I am going to meet Abhimanyu(Abhi) today, maybe I will get work done, Mono says he might be fooling us, he even ate our chicken, Ram says lets look on, dont irritate Nimki.

Mai scolds Dublo’s wife and says what have you done for your husband? from the time, he has married you, he has been destroyed? wife says are you saying that I am bad omen? she asks Dublo, Dublo says I am late for work, he leaves. Babbu asks Mai to let it be.

Ram sees Nimki sleeping. Mauha asks what happened to her? he says nothing, Mauha asks why she got scared? Ram says she was just joking, Mauha says what are you hiding? whats her secret that I dont know? Ram looks around. Villager comes and says Nahar is calling you.

Nahar is beating one guy and is about to cut him with axe for being with Tettar. Ram comes there and pleads him to stop it. Nahar says are you with Tettar too? Ram says no no, I am with you always, Tettar did mistake but Babbu said sorry and it all finished, Nahar says I did so much for you and I never asked for my money back, I want you to be with me in his election, Ram says I will do as you say. Nahar says I am gathering crowd today, I want villagers to come and let Tettar know that they are with me, Ram says I will bring them. Ram gets call and says okay I will bring it, he says to Nahar that I have to take breakfast for Abhi.

Abhi says to manager that I want something new in village as I have come, one officer says we can have dance function, Abhi scolds him. Ram brings breakfast there. Abhi says I want to have good image inj public here, people respect man with good image. Abhi comes to Elena and feeds her food. Ram says you love your daughter so much then why dont you dont you something for village’s girls? Abhi looks on and likes the idea.

PRECAP- Aunty comes to Ram’s house and taunts that Nimki is sleeping for so much time, girls shouldnt sleep this much. Nimki comes there. Ram asks why she slept for so much time? Nimki’s hair are a mess, she walks like a ghost and glares at Ram, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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