Chandra Nandni 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandra presents Nandini in front of Magad.

Chandra Nandni 5th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says come fight me,let me see what strength the future king has,and what kind of you king you will be who raises his hand on a woman,Bindusara says and you,who didn’t love my mother and allows her murderer in and let me be raised by the lady who killed my mother,thanks to Helina ma who raised me,I will kill her,chandra says your mother was my best friend and I loved her a lot and I don’t need to give you proofs,and Bindusara come fight me let me crush your anger,Bindusara says yes I will fight.

Chandra and Bindusara get into sword fight,chandra defeats Bindusara and then both get into wrestling,Chanakya steps in and stops them and says you are presenting a wrong example in front of Magad,chandra says I’m testing Bindusara,attack me Bindusara.Chandra almost chokes Bindusara and remembers him as his kid and leaves him and looks at him with love but Bindusara when chandra turns around attacks him with sword from behind,chandra says good one,don’t stop you have a chance to be king,kill me but not behind right on my face,kill me Bindusara,Bindusara shouts in anger and takes of his sword,Chandra with his blood applies Nandini sindoor,Bindusara hurt by this gesture,all others surprised and shocked.

Nandini and Chandra stare into each other,chandra holds her hand and says Bindusara blood relations can’t be broken so easily and so you couldn’t kill me and this is what I was trying to explain you,and my relation with Nandini is of souls and Nandini come let’s answer Magad.chandra says I know you all have questions,who this lady is,she is my wife and your queen Nandini.Bindusara leaves in anger.
Chandra says yes she is the same Nandini we thought was dead but is alive and with us now.

Bindusara cries in pain,adornus says why didn’t you kill pitahshree,history has seen murders for throne,we can kill pitahshree for throne,why didn’t you,Bindusara says he is our father dare you think about this,I’m in pain because of this heart which didn’t let me attack.chandra says I’m a king,with emotions and my wife made me realise my emotions,where she taught me to feel my people’s emotion and act accordingly and she is Nandini the daughter of Magad,who always strived for this land and we all missed her,she was torchered in these years and it’s our duty to help her move on and is this how we will welcome her.

Helina walks to Bindusara and asks adornus to leave,Helina says calm down,Bindusara says how should I,you are his wife but again Nandini,why couldn’t I attack him,he never thought about my mother but still I couldn’t attack,Helina says but Bindusara look good you didn’t attack him see you aren’t ready for it yet,Bindusara asks when will I be,Purohits say sorry to Chandra and say how could we forget how queen Nandini always stood for us and served us and cheer for Chandra and Nandini and welcome her,dadi very happy.

Helina says Bindusara Magad loves Chandra Nandini and if you kill Chandra you will be treated as terrorist and will never support you but don’t worry, we will take revenge,just let this all happen as it is,once we show Nandini her true place we will kill her.nanidni walks to Chandra and says what have you done,don’t you know I’m married,what If my husband is back what will I answer,Chandra says what now,I have shared your personal details,Nandini says because I’m confused and what baba say you say, I don’t remember and breaks down,Chandra holds her and says just look into you Heart and ask it and remember till you won’t accept me by Heart I won’t dare touch you and the thing I did now is to stand for you and that no one should question your character.

Nandini thinks god how long will I be tested,why do I always feel these emotions when I’m with him and why did baba lie me then,but as a married women all I know is I shouldn’t go ahead with him if he isn’t my husband. Nandini looks at herself in mirror and about to erase the sindoor,dharma says ma stop,all These years you looked for yourhusband and today when you have one why are you backing off,he loves you to fullest,don’t you remember your flashes where strong when we were here for the first time,may be this is the future.

Pre cap :Mora welcoming Nandini with arti , Bindusara walks in funeral clothes and says I’m here to perform my dead mothers shok Vidhi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. अरुण

    At last royal family as well as entire magadh has accepted Maharani Nandini. Bindusar and Helena are planning to humiliate Nandini. Nandini will have to face consequences till she regains her memory. Chanakya has yet to find out the truth of baba. Nice Chandra Bindusar fight scene.

  2. Good role played by chandra as a king, husband, man and human being, and talking about blood relations, but why this he has done without telling Bindusar the truth of DD murderer. Think chandra wants him to realise that if father is so strong on something there must be some truth behind it and he wants bindusara to dig the truth and find out may be other side of the coin. I am sure it will get dragged but that is how maker’s want it, it looks. Nandini acting too much on the unknown husband. waiting to see what is next eagerly.

  3. When will Bindusar know Te truh about apma that she has Killed hiq mother why Chandra Not speak to him this Situation is because Chandra mit Tell bindusar the truth how Long will this go on

  4. Arpkishore

    Wow wat an episode. Was emotionally touching once bindu fell down and chandra’s flashback for chota bindu. Gud to see those flashback scenes. The way Chandra applied sindoor to nandni is awesome. Again Helena openly talked wit bindu to kill nandni. How come adornus asked to bindu y u didn’t kill father?. This one question asks repeatedly he couldn’t be son of cgm. On a perfect time and perfect scene cgm bgm played. Tat one s really fantastic. In precap it should be Helena plan to stop d rituals for nandni using his mother emotion’s. See wat ll hppn next.

  5. D fight scene was looking real……
    After dis scene I shud bow down my head……& say, hats off u Rajat!!!!!

    I was thinking abt d cinema ‘Dangal’ at dat time when he was wrestling wid bindu……
    & from 2day onwards I will call him not by Samrat Chandragupta Maurya, bt I will call him Sultan Chandragupta Maurya……

  6. Can anyone tell me whose pic Bindusaar was carrying in his hand in d pre cap ????

    1. Gpk484

      Nandini ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️???????

    2. If it is Nandini picture, Bindu has gone out of way n mentally depressed,feeling guilty that he pushed her from the cliff, he did not expect that she will survive

    3. Nick bhai it s durdhara’s pic…

    4. Nandinis picture.He is going to perform pooja for the departed if I am not mistaken.

    5. Nick, look like Nandini because when Bindu performing the ritual, Nandini was so sad, I hope it is Durhara

  7. Why the hell he didn’t say the trust to B!!!!! Hope this memory track will end soon, this DD murder case is too long seems it never end. helu plots again hope cgm’ll find the trust soon

  8. Gpk484

    First of all I’ve to comment on that
    good for nothing bitc* MOORA
    That f****** Moora’s face is irritating to the core ! She doesn’t like Nandini’s Return !
    Yuck ! What a character she is !…
    I think she’s the one who’s behind the separation of Chandra and Nandini !….
    Oh God I hate MOORA to the core !
    And coming to Nandini’s new back to queen costume ! In precap ! It’s really great !
    Also saw idiotic Bindusar doing shock vidhi
    He’s mad completely gone mad !..
    And Chandra what a moment when he applied Sindoor to Nandini with his own blood WOW ! I loved that scene so much it’s so loveable ! Wow heart touching !
    And Helena your countdown is started !
    And where is Apama when there was that fight ? Huh ? So strange and so many unknown answers to be revealed
    I hope they don’t drag Nandini get back her memory

  9. Today sword fight was nice.I didnt expect people of magad easily accepted nandini these people are very good people .
    I can tolerate helena using bindusar against nandini but i cannot see moora face expresssion i dont want to see her face.
    Waiting to see tommorow nandini in queen dress.
    I thought adonis is dummy piece but he insist bindu against chandra how cruel he is.lets see how and when bindu is going to realise the truth.

    1. Magad people accept Nandini only.This Helena always takes wrong routes to get power.Beginning there was a challenge for mukhya maharani race there also Magad people chose N over H.
      I have no words to express on today episode because it’s RT show.How matured actor is he?Sometimes I feel RT is not following camera it is the camera that follows RT.
      Sid is no more match with RT.Accepted he is good dancer and gymnastics player but before RT none of his skills are successful.But here I have to appreciate the writer at least Magad wasi are towards Nandni and our king.
      It is crystal clear people are not accepting the Greek gang.
      Let me share my story(of course fiction )
      Nandni regains her memory when someone trying to attack on Dharma,she takes her warrior princess avatar and regains her flash back.
      And she can change Bindusar .
      And proudly takes mukhya maharani role. It’s a prediction,I know the makers never listen to us .
      Is the show going off air by the end of September????Any clues??

    2. Jayani

      Wat r u saying di?? Do u hav any link??

  10. Pls anyone of u r Shwetraj fan den pls pls pls vote fr dem in ITA Awards 2017…….
    I hav given 2 links fr u…..pls hav a look at it den u will b able 2 vote fr dem…….

    1. Nick i have voted on Monday

    2. Thanks for the links, Nick.

    3. Jayani

      I voted 5 tyms 2day bhaiya… Nd even my classmate voted… V did it 2gether in d skul?

  11. ???? well i like this show because of siddharth nigam [bindusara] but i want to see how bindusara realises his misunderstanding about nandini.

    1. Me too…I also love siddharth n I’m also big fan of him from ashoka serial…n today’s fight scene ws just awesome…truely like my fav movie Dangal…

  12. Precap of yesterday not shown today, Bindusar drunken and wearing white clothes was crying and coming close to Dharma, has he knew the DD Nandini relation.

  13. Arpkishore

    Nick its durdhara pic he is holding..

  14. Chandra n nandini acting was extraordinary… u both r d best ever… bindusar u trust helena more than ur own father, but hw can u be like dis to ur pitashree… still nandini in confused state n bindusar provoked by helena… am wondering dat fool adornus said bindusar to kill chandra… how dare to say dat… wat type of son he s??? Disgusting… moora ur very very selfish n egoist lady i have seen ever… i dont want see anyone like u in my life… ur still hating nandini for not allowing malayketu in mahal… if i get a chance I’ll kill u… nonsense.. finally chandra confessed dat she s queen nandini… again we have to tolerate moora’s wierd look n her humiliation, helena n apama’s plot, bindusar’s anger… uffffff…. plz god give some patience to us for few days till dd’s murderer exposure… makers always irritating us n testing our patience… waiting for chandra nandini’s happy moments…

    1. Jai, Hahaha if i will get a chance i will kill Moora, we all waiting for this?

    2. Pinna enna dr… andha lady madhiri yaralayum iruka mudiyuadhu… apama s better than moora… we knw abt apama she s like dis, she always plot against nandu n try to kick her out of mahal… but dis brainless moora changing each n every sec, hw can i describe her… thr s no word in dis world to justify her character… insensitive, chameleon, dumb, selfishhhhh…. ???

  15. Wow Chandra wow great this shows that no one can take you place not even your son, you ate indeed a true king of Kings bravo rajat what an act bang on.. What a slap for Helena.
    Now when bindusar left Helena’s son what ever his name is telling bindusar that he missed a opportunity to kill the king this shows that he is not Chandra’s son but bindusar warned him to be in his limits, and then comes the devil in a gouwn and opnly planning to kill or insult nandini, she will never ever change plotting is there in her blood but bindusar has a heart which will change once he falls in love that time Helena will loose everything, overconfident is not good for your brain lady hope Chandra suspects her this time
    Chandra and nandini scene were beautiful
    and plesent and in precap moora facial expressions is pathetic as if she bit a lemon haa
    I think Helena has come straight from a fashion show were she is applying latest lipstick collection from Mac, lakme, Avon, Revlon, Vaseline or Himalaya lip care Vaseline products haa haa
    One day she is going to face the writh of bindusar so let’s hope for that
    It’s all Helena’s plan to insult nandini or distribute the function what an idiot she is playing a game keeping bindusar’s emotions as a weapon she has to pay for all this one day remember Helena one day

  16. yesterday’s written precap was ” bindusara crying with pain in dharmas lap” but it is not written here ( today’s updated episode)…..

    1. I, That is common in CN serial, maybe today or tommorow scene they will show Bindu on Dharma lap.

  17. Awesome fight scene…but one thing I dont understand that why chandra doing all this to save evil apama?!! Every time bindhusara telling that nandini is a murderer…? why can’t chandra clarify that ? Evil Helena got any promise from chandra ? Really confusion yaar ? I want nandini to ask chandra that is she really killed that time chandra will reveal the truth ..bindhusara should hear this ? appudiyavadhu andha maramandai ku puriudha papom….they are dragging so much especially in durdara murder case…??

    1. Thiga, Every CN viewers have highlighted about DD case, still now makers does not want to bring this issue, waiting for the right time, or they want Bindu to do the investigation, when he told Dharma that he got proof, but the letter was missing. If something happens, or his brains start working, than he is going to search for the letter.

    2. Hmmmmm Padmini…..waiting for that moment ☺☺

  18. Super scene, sword fighting n wrestling between father n son. Bindu stabs Chandra from behind,coward Bindu but he also hold back n did not want to kill his father,he still love him.
    Chandra applied his drop of blood on Nandini forehead,everyone shocked but some of them burning in anger.The good news Magad people accepts Nandini as their as Maharani. Dadi n Chanakya is smiling, Moora not to be mentioned, her irritating face. How could Adonis ask Bindu why u did not kill their father, he has no feeling same like the greek gang.
    Good, we have not seen Apama.
    Now Helena making plans to kill Nandini. When Nandini will get her memory, still waiting.
    Dharma is a smart girl told Nandini that Chandra has accepted as his wife, n you are lucky. Performance of Rajat,Sweta n Sidd was amazing.
    Precap Nandini back in Maharani constume, Moora doing arti with her fierce face.
    Bindu dressed in white doti ,remembering his mother death

  19. WOW today’s episode was outstanding and RAJAT nailed it as a King, father and husband. The KING came back with a big bang and proved himself even after 10 years in solitude waiting and mourning for his beloved wife he still has the capability to stand up as a strong KING and fight anyone who stands against him and his decisions.

    The fight scene between Rajat and Siddharth was excellent and whilst we appreciate them, Siddharth got injured with a lot of bruising in this scene. I definitely admire Siddharth for his dedication and hard work.

    Siddharth is the next Rajat and agree he is a good actor just as well but when I compare them both, my scale votes to Rajat 100%. I have nothing against Siddharth. If he is a solo actor then my support would definitely weigh up to him but unfortunately alongside Rajat and in Chandra Nandini, my vote will and will always go to RAJAT and no one else.

    Back to the show, Nandini’s track is moving forward but her acting is getting a bit of a bore now. Repeating the same dialogue over and over…… Bindusar’s hatred is now getting a bit out of hand as well because it seems Dhurdhara’s track is not going to get over till the end of the show. Apama and Helena are not proved guilty even now? WHY ????

    Why could Chandra not mention it to Bindusar in front of the whole family the real truth and keep everyone quiet. This was the best time to open the can of worms and the truth because both he and Bindusar were burning in anger, frustration and standing up against the biggest misunderstanding between father and son. This was the right time to let the truth out and make everyone aware of the fact that Nandini is innocent. Not even Chanakya or Dadimaa spoke up. Why did no one speak against Apama?

    Bindusar still has some good deeds in him because even after fighting with his father, he stood up against Adonis. Proofs that he is innocently been poisoned by Helena against his father and Nandini. I hope this track ends sooner than later because just like Bindusar who is burning with so much of hatred against Nandini and Chandra, I too am burning with hatred against the writers who are dragging the track like chewing gum and getting on my patience and my nerves.

    1. CN FAN, agree with your comment on Nandini,boring dialogue, I think he is my husband n I think he is not my husband, same repetition, as usual I am married n using my mangalasutra, nowdays she is hiding it in the blouse, but Chandra did not observe it earlier, maybe correct person to scan it will be Dadi.
      Now she must start checking with Chandra about the cLiff she fell, about her parents n others so that it might help to get back her memory.

  20. I agree with your comment.The best episode ever.The sindoor applying was the highlight of the show.

  21. I strongly object the behaviour of the character Bindusara.Why no one is ready to explain the truth behind Durdhara murder even Chanakya.

    1. Yeah today he crossed the limits .He is mature enough to find the truth inspite of developing hatred towards Nandini and his father,he should seek methods to find the truth then only writers could justify Sid role otherwise they may take any new face as Bindusar

  22. Arpkishore

    Chanakya couldn’t reveal d truth.. Thr s a reason behind it.. Once amartya escaped magad chanakya s d reason. Thr everyone blamed nandni by he haven’t opened his mouth to support her. In dd case if he opens d mouth then Helena straight away write a letter to his father and asks him a rage a war between ch and selecus. Coz selecus have more soldiers compared to magad kingdom. Maybe this s d reason chanakya quiet. Once selecus came to magad chanakya accepts Helena as chief queen without asking any qns and without any hesitations. He knows tat Helena s not at all equal to nandni. Thy also he keeps quiet in all d situations. Tis s d reason fr his silency.


    An explosive, stormy as well as a touchy episode..We all want to cry out to Bindusaar” Your maa was pathetically murdered by Apama and not by Nandini”

    Before the Herculean Chandra Gupta Maurya, Bindusarr looks so puny. Hence in the ensuing quarrel Rajat was able to carry him on his shoulders and throw him down many times. In sword fighting also, CGM overcame his son easily. So the follow up history refers to him as the ROARING LION.

    During the fight, Bindusaar’s facial contortions are excellent…in his fury and in helplessness, he came with violent direct head on clash with his father..very commendable …Siddharth… you are praiseworthy and admirable

    Rajat aka Chandra..he is in full form..the brave heart..he is sharp, charming and dashing.He is full throated and red blooded..we can say “the return of the brave warrior Chandra Gupta Maurya”, roaring loud, making swift actions and bashing out his son.
    Rajat and Siddharth is a successful combo. But what is the necessity of the fight now?

    But it is very pathetic to see the beloved father and son combating each other on a misunderstanding. The whole of the royal family is there and all know the truth..Why they keep mum?
    By putting blood bindi on her forehead ,Chandra put a final assertion on the issue
    Bindusaar is good at heart and has tremendous affinity and respect for his father.
    Again Helana misleads him? Very boring and irritating..When will the CN team bring an end to this?

    Pitiable Nandini..memory loss is very harrowing and nerve racking for her and she cries on her inability to identify even her husband..a heart wrenching scene
    OK..the CN team runs the story on memory loss and the good old murder issue.

  24. Savithri V Ramani

    The sword fight was excellent.i want to kill moora.when bindusara will come to know that who has killed his mother waiting for Helena and Apma to be thrown out

  25. I liked Lalitha mam’s comment well said, why no one are revaling the truth to bindusar did Chandra promised to Helena that he will not reveal apama as the murderer to bindusar
    Why why there are many whys that writers have to answer

  26. Story is going on good line, but dragging is the major cause for losing interest and Moora character is turning very bad, they have shown her as a mature lady in the beginning, but her character is moving towards helena and apama. Being rajmatha her character should be enough decent and mature. It is non sense that they are hiding dd death from Bindusaar. No words to express, everybody knowns the truth including people of magadh expect bindusaar very shameful. Story has good line and not presenting in a acceptable way.

  27. As everybody accepted apama, may be bindusar will also accept apama. Why so much…….

    1. Jayani

      M sure dey still wudn’t hav accepted Apama coz she is staying in d castle only cuz she found nand’s hiding place

  28. Ronita Sandhya

    How annoying is this?? they had hidden the truth from Bindusar to protect relationships..Why can they not tell him who killed his mother…dragging on for nothing

  29. In the upcoming episode, bindusar will marry dharma in order to make his sister Elis marry the person she loves that is Kartikeya

  30. Jayani

    Hi guys… So abt dat wedding scenes of Bindumati, Avneet di (Charumati) mentioned in her Snapchat story dat dere r going 2 b many twists nd turns nd d story… But she didn’t mention wat were sences, she just asked us 2 kip watching cn… She says dat dey wud b shown soon if TV as well… I hope dis helped u guys… 2 busy wid my studies nd homeworks… So all of u, pls pray for my xams ???… Mayb I mite just kip poping my head lyk dis nd will as usual update u guys wid d spoilers… Waiting for #BinduMati wedding scenes…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Yes my xams is going 2 start from yesterday onwards……..
      Best of luck fr ur xams……..

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