Saam Daam Dand Bhed 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Badki Daadi’s Terror Strikes Bulbul’s Life

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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul tries to explain Vijay. Vijay says no need for her explanation, he is no one in this house. Sadhna says Bulbul informed family. Mandira says if Vijay wants, she will leave this house, but he is overreacting. Vijay says he would not tolerate her. Bulbul says it is okay. Mandira says Bulbul helped her like a sister. Gayati thinks Sautan is buttering Bulbul. Mandira says she helped Bulbul and got Vijay out of jail, because of which Ananth punished him. Vijay bends his head seeing her injuries. Mandira says she bore all this for him, she just needs a shelter to stay for some days, and if they feel she is harming them, they can send her way. If they don’t want her, she will go from here. Vijay stops her and asks to go and rest, he will decide if she will stay here or not by discussing with family. He just wants to warn her that she came in as unwanted guest and dare not to act as family member.

Once everyone leave, Mandira smirks at Bulbul and says she stopped vijay and reminds their challenge. Bulbul reminds if Mandira loses challenge, she has to leave house herself.

Vijay scolds Bulbul that she should not have brought Mandira home. Bulbul says he was busy in rally, so she did not disturb him. Vijay says she started lying just 4 hours after Mandira came here, Mandira is acting. Bulbul says Mandira cannot separate us. HE asks if she trusts him so much, her innocence and love drags him towards her. Bulbul remembers Mandira’s challenge not to let Vijay near her until anyone of us win. Vijay tries to hug her, but she stops him. Vijay leaves.

Sadhna calls whole family and informs worriedly that Badki Daadi is coming. Familyl gets tensed hearing that. Gayatri yells she is a big menace. Sadhna asks Angad and Agastya to go and receive badki daadi from railway station. Sadhna asks why there were flowers in Mandira’s room. Sadhna says what will they tell daadi about Mandira. Angad says they will discuss on the way. Bulbul stays to prepare food and clean house. Mandira comes and says she wanted to help her, but cannot. Bulbul says they don’t take help from guests. Mandira tricks Bulbul and says something is stuck on her face and makes her smear dirt on her face.

Badki daadi enters vijay’s house wearing sports shoe and goggles, holding goat and umbrella. Bulbul does gardening and sprinkles water on her by mistake. Daadi yells at her. Bulbul apologizes and asks who is she. Daadi says she is Badki daadi who defeated even Yamraj. Bulbul sees goat. Daadi yells to take care of goat, else she will dismiss her from job. She walks in calling family and seeing Mandira thihnks her as Vijay’s wife. Bulbul walks in and says she will prepare water for bathing. Daadi asks to add ice in water as she wants to have cold bath. She asks Mandira if she is Vijay’s wife. Bulbul turning her face nods yes. Daadi scolds why she is nodding head, go and work and does not let Bulbul speak, she forces Mandira to touches her face. She continues insulting Bulbul and praising Mandira. Mandira tries to impress Daadi and thinks she is god send to get Vijay.

Precap: Badki daadi says she will do muh dikhayi of Vijay’s bahu and does Mandira’s muh dikhayi instead.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thw most stupid character in this show is that of bulbul. She always wants to do good and does everything wrong for Vijay. She is nothing but trouble. The stupid writers have created a woman with no common sense and alertness only crappy idea that encourages bad ppl to take advanced off!!

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