Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 26th

Recap :- Attending a popular Talk show both of them comes back , Kamini mixes poison in Ahil’s coffee , On knowing truth Ahil and Naina shifts to Mumbai , Naina is pregnant
After the Party gets over , AHIL and Naina in their room .

Ahil : Naina have you thought what would be the baby , A boy or girl

Naina : I want a sweet cute boy just like his dad

Ahil : No no I want a beautiful girl just like her mom

Naina : No boy

Ahil : No girl

Naina : A boy

Ahil : A girl

Abhay : Guys , Okay chill

Pinky : Naina someone is asking for you outside , Come and see once

Naina and Ahil opens the door and they finds out a couple .

Ahil : Hello !

Man : Hi is this Ahil Sinha

Ahil : Yes , How can I help you

Man : We’ve shifted today only here , Just in the house beside yours

Naina : Oh hello welcome , Please come in

Woman : Thanks

They four sat down on sofas .

Woman : I’m shweta khana and he’s my husband Prakash khana

Naina : Hi , It’s so nice to have you as neighbours as you know in this area only a few people reside

Shweta : Ya ! I know you’re a amazing singer .

Khanas tell them that because of their business they’ve to shift frequently form here to there . For few years they’ll stay here and then again they’ve to shift .

Naina : Wow I’ve a partner now , We both are going to be mom

Shweta : And see our dates are same too .

Prakash : Okay then we take your leave now , We just came here to meet you people . Thanks

They four became very good friends . Sometimes they used to go for shopping together , Other times they all use to have lunch together . Months passed , Now it’s the last month for them . One night suddenly Naina had labour pains and hence taken to hospital ,She gave birth to a girl child .

Ahil comes to Naina and sits behind her ” Congratulations Naina we’ve got a baby girl ”

Naina : Congratulations to you too , I want her to take in my arms where’s she

Nurse : You’re baby is in baby’s section for vaccination , Please go there and you can bring her if you want to

Ahil goes there with Nurse , And finds her daughter sleeping calmly with another baby .

Ahil : Hey , Prakash , You here

Prakash : Ahil hello , My wife delivered a baby boy just now

Ahil : wow , My wife too gave birth to a baby girl just now

They both hugs together , Magically their baby’s were sleeping together .

Ahil : How cute are they looking together , isn’t it .

Ahil and Naina comes home with their daughter . On reaching home they found whole house beautifully decorated as a queens palace .

The moment they enter , Flowers are fallen on them , And Abhay , Rahul and Pinky all are wearing , Frocks , They’re dressed like fairies .

Naina sings a song for her daughter ” Mere Ghar Aayee
Mere Ghar Aayee Ek Nanhee Paree
Ek Nanhee Paree
Chaandanee Ke Haseen Rath Pe Sawaar ”

Abhay : I’ve thought a brilliant name for her , Chinki

Rahul : when She’ll become an adult She’ll curse you

Pinky : What about Luxmi

Rahul : No it’s an old name you see

Ahil : Something unique , Like , Qaya

Abhay : I didn’t approve of it

Rahul : So what else should we go for

Pinky : Naina suggest something to us

Abhay : Yes , Yes , Bhabhi you only tell us

Naina : My daughter would be called AVNI …

The next day , Shweta and Naina are shown sitting together , Menfolk were playing golf outside . Both baby’s were kept in little swing for baby’s .

Naina and Kamini looks into swing and finds out both together looking into each other eyes

. Soon they starts pushing each other , They were hitting each other with their hands .

Shweta comes as picks up Avni and gives it to Naina , Then she picks her son .

Shweta : Neil , Baby , She’s your friend , Don’t fight like this okay

Naina : They’re very naughty isn’t it .

Shweta : Ya , They will become very good friends later I’m sure .

Naina : You’ve decided a very good name , Neil

Shweta : You too , Avni .

Then A leap after six years is shown . Ahil has gone to Australia for a business meeting .

Naina is sitting inside her room and talking on phone with Ahil .

Naina : Ahil when will you come back , Yesterday it was Avni’s birthday , And she’s so upset

Ahil : I’m so sorry my dear , Please forgive me , You know how busy I am

Naina : Yes , Yes , I know but your little daughter couldn’t understand

Ahil : Tell my princess that I’ll bring 6 gifts for her as she’s turned six now .

Suddenly Naina hears someone’s is shouting .

Naina : You’re daughter is again fighting with Neil , Wait let me check .

Naina walks outside . Avni , Who is fighting with Neil .

Avni : You broke my toy , It isn’t fair

Neil : I didn’t did it , You did it

Shweta comes ” What happened children ”

Neil : Mom she says I’ve broken her doll

Avni : Yes , I never speak a lie , My mom says people who says lie are bad

Naina : it’s right baby , But what I told you that never fight with your best friend , He’s your best friend Na

Avni : No he’s not !

She goes away to her house

Neil : Don’t take tension when Neil is present , I know how to persuade her .

Neil goes to her and Knocks at her back .

Avni : I don’t want to talk to you , Go

Neil : I’m not Neil , I’m Disney princess and I’m here to meet my friend Avni

Avni turns back and she got happy ” Neil , You made my doll look like new , How ”

Neil : I just pasted it with gum and magic .

Avni : Thanks Neil

Neil : No no , No thanks , I want chocolates

Avni : Always you want something to eat and eat , what will happen now

Naina and Shweta are sitting on bench in garden

Shweta : I told you they’ll become good friends

Naina : Yes , You’re right

That night , Naina is sitting at rooftop , Alone under stars .
Avni comes to her ” Mom it’s late night you haven’t slept ”

Naina : No I woke late in morning so I couldn’t sleep

Avni : Mom Why are you speaking lie , I know you’re missing Dady , Yes

Naina smiles ” Yes , Puchu ”

Avni : I’m also missing him so much , He didn’t even came on my birthday

Naina : Sorry Puchu , Now let’s sleep tomorrow you’ve school

Avni : Without hearing your Lori I can’t sleep

Naina : Okay , come let’s go

Avni : No mom today I’ll sing a lullaby for you , Okay

Avni takes Naina into her lap and Sings ” Aa leke chalun tujhko
Ek aise desh mein
Aa leke chalun tujhko
Ek aise desh mein
Milti hain jahan khushiyan ”


Teacher shouts ” Avni again you haven’t done your home work ”

Avni : Sorry mam , Actually yesterday I wasn’t feeling good

Teacher : Why what happened to you ?

Avni : Mam my legs were paining

Teacher : So what you could write with your hands , They weren’t paining

Avni : No mam actually the pain transformed from legs to arms and then arms to hands and then to fingers

Teacher : Shut up , Shut up , Today I won’t spare you , Come here

Avni comes , ” Show me your hands ” , Teacher picks up the wooden scale and raised her hands to hit her .

Avni closes her eyes and instantly when She tried to hit her Neil keeps his hands

Neil : Aouch!!!

Teacher : what is this Neil

Neil : You only say Na ! We should always help our best friends and sharing is Caring , So I’m sharing half of the punishment .

Teacher : Out of my class you both hurry up .

Avni : Neil why did you did it !

Neil : We’re friends

Avni holds his red hand ” See how much it’s paining ”

Neil : Leave it Avni for you i can bear any pain

THERE AT HOUSE , A man is sitting with Naina .

Man : Mam you aren’t getting it your daughter would be launched as a star , Believe me

Naina : No not at all , She’s to little

Man : I heard her voice at her birthday party , She sings well , We’ll take her out of India and she’ll be all around the world

Naina : No , Please , She’ll build her carrier own by her own , Now you may please leave .

Man : I think you’ll regret later than , If you didn’t say yes , Think about it , Bye .

Naina calls AHIL and tells him that A man from Rock and roll music channel , Germany came to take Avni along with him , And he wants him to launch as a child artist . They both declined the proposal .

Next scene is shown in SINHA’S Mansion .

Janki hasn’t eaten anything since few days , Her longing for her son has now become a reason for her grey hair , Wrinkled face , And pool health .

A heavy voice from behind ” Stop crying now , It won’t work , You’ve to accept the truth ”

Janki comes and hugs that person ” Or what should I do brother , I’m dying day by day ”

She goes and sees in mirror ” Since Ahil has gone I used to cry everyday for my son , It all happened because of that girl ”

Janki : I even don’t know that where has Ahil gone now , Where’s he living , I can’t see his face , He didn’t even answers my calls

Janki breaks all the glasswares there ” I’m telling you the day I’ll find that girl I’ll kill her ”

Precap :- Who’s Janki’s brother , He finds Naina is in Mumbai , Janki plans against Naina , Ahil returns , Neil’s and Avni’s promise .

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    Good night and sweet dreams di

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    Wow bff what an excellent episode. I just loved it.

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  3. Nice episode didi
    Feeling nice to see neil and avni together as ali and avni
    Excited to know about Janki’s brother
    But why r you on such a fast track?
    Everything is going on in such a hurry
    In every episode there is a leap
    It seems like you don’t like this ff as you like Don’t need you
    Sorry if u felt bad
    Good night

    1. Kira

      Ya you’re right I think , I am not really into this ff , And I’m very excited to start with NAAMKARAN , As it’s my fav …So I’m just doing it . Hope u would understand ,,, Well, Thanks for writing …???

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