Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Adi turns Roshni insecure

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying I m so happy Adi realized his mistake and rectified it. He sends Adi and Aaliya out. He waits for Ishita. He says when will Ishita come, send her downstairs, I will get the car. He goes. Adi and Aaliya reach the cafe. Adi says coffee is really good here, I will get it. She checks Mani’s missed calls. She calls Mani. He asks are you fine, is Adi troubling you. She says no, I m happy, Adi took me on a date, he is putting much efforts, I messaged you about the meeting scheduling. He asks really. She says sorry, my fault, message wasn’t delivered. He says no problem, you have a good day. He gets happy.

Raman and Ishita come to same cafe and see Adi and Aaliya. Adi and Aaliya share the coffee. Ishita smiles seeing them. Adi clicks selfies with Aaliya. Ishita says I m so happy Adi is trying to make his relation fine. Raman says he got this romance from me, he is my son. Adi uploads the pic on FB. He says Aaliya, will you have cookies, I will get it. Roshni checks Adi and Aaliya’s selfie. Adi messages her that he is spending time with Aaliya as she wanted this, is she happy now, but he isn’t happy at all.

Ishita says I m feeling good seeing Aaliya happy. Adi gets cookies for Aaliya. Roshni sees their pics. She cries. She says I want Adi and Aaliya to be together, but why am I hurt seeing this, this is not right, I m happy, why won’t I be happy, they are married, they love each other, I m glad that Adi agreed to me. Adi thinks why is Roshni not replying. Roshni says this is wrong, what’s happening to me, I m just a friend for Adi, this should not happen. Adi asks shall I just go and come, finish this coffee. Raman says why is Adi going here and there. Ishita goes to Adi and asks what are you doing here. Adi says I got Aaliya for coffee. Ishita says I m so happy, you inspired Raman, we came here on date seeing you. Adi says I had to come here for work related call. She says I m so proud of you, you are wanting your relation to work, Aaliya is so happy, I had seen just fear on her face, that you are hiding something, you made me happy with these efforts, relation is based on trust. Adi says I won’t give you a chance to complain, I will just come.

Shravan goes to buy a high end phone. The man asks do you have money. Shravan says just show me now. The man asks him to see when he gets money. Shravan hears the man talking about Adi’s bill. He asks the man to keep a phone for him. He thinks Adi has this phone already, why is he buying the same phone again, I can’t ask him. Kiran gets Suraj’s call. He asks her to meet him. She refuses. She says I m busy at home. He threatens her. She leaves. Amma sees her leaving in hurry. Raman and Ishita come home. Amma says Kiran left in hurry, something is wrong. They say we will see her.

They see Kiran leaving in the car. Raman follows her. Kiran gets stuck in traffic. She reaches somewhere. Roshni gets a new phone delivered. She gets Adi’s call. He says I have sent this phone so that we can talk, don’t end the call, you have thrown the phone, don’t do this, I can’t be away. Aaliya calls him out. He ends call. Aaliya asks how do I look, you gifted me this dress. He says this dress suits you you. She thanks and hugs him. He recalls Roshni. He compliments Aaliya. Ishita gets a call from Amma. She says sorry, we lost Kiran’s car, we will find her. Amma says Kiran came home. Ishita asks what. Amma says we had to inform you. He says how did she come back home. Raman and Ishita come home. Raman says Kiran would have met that person, why isn’t she telling us. Suraj says its good, you told me about them following Kiran, even Kiran doesn’t know you are my partner, we will earn much money by using Kiran. Suraj thinks Bhalla family member will ruin the family himself.

Amma says Kiran was talking on call. Ishita says help me, we want all details about Kiran’s meetings. Ishita tells Raman that they have to go and follow Kiran. They get shocked seeing Kiran with Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I hate this adi..after knowing tat adi and roshni are married, Aliya was about to break her marriage with’s only tat moron who convince md her to marry look at his fake and unloyal..Aliya should kick him out of his life and be independent..he is such an irresponsible idiot..and I hate roshni..her accent is so bad..y did they bring her back??

    1. When young people get married so early,emotions fade and this type of problems arise.This is reality. It can happen to the female partner,too.Adi-Aliya got married way too early,at the initial intense phase of romance.No wonder it has fizzled out.YHM is bad at giving proper and satisfactory ending to its tracks,but still it is good to see this relevant issue being showed here.

    2. No Naz….

      This is not true. Adi was married to roshini first when Chanda’s brotjer was killed by Ashok and defame Adi as murdered. Asi tried to save himself but fail as Chanda threaten Adi if he not marry Roshini then they will send gangs to kill Ishra that Adi get worry. Adi and roshini had forcefully marriage which they don’t want to. Adi love Aylia and wanted to marry her. Adi and Roshini had divorced to proceed but Ashok tear the divorced paper and made Adi and roshini to stay together and Aylia to leave. Adi has now realized his mistake to divorce Roshini. Adi get frustrated of Aylia becoz she is housewife and love party and gamble. Aylia lost all of Adi money and sold Mr Bhalla house. Adi see Roshini as best woman than Aylia. Don’t blame Adi and Aylia marriage failure becoz of Roshini. Like Raman married to Shagun and Shagun had affair with Ashok and they marriage failed then Raman married to Ishita and they get happily married but negative was to destroy Raman and Ishita happiness.

  2. SHAME on adi..he needs to thrown out of d house n sure param is helping suraj..its high time raman kicks him n simmi out too..pls show some positivity n good lesson fr this generation by good winning over bad..

  3. Really Ashamed to watch Adi recalling Roshni when he was hugging Aaliya! Adi this is all that I’ve got to say! If you’ve got a slightest thing called SHAME, then go and kill yourself you pathetic shameful disgusting fool!

    1. BlueGreen118

      OMG! LMAO! I wish Abhishek Verma reads this comment!!

  4. You don’t deserve Aaliya, thats for sure! But know that now you don’t even deserve to live, you don’t deserve your own life! Lying to your parents lying to your wife, lying toyour family… how can a person be this much shameless???

  5. Naz thank u for supporting adi .And yes u are right.They are just young people.And one thing ALSO roshni ‘s accent is not fake.??????

  6. Some people just love adirosh.Its just a family drama you should not say harsh comments

  7. If adi liking roshini then y he is cheating aliya he has no right to hurt her feelings

  8. Kya bakwass story hai . Budhon ka romance khatam ho gaya lagta hai, ishita to overacting ki dukaan baccho ne yahi sab sikha parents se , fight and blame and doubt on character of person

  9. Wondering which bhalla member is supporting suraj in this unlawful business.

  10. i think these adi is up to something, he is faking that he care about aaliya.

  11. Santana Russo

    I totally agree with u Anna. It is not Roshni’s fault that their marriage is failing. It is both parties fault nothing 2 do with Rosh. Alia although grown ass adult in her early 30s or late 20s acts so immature n Adi is no diff. I just cannot stand indecisive person like adi. U choose Alia n was crazy about her n all the sudden u realize she ain’t right 4 u. Wow, 2 late dude u r married man. So shall u reap so stuck with ur wife. On the other hand Rosh u is young n beauty y settle 4 being a side chick of a man who left u when u can have anyone n be a main chick. Although I know neither were into each other back than but when did u fall 4 this punk ass dummy. U should tell him 2 stuck with his spouse n just leave him alone. He isn’t worth it. A man who cheats on his wife, what makes u think he won’t cheat on u. U is so naive. So, please like I said he ain’t worth it, u deserve so much better. If keep being his side b*t*h people will point figures so get out of it b4 it is 2 late. ✌out.

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