Saam Daam Dand Bhed 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Prabhath Stands For Election Against Pankaj

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Govind chokes after inhaling toxic fumes. Prabhath reaches there and tries to rescue him. Vijay returns, but Pankaj’s puppet says work is done properly and he need not worry. Vijay returns. Prabhath ties Govind to a cart and pulls it out. He tries to start scooter unsuccessfully and sees Govind passing away. He tries to revive Govind unsuccessfully and cries hugging him. Aide informs Raghav that Govind is dead who in turn informs Pankaj. In the morning, someone informs guruji that Govind is dead.

Vijay and his nephew play classical music and watch niece’s dance. Bhabhi comes and says bhaiya has not come since last night and even Govind’s phone is not reachable. Prabhath comes and cries loudly. Vijay runs and holds him and asks what happened. Prabhath says Govind babu is dead. Vijay consoles him.

Pankaj goes to his brother CM and informs that he did his work. CM scolds him that right time and opportunity is most important in politics and instead of wasting 3.5 hours to come here and wasting his 3.5 minutes, he should have messaged 3.5 lines to watch news. He can get anyone for election, but will let him stand in election and he has to win with vast majority.

Vijay goes to his brother’s room and sees him sad. He tries to cheer up his brother and says he told they can find any solution in books, then why he is looking sad. Prabhath says he is shaken with Govind’s death and soon he will also die. Vijay stops him emotionally and asks not to say it again and says he has teach him a lot. Prabhath says he scolds him often. Vijay says his scolding is his teaching. Bhabhi comes and informs that guruji called and wants to meet him. She asks him to be careful. Prabhath says Guruji had gone on sabbatical, if he has returned, then there is something important. Vijay drops him to ashram. He asks Vijay to meet guruji and go. Vijay says he cannot understand gurji’s gyaan and leaves. Guruji watches him. Prabhath says he is Vijay and needs his guidance. Guruji says Vijay is not seeing his future, an impact will change his future and he does not want any impact on him.

Vijay’s friends see him sad and taunt that he is Mandira’s love, but she is very sharp. Nephew says if she comes to their house again, Vijay will be out of house. Vijay scolds him. Vijay messages Mandira and she smiles. Her friend warns her that she is here with some reason and who she is, if she falls for Vijay, Vijay will be killed.

Raghav informs Vijay that Pankaj is coming to Kaushalpur. Vijay insists to meet Pankaj. Raghav agrees. Raghav then informs Pankaj that Vijay is coming to meet him. Pankaj says he only meets bigwigs. Raghav says Vijay is youth leader and very hardworking, he will support him win elections. Pankaj reminisces CM’s words and agrees. Vijay comes after guards check him. Pankaj smiles at him. Vijay touches his feet. Pankaj hugs him and says he is like his brother and was watching his every movement carefully, asks for a drink. Vijay gets emotional and agrees. Pankaj says he wants to take Govind’s place and help poor, so he needs Vijay’s help in election campaign. Vijay agrees. Guruji on the other side wishes Prabhath to stand for an election and fulfill Govind’s unrealized dram of corruption free Kaushalpur. Prabhath agrees hesitantly.

Precap: CM informs Pankaj that Prabhat is standing in election against him. Raghav informs Prabhath is Vijay’s elder brother. Pankaj’s goon throws oil on Vijay’s way. Vijay’s bike slips and he falls down.

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