Kasam 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Natasha is Taken Away from Tanuja

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Scene 1
Tanu brings Natasha to school, she asks her to go to class and dont go out to school like earlier, Natasha nods and leaves. Tanuja starts leaving. Rano comes there with Tanya, they dont see each other and Tanuja leaves. Rano says to Tanya that I will come to pick you. Natasha comes there. Tanya says you went to London? Natasha says I was missing you so I cameback, Tanya says me too, they hug each other. Rano looks on and gets teary. Natasha says grandma? she hugs her, Rano says my daughter. Natasha says you came to drop Tanya? you were smiling and now you are crying? she wipes her tears lovingly, Rano gets more emotional. Rano thanks her. Natasha says kids cry like this, smile now. Rano says your grandpa is missing you, will you come to make him happy? she thinks Tanu wont allow Natasha to come to our house but that doesnt mean I cant take her, she says I will give you chocolates, I met your mother, she said she is going to market so you can come with us, Natasha says okay and leaves with her.

Natasha and Tanya comes to Rishi’s home with Rano.Raj hugs Natasha, Natasha says you were missing me? he says yes. Ahana hugs Natasha. Natasha says I am hungry, Ahana says I will make something. Raj asks where is Tanuja? Natasha says mama didnt come to pick me up so grandma brought me here. Raj thinks that Rano brought her here without telling Tanuja, he comes to Rano and says you did wrong, you lied to a kid, call Tanuja and tell her that Natasha is here, Rano says I wont. Raj says then I will. Rano says if you call her then you will see my dead face.

Rishi calls doctor and tells him Tanu’s address, he asks him to come there fast, he ends call. Rishi knocks on door. Tanuja opens it and closes it seeing him, he pushes it open and says I want to talk to you, she says I dont want to talk to you, Rishi says I got angry, I thought you cheated me, she says I didnt do anything please leave. Rishi says are you scared of Abhishek? that he will know that Natasha is my daughter, our blood. Tanuja says yes I am scared, Abhi doesnt know that Natasha is our daughter but I am not scared of him, I am scared of you. Rishi says the person who always loved, loved you for years and years, the person who just wanted you to smile always, you are scared of that person? Tanu folds her hands and says you have many things to support you but I have nothing with me, just my daughter Natasha, please, I cant give you Natasha, please leave. She cries and shakes in fear. Rishi says so you are scared that I will separate you from Natasha? shit… calm down, he tries to touch her but she pushes his hand away, he says calm down, I will not take Natasha away from you, calm down, I know she is your daughter, our daughter, when I got to know that Abhi is her father so I moved back, I didnt say anything but now difference that I am the real father, I just want you to not separate father and daughter, Tanuja says she is not your daughter and you are not her father because.. Rishi shouts that dont say such a big lie. Door bell, Rishi opens door to find doctor there, he brings him inside and asks doctor to tell Tanuja who is real father of Natasha. Doctor says this is DNA report and it proves that Rishi is Natasha’s father, he leaves. Rishi says this report clearly states that Natasha is my daughter. Tanuja shouts that yes! yes Natasha is your daughter but where were you when she was coming in this world? Rishi says I wouldnt dream of you being pregnant. Tanuja says how will you dream of me when you were not even in my world, you left me road to die, I didnt have shelter or path to walk on, I didnt have any destination, I got to know that I am pregnant when I was in train, I wanted to run back to you but.. I remembered you became one with Naitra. Rishi says I have loved only you, if there is any way that I can prove my love then I will do it, please tell me, Natasha is my daughter, our blood, you can say anything but she will remain my daughter, our daughter, you cannot give someone else’s name to Natasha, you cant give her happiness in this house, no Abhishek can come between us. She was in this house for years but now no one will come between me and my daughter. Tanu says I wont give you Natasha because I dont trust you, you couldnt become nice lover, nice husband then how will you become good father? you left me 7 years back and can leave my daughter too, Rishi says I know I was not a good husband but I will become a good father, Natasha is my daughter, my blood and no one can stop me, not even your God can stop me from being with her, not even your God, he glares at her and leaves. Tanu whimpers and says I wont give my Natasha, I cant live without Natasha, she is my heart and soul, I cant lose Natasha.

Scene 2
Natasha comes to Beeji’s room and says Beeji? Beeji says Natasha? Natasha says you are still sleeping? Beeji says I didnt know it was morning but now you have brought light here, did Tanuja bring you here? Natasha says mama dropped me at school and grandma brought me here, she said she will call mama and tell her. Beeji says I am sure Rano didnt tell Tanuja and brought Natasha here, she wont stop, she is still behind her.

Rano comes to Tanuja’s house. Tanu is stunned to see her. Rano glares at her and says you know we never got along because you were wrong but stilled proved right and I was proven wrong, first you trapped my son then took my son’s property but now you have crossed limit, you snatched Bedi’s blood? my granddaughter, Tanuja says who granddaughter you are talking about? did you ever take me as daughter in law? Rano says you.. Tanuja says I am not finished, mother is standing infront of a mother today, daughter in law can be weak but mother can never, that Tanuja who left your house 7 years back, who died for you, you didnt stop me that time? Rano says you made Raj swear to not stop you then how could I? Tanu says you could have tried, you could have hugged me and stop me, you didnt even think that they are throwing an alone girl on road in the middle of night and anything can happen to her, instead you were happy that I am leaving. Rano says yes I was happy, you can think anything, whom I dont like, I dont like forever, I have just come to tell that Natasha is my granddaughter, you can do anything with your life but Natasha is Bedi’s blood, do one favor, I am requesting you, leave our heir alone, I will take care of Natasha from now on, she glares at her and leaves. Tanuja is shocked and goes behind her, she asks why did you you will take care of her? Rano says I dont wanna talk, Tanu says you have Rishi’s swear, tell me. Rano says Natasha is at my house and she will remain at my house so I will take care of her, Tanu says no. Rano says you stay here, she locks Tanu in house and leaves. Tanu cries and pleads, she says Natasha is my daughter, please give her to me, she breakdowns and cries.

Abhi opens house door and sees Tanuja sobbing on floor, he picks her up and asks what happened? Tanuja says they took Natasha, Abhi says who? Tanu says Rishi.. no Rano aunty took her, Abhi how dare they take my daughter away, I wont spare that Rishi, he turns to leave in anger but Tanuja holds his hand and says there is something I want to tell you, I am sorry I didnt tell you before, he asks what? she says Natasha.. Natasha is Rishi’s daughter, Rishi is her father. Abhi is shocked. Tanuja says I am sorry, I didnt tell you before, Rishi and me were husband and wife, we divorced each other when I was pregnant, I didnt tell you because I thought it was irrelevant. Abhi takes deep breath and says you dont need to say sorry, I dont want to know what your past held. Tanu says Rishi didnt know Natasha is his daughter, when I got to know that I am pregnant, It was too late, he already got engaged to Naitra, I was scared, Rishi pained me so much that I thought he could hurt Natasha too thats why I never told him truth, Rishi did so many promises to me but never fulfilled even one promise, he has just given me pain and pain only, when Natasha was in accident, doctor did her DNA test and gave reports to Rishi and now my past have come alive, he has taken my daughter away from me, I want my daughter. Abhi cups her face and says to Tanu that Natasha is your daughter, nobody can take her from you, I promise I will bring your daughter back, Tanu nods and hugs him, crying on his shoulder.

PRECAP- Tanuja cries and pleads Rishi to give Natasha back to her, she asks Natasha wont leave me right?
Rishi comes to Rano, Rano shouts that even after 7 years, her love’s affect hasnt gone from your mind, you are still whipped, Rishi says you dont come inbetween all this. Naitra comes there and says police has come in house, all get tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Rano should be killed by Tanuja saand kahiki
    pyaar ki dushman

    1. Mona146

      i stopped watching bec of her role only.

  2. Do not separate thrice tanu and Rishi n Natasha

  3. Will this be a thanuja’ s dream as usual?

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Thank God Tanuja told Abhishek the truth ?

    n that Rano ? how dare she just waltz into a school and take a child … she should be locked up !!!? n Rishi … why are you so dense?? can’t you see your mother’s wicked ways as yet?? ? n Tanuja, I would have slammed the door shut the moment I saw Rano’s wicked face !!! ? boy… I am so angry today ?

    the only person I am not angry with today is Abhishek?… you sir need to set that Bedi family straight !!! n after that … you need to marry that beautiful Tanuja and become her Knight in shining armour ? husband to her and father to Natasha?… so sorry Bedi fans ? yes I still have love for Rishi and I wish things were different … but I do not like the person he has become ? he needs to stand up to his mama and take charge of his life …

    1. This story is actually based on rishi and tanuja right…and if u remember,tanu was reborn as tanuja only for rishi and not for AK..the story has now gone completely out of the track. :/ now everyone has forgotten about the main plot of the story

    2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      but he is not treating her right … so do u mean to say she should tolerate his behaviour and accept his every word?? ?

    3. Just think…rishi never treated her bad…first he didn’t know that tanuja was holding the property because raj said so..and he knowingly didn’t spend the night with naitra..this whole story is a misunderstanding right…tanuja misunderstands Rishi and vice versa

    4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Tanuja was crouched on the floor (upstairs) trying to stop Rishi from going downstairs (if I am correct) … he pulled away and went downstairs to get engaged to Naitra ? … he saw Tanuja in tears sitting in the stairway, what did he do? … pls maam, tell me what he did (if you recall) …

  5. I want tanuja stay with abhi and Natasha its my opinion

  6. mohammad farrokh lagha

    nowdays those fakes, psycho. fake kasam/pariyal/akkie/aditi/who were most stupid and barking at all real people are lost in their rotten stincky garbbage deeds and the more clever and reasonable people writing about this trash show and that psycho ekta,

    something long back so many valuable members were saying and anticipating , but one by one ,was barbarically attaked and barked , by those false names of

    fake kasam/pariyal/akki/aditi/…. to the point ,they couldn’t put up with their madness and left, now all become clrear, the story has lost the right path so badly ,that , most of viewers has forgotten, what was kasam all about,
    that tanuja and unreliable rishi were born for each other ,not just for one life , but eternity. but the disgusting ekta , made such an horrible personality of rishi, that today ,the viewrs are taking side of , a decent man like AK to mummy’s 50+ boy ,rishi.
    wasn’t supposed , that, tanu was born as rishi’s shild ,lover,wife, for every life? what happened to the purpose of story , freak ekta?

  7. I love Abhi tanuja pairing….rishi tanuja vale pyar me kbhi trust Tha hi nhi aur bina trust koi relationship acchi nhi hoti….tanu should marry abhi for Natasha sake and bad me tanuja should realize abhi,s true love for her and the she too in love with abhi

  8. Plz make Tanuja rishi nd Natasha together and end the misunderstand brown rishi nd tanuja

  9. Abhi is far better than Rishi, he would up for Tanu to all the TanShi fans do you think it is fair for Tanuja to keep torturing herself? Rano will always mistreat her and Rishi will allow it.

  10. tanu should forget her past and she need to hold ak hands just to show that bedi family

  11. Agree with u all Abhi is really better than Rishi
    He respect tanuja lot & rishi how many times he insulted her in front of family,public he dont deserve tanuja
    I know main pairs will be only rishi& tanuja still like abhi-tanuja

    1. Mona146

      me too feel the same. even reading the mere update boils the blood.

  12. If every show have same end met main pair so why we watching this serial according to me tanuja abhi met in end it will be different end of kasam

  13. I also think Ak is better than rishi
    love Ak tanuja jodi

  14. I also think Ak is better than rishi
    love Ak tanuja jodi

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