Naamkaran 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Juhi’s truth gets revealed

Naamkaran 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni describing Meher and getting her sketch made. She asks DD to not tell anything to Neil. DD says I will inform you when sketch gets ready. She comes home. Neil waits for her. She says I was with Ali. He says I don’t want to hide my past from you, I had a girl in my life, her name was Juhi. Dayaben hears Gurumaa. Gurumaa says Ballu, Meher is our kohinoor, we shouldn’t miss her. Dayaben asks her not to make mistakes, let Meher meet Avni, call Avni and show her Rangmahal, you keep her as well, she will trap anyone rich like her mum, no one listens to me. She taunts Gurumaa and goes. Gurumaa gets angry.

DD holds Amol and thanks him for statement. He asks Amol to go home, else Avni will take class. Amol goes. DD gets a call. Someone informs about a prisoner going out from central jail tonight, even jailer is involved. DD asks constable to get team ready. Amol calls Dayaben and says work is done.

Neil says I met Juhi on Ganesh chaturthi, she was taking her maid’s daughter to hospital, she got stuck in procession, she was shouting on crowd asking is this their devotion, Ganpati will never forgive them, I was passing by and saw her, I helped her, our friendship started. Avni says she had courage to fight for good work. He says yes, she was just like you, her eyes had a shine, like fire. Ballu comes to Meher and asks her to get ready.

Neil says she knew what she wanted and what not, she never sat quiet and didn’t hide emotions, maybe this is the only thing different from you. He looks at Avni. Meher gets ready. Gurumaa calls her kohinoor and says when I saw you for the first time, I understood. Neil says I never thought she will just live in memories, I was going London, she was going to meet me, someone tried to snatch her purse, I don’t know what happened exactly, it was a hit and run case and everything ended in a moment. Gurumaa says everything would have ended that day if I didn’t save you, I saved you from world’s bad sight, think what could they do with you, you have collided with my car, your life and fate changed, outside world is very bad, I saved you from them, I didn’t like it and got annoyed that you went to meet someone, but then I thought you are mine.

Neil cries and says sorry Avni. Avni asks why. He says I wanted to tell you everything. She asks did you love her much. He says yes, more than me, I saw her dead body. Gurumaa says we have made that dead body wear your clothes, since then you went away from world and came close to me. Neil says I couldn’t identify her, everything was over. Avni cries and says Lord is strange and plays with our lives, I wish Juhi was alive today. Gurumaa says my kohinoor, smile and show. Meher smiles and cries. Neil says if she was alive, how would I get you, if I was not a cop, how would I get a thief like you. She asks did you join police force to take revenge. He says no, to make things better, I have sworn I won’t let this happen with anyone, there was no eye witness, culprit was a drug addict, I got him punished and made him a good person. She says you didn’t make me meet him, do I know him. He smiles and says DD. She asks DD and gets surprised.

Meher dances on Silsila ye chahat ka……Gurumaa smiles. A man holds Meher’s hand. Gurumaa and Ballu get angry. Gurumaa slaps the man and asks him not to touch diamond, else pay the price. She sends the man away. Meher cries. Gurumaa says you did one mistake and got forgiven, you will never go in any Ganesh puja. Meher asks who else do I have in this world. Gurumaa says none should come between Lord and devotee, so I have let you go, the woman whose house you went, you know her and her husband, he is a police officer, you want to know him, his name is…. She gets a call and is informed about police raid.

Gurumaa returns to jail before officers check. Avni asks did you not take revenge. He says no, eye for an eye will make world blind, so I stopped you from killing Dayaben, I decided I will stop crime and help people stuck in trouble, its police’s duty to change criminal’s thinking. She says you are so good. He says all are not perfect like me, this was my story. She says who can now better than me, how is it to live with past burden, I just want to say, I felt we both came close. Mana ki teri maujudgi se…..plays….. They get close and have an eyelock. He says you will be first wife who didn’t get angry hearing husband’s love story. She says all can’t be unique like me. They thank each other for understanding and smile.

Avni thinks maybe I m not good like Juhi. Neil says Juhi was my past, I want to spend my present with you. She asks him if he has Juhi’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wowww interesting…. Day by day suspense is killer.
    Love the Avneil bond
    overall loving episode

  2. Nyc epi. Avneils love so cute.Excited for upcoming epi.precap seem interesting??

  3. How in God name gurumaa keep getting in n out of jail n no ones knows about it I jinki they should set up camera n see who is letting her out n thank god avni understand Neil

  4. hey leila don’t expect more once avni see the pic of juhi then she will reveals her fake love for ali and gets away from neil

    today’s episode is average not so good at all feeling bad for neil and i fed up of watching this crap and i have decided to watch naamkaran only after juhi’s exit till that i’l watch kkb not for abhigya but for disha and purab bcz it is going little bit better than this naamkaran but i’l read written uptates but when this also annoying means i’l stop reading it and commenting also. i liked naamkaran for its uniqueness but it proved it false when they introduce past love as like other tv seriels and i hate this track a lot and don’t want to watch it at all

  5. I wish makers wont turn Juhi in negative character, rather they would end her track in a positive. Otherwise it will loose its uniqueness.

  6. hi sana can we be friends i lve ur thinking any ways i have no friends

  7. Is This so called Gurumaa/Panditji, a lesbian, she is enjoying mujra like dance? Really wierd, what r they trying to portray?

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