Saam Daam Dand Bhed 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Questions Bulbul

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul mixes herbal medicine in milk. Vijay asks what is she doing, let us go for movie, sees milk and asks if she is drinking milk at this time. Bulbul asks if she cannot drink. He says she can. She drinks milk and feels drowsy. He holds her and asks if she is fine. She asks to leave him alone for some, she is tired. He says they can watch movie some other day and asks her to rest. She prays god to make her fertile that she bears a child for Vijay, she cannot disappoint him.

Next morning, Vijay wakes up and does not find Bulbul next to him. He knocks bathroom thinking she is in, but does not get reply. Bulbul goes to temple with Sadhna and Gayatri and bathes cold bath and performs pooja and returns home drenched. Vijay asks what happened. Gayatri says they had gone for a walk and Bulbul got drenched in rain. Vijay asks then why they both are dry then. Gayatri says they stood under shelter and asks Bulbul to change goon. Bulbul changes clothes and returns to temple. She clmbs stairs and gets tired walking a few steps, but walks up somehow and prays god. Bulbul then returns home. Gayatri gives h er herb mixed milk and says only 3 sachets are left, after that she will be ready to bear child.

Next morning, Vijay does nnot find Bulbul again. He thinks where Sadhna and Gayatri take Bulbul, they are hiding something. They return home. Bulbul says on a walk. Vijay says she is unwell, why did she go. She ignores him and walks in followed by Gayatri and Sadhna. At night, Bulbul drinks one more sachet and thinks she did what Sadvhi maa, now she should be ready to bear child. Next morning, Vijay follows Bulbul and sees her praying in temple. Sadhna says Bulbul is getting weaker each day, what if something happens to her. Bulbul slips due to weakness. Vijay gets concerned.

Mandira plays in mental assylum garden. Malkayin meets her and says soon her enemy will die and she can meet her husband soon. Mandira dances shouting good news. Malkayin thinks today is last sachet, after that Bulbul will die and Mandira will get a new lease of life.

Vijay shows sachet and asks Gayatri and Sadhna and asks what are they feeding Bulbul, she has gone so weak. Bulbul says it is last prasad. Gayastri asks not to scold, they are doing this for his child. Vijay scolds doctor clearly explained, asks Sadhna what is happening. Sadhna informs Sadhvi maa gave this herbal medicine. Vijay says they go to doc when they need treatment and when they need blessings, they take superstition route. Sadhna says Sadhvi maa is very pious, many women got pregnant with her blessings. Vijay asks Bulbul why she also hid this drama from him. Bulbul pleads to return that sachet and cries that she wants to become a mother, else he will blame her later that she could not give him a child. Vijay asks if she thinks he will do that. She says he is good, but he may in the future. Vijay says everything is fine. Bulbul cries she needs a child.

Precap: Bulbul feeds sweets to Sadhna and family and says she got good news.
Gayatri excitedly asks how did this happen. Bulbul looks at Vijay.

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