Porus 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Olympia Gets Back To Live; Alexander Injures Hasti

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Puru rescues Dasyu raj. Enemies shoot arrow and burn tent. Puru says they should get out of it soon, takes them all out and asks where is Mahandini’s body. Dasyu raj says in a nearby tent. Puru with his team kills soldiers and heads towards tent. Cletius attacks with Macedonian soldiers. Puru easily defeats him and throws him on floor. Cletius says whoever betrays his king will not be given proper last rights and soldiers to burn Mahanandini’s tent. Puru rushes to save it, but tent burns completely. Dasyu raj tries to enter tent, but Puru stops him and says it is too late. He says he has to rush to Pourav rastra soon as Hasti is guarding Jhelum shore alone and Alexander may attack any time. Alexander reaches Pourav rastra’s shore and warns Hasti that he escaped last time, but not this time. Hasti says until he is alive, he cannot enter Pourav rastra. Their fight starts. Alexander tricks and stabs Hasti repeatedly. Hasti collapses. Alexander says he will free his mother soon.

Anusuya with Laachi sees Chanakya reviving Olympia via havan and aryveda. Olympia breathes. Laachi says Chanakya revived Olympia via yagna. Olympia wakes up. Laachi says black magic on Anusuya has diminished and she is alive. Olympia says her son would come here and kill Porus. Laachi says Alexander is dead in battlefield and Porus killed him, her prediction went so wrong. Olympia stands in a shock. Bhairav informs that Alexander is alive and entered Pourav rastra and injured Hasti. Olympia says Alexander killed Hasti and soon he will come and free her and Puru in front of them. Laachi says we Bharati’s are soft hearted and spared Alexander many times, but when Puru will know Alexander attacked Puru, what will he do to Alexander in anger and asks her to pray that Hasti is alive, else Alexander will die a bad death. Olympia stands fuming.

Puru with his army on boats heads towards Pourav rastra, but Macedonian soldiers shower arrows. Alexander thinks Puru created hurdles on his way last time, this time he will create hurdles and not let him reach Pourav rastra easily. Puru tells Dasyu raj they have to reach Pourav rastra at any cost to save Hasti..

Precap: Ambhi raj kills Anusuya. Puu returns and is shocked to see Anusuya’s dead body, he shouts Ambhi raj….

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