Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti To Send Kanhaiya Away

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti tells Kanhaiya that old bonding may not end, he will find new bonding soon. Kanhaiya says yes. Kunti asks him to go to shop now. Bahus think they have to touch biological MIL’s feet and take her blessings. They throw glass in front of Devaki’s feet. Kunti asks what are they doing. They say glass slipped. Kunti asks them to keep glass and go. They touch floor and take blessings. Kunti asks them to go now, she has to talk to Devaki and gets back chatting with Devaki.

A tailor enters and asks Kanhaiya who is his mother between two. Kanhaiya says mother is a mother. Tailor says like all these women are sisters, but his real sister is in home, he must be having biological mother. Kanhaiya says maa sherawali is his mother. Tailor asks if he is orphan. Kanhaiya holds his collar and scolds him. Bahus free him. He gives janmastami clothes and asks to give it to his mother and leaves. Bahus say these are Krishnaji’s clothes, he will become Krishna on janmastami. Kanhaiya says he will not wear it as he has 2 mothers. Kunti walks in with Devaki. Devika insists him to wear it. Kanhaiya says no. Kunti insists. Kanhaiya agrees. Devaki says he did not agree when she insisted, but agreed on Kunti’s insistence.

Kunti walks out with Devaki. Kanhaiya and bahus follows him. Pratap enters disguised as sadhu. Devika greets him thinking him as real sadhu. He sings Mere Kanhaiya, kisko kahega tu maiya….song… Kunti scolds him. Devaki gives him money. Kunti snatches money and says he is not sadhu, but her waste son-in-law. Pratap yells she is his waste mother in law. Kunti yells and sends him away. Devaki tells Kunti she is returning to Hoshangabad, will she send Kanhaiya with him. Kunti says why not, she will get sari shop opened even there for Kanhaiya. Devaki leaves happily. Prem and Pari hear her and start their drama.

Sarla comes to meet Kunti and starts her jokergiri giving her court notice. Kunti reads it and says it is court notice of Hoshangabad shop. Sarla asks if she bought shop for Kanhaiya even there. Kunti says it is for Devaki’s son Kanhaiya whom she had opened and not her biological son Kanhaiya. Sarla says now she remembers both Kanhaiya are different. Kunti says she will send her Kanhaiya to Hoshangabad to solve shop issue.

Bahus inform Kanhaiya that Kunti is sending him to Hoshangabad with Devaki. Kanhaiya panics that he will not go. Panjiri says he cannot disobey Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya calls him and asks to get Hoshangabad ticket for him.

Precap: No precap.

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