Kumkum Bhagya 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Aaliya get into a fight

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Tanu says to the inspector that he must not suspect her, she says that she has always said the truth, she then says that she has a lot of money and will have him transferred, another police man arrives with a vase, Tanu gets scared seeing it and they say that they will come back as they have got an evidence and will prove who is guilty.
They thank Abhi, he says that they know that they are doing their duty and they will help them in any and all matters regarding Pragya, he says this Pragya and they leave, he thinks of weather has said, Disha also makes him remember he turns away and leaves.
Tanu is thinking of what will happen with her if Abhi comes to know of her and what she did and then none will be able to save her from him, she sees him coming and hides behind the curtain, she fears him and he is coming straight towards her but then leaves without noticing, she feels blessed as otherwise she would have gotten in a lot of trouble.
Disha and Purab are discoing of what Abhi said in front of the police regarding Pragya and now they will be able to find about Kiara and her relation with Abhi, they both get excited and think for sure to make Abhi and Pragya meet once again as they both still love each other.
Abhi is I his room and thinking of what happened with Pragya in their house as she was their guest, he then thinks of what King said to him regarding that there is a person wo was in their house who wanted to kill Pragya and when the waiter wanted to tell him, he was killed and they must find out the person behind it. He goes to find robin but he is not there and there is someone ne else who is dressing when he asks he says that Robin sent him and he left with some important work. Abhi walks out and tries to call hi but he does not answer after that Abhi thinks of going to meet Pragya.
Abhi is walking towards the door when Aaliya stops him and they both start to have an argument about him meeting with Pragya and once her giving her space in his life, she says that whenever Pragya came to his life he was robbed of everything that he had and only when he married Tanu did he gain success, Abhi disagrees and says that he was the best only with Pragya and none else, they still argue, Abhi gets frustrated and eaves saying that he is late for his concert, Aaliya thanks god for changing his mind as otherwise she would land in jail.
Abhi reaches the concert and rocks the stage with his performance and the crowd is cheering him and everyone is going mad for him. He still thinks of the moments spent with Pragya and then he starts singing, after that everyone losses their mind and are completely lost in his song, he then gets a wonderful cheer from the crowd when his song ends leaving with a lot of cheer.
Mitale is thinking of how did the jhomer fall, her mother says that it was cut on purpose, she says that she will find out of who did it as she thinks that someone is behind it, she says that she thinks that there are two people behind it as to make it fall on Pragya they had to wait for her to get under it so that they could cut it, Aaliya comes from behind and gets worried hearing what they both are saying.

Precap: Pragya says that she will not open the door thinking that it is King but it is really Abhi who is standing outside.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. A quiet day on the KKB set. The Toy’s face makeup doesn’t match her hands. They likely coloured her face darker in order to accommodate that particular shade of red, and forgot to do her hands. Yes, the red dress a.k.a the Toy reminds us that she is a model. Who never actually works. Isn’t that what pr*stitutes call themselves after they have captured a rich man to marry? In this case, first, actively disposing of the man’s wife. In this case the pr*stitute also murders people left, right and centre. The model terrorizes old women and children. The producer provided us with the BIG TENSION in the episode with the red dress hiding behind a curtain while Abhi returns for his phone. Yup. That was it. That was the tension portion of the production. We received it!! And should feel grateful for the GREAT entertaining production. Then Aliyah appears, wearing some ‘sort of’ pants with extra material that was flying through the air which somehow magically magnetized itself to her butt and legs. She goes on about her life…reminding the Viewers that SHE owns Abhi and Abhi had better not forget that. Somewhere I heard the question “God knows who wants to kill Pragya” Stupendous stupidity. Aliyah’s pretend intelligent history of the Mehra family was typical of 4 year old rational and lying. God did it. Pragya did it. It’s hard to forget that this show is produced by an emotional child and her writer minions. And of course Disha and Purab in their immaturity do not care about Pragya. Like the rest of the Mehra’s they want Pragya back to suit their needs and desires. No thought at all to the FACT that Pragya is a ‘dead man walking’ as long as Tanu Toy and Aliyah ( and her fashion challenged disability) remain alive. The Rock Show uses the same audience clip that has been used since the beginning of this serial. But no Ekta would never waste any money arranging for a new clip. Why bother? The Viewers are stupid and will accept, like all good cattle. Fortunately not as dumb as the characters on this show. Tai Ji and Mithali are actually trying to figure out how the attempted murder was designed. Right. Like they don’t already own the playbook of the “Aliyah and Toy fashion disaster murder monopoly.”

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      I would have been fine keeping my shit to myself but you keep attacking people!!! What exactly has Ekta done to you huh? What’s Leena Jumani (Tanu) ever done to you other than do her job? It is fiction for Christ sake!! You insult her dress, her skin , the way she talks and everything about her but hide behind the farce of you simply just attacking the character!!! And don’t get me started on how on and on you go on about Aliya. WHO THE HELL GAVE YOU THE RIGHT ? Oh I see! The internet I guess. You know What, I’m gonna be that One person who is not going to just accept you insulting people who have done nothing to you. Damn it! Just comment about how unhappy you are about the show and stop attacking their personalities ! You don’t even know these people! Jesus!!!

    2. Do you think we handing out awards over here? You are defending a women who constantly portrays women as brainless doormats. You want to let your brain rot it’s fine some people want to call Ekta (I would be no where without daddy) Kapoor out for making a joke out of Indian people.

      Just want to quote your line here “Iā€™m gonna be that One person who is not going to just accept you insulting people who have done nothing to you. ” We are not giving awards, you aren’t going to get any recognition, if anything people are going to laugh at you.

  2. Too Funny! In the gossip videos page there is a video about the Gemini Personality.
    I would check out more than this video. Keep in mind (haven’t watched it yet…don’t know if I will waste the time as I believe I have a deep understanding of
    the difference between the mature and immature) all the good qualities also contain the negative or opposite of the qualities. Thus the terms immature or mature for any quality in any sun sign. These are the terms I use versus ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Most astrologers don’t talk about those. The good astrologer (rare) is honest and tries to help their client change. Many astrologers want the client to come back so of course are not going to talk about the negativity they are finding. Ekta and her team are desperately ridiculous.
    If they were creating a ‘good’ product they would not continue to be so defensive.
    Thx for the really good laugh Ekta’s TEam.

    1. DannyComments

      I want to see you come up with your own production team you Troll

    2. Dear Dannycomments, Not a depressed hateful lady. Very happy and excited about rejoining the world. It’s requiring quite the effort to return. Internet troll? As I have said before I am brand new to the internet. Excepting some political commentary during 2000-2002 from a sickbed, I disappeared and the world changed when I was gone. I even looked up the meaning of troll a few weeks ago. According to you I do make inflammatory remarks. They are meant to be comedic and cynical. I do not believe that I am being off-topic. Consider me a precocious youth just learning how to communicate in this new way. Yes, I have discovered that forms of expression have changed, expected with the passage of time. Further, I am not a television watcher excepting for this particular project I have undertaken which just happened to assign me the serial Kum Kum Bhagya. My comments indicate my shocked surprise at what was being called entertainment. To gain perspective I did watch several more Indian and Pakistani serials. Then I was even more dismayed with what I found with Kum Kum Bhagya. All the way through I have appreciated the talent that does exist in the serial. I originally made the commitment to watch the serial to the end although at this time I am trying to change this. No, I am not being paid to do this. Thus my earlier comment to you, that not to worry, I have a deadline to complete my project. And this serial could go on forever. My comments are not a part of the project. They are indicating my personal opinion. The project involves understanding media manipulation. What is worrisome, is why are you not asking yourself, “Why and how does Akituster trigger me? What is it within me that needs healing so that no one can trigger me?” I do not like watching people (the viewers) being manipulated. Speaking up, when and where another viewpoint or perspective will spark ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’, comes naturally. Just like Ekta uses a non-plot and specific types of characters to send emotional messages across the airwaves I have been using words on this comment page to send emotional messages across to the readers of these comments. For all I know there are about 50-60 people reading this and a lovely woman, Maria, who twitters. Something that I have not learned about as yet. I am an NRI who is truly concerned and disgusted by the messages that are sent out internationally by this serial. My purpose is not about offending but rather about asking others to look at all the available information which we often tend to miss or ignore. That is where many truths are found. In the details. And when those details continue to expose information that should be considered… that could be reviewed to gain a better understanding of what is ALSO going on during any activity, production or gathering then you will find people like me, speaking up. What I wonder Dannycomments, is why me? I have read many other comments who basically say the same things that I am saying or worse. Hey! give me 10 points! I didn’t even bring up how in today’s episode, how much difficulty the actress, who plays Aliyah, had staying focused in the scene with Abhi!
      And really, Dannycomments as to your challenge, if you are serious, provide the funding, then I’m up for it! After all, Ekta had all or at least her initial funding provided. So to make the ‘competition/challenge’ fair I should have the funding provided as well. Lavish, like Ekta’s. Come On! How old are you? Six? So, that’s one of the points I am trying to make. Ekta doesn’t play fair on the playground. And really, I am the least competitive person around. I don’t compete with others. I do my own thing. My preference is adult co-operation …after everyone has had their ‘say’. Lastly, Dannycomments, anyone, whether it is in politics, journalism and especially celebrity culture invites opinions, comments and observations from the public. The celebrities put their whole life on display. Here, as a commentator I have opened the door to your (and others) comments about my words. I comment on the production…the lack of continuity, the quality of the costumes, acting, plot and obviously the quality of the producer/production. I see the director, camera-work, music and some of the actors as being brilliant. I paid attention when you last berated me. Again, I have heard, acknowledged and responded. Please do some reading on the power of ‘fiction’ and it’s many uses. And perhaps, stop reading my comments.

  3. Reuben Nkrumah

    Hello Thanks For Your Updates

  4. Hullo Kalika! Thank-you! Thank-you, so much. Two Questions. First, do you think that Dannycomments will come up with the funding so I can create a production team? : ) Secondly…loved your comment about Ekta Kapoor. Who really controls her? Energetically, there is a super strong indicator that someone tells her what to do and how to do it, perhaps quietly in the background, perhaps even with her not realising the position she is in. I suspect that you know far more history and current information than what I am able to access. Parent? Astrologer?

    1. I think Danny boy has a very sad and lonely life… I pity him, maybe he’s hoping Ekta gives him a prize. Ekta has written time and time again that Indian women are doormats and the men can’t tell @r$3 from face. All her soaps have the same torture and separation track – remember Pavitra Rishta? Don’t let me star about YHM… I only read the updates. Cancelled all the indian channels at home it was like my mother was going crazy watching them.

  5. Akituster…you are not by definition a internet troll……..Internet trolls have no spelling or grammer or any particular need for using the caps lock key…in my day you knew a troll by the username, the way they typed. i miss those days on IMDb before they took away the message boards. good times good times. Oh and if your hiring for your fantasy production team may i submit my application? i ‘d like to try for “bullshit detector”. šŸ™‚

    1. Your On! Cathy. It would be great if you were a part of the production team! I think that Alka and Naz would be a good candidates for the writers, Maria as publicist. Kalika, do you want in? Anyone else? As well, I have been informed that using caps is like YELLING on the internet. O.k. I can deal with that. How would a username indicate your ‘troll-ness’?

    2. Actually there is a fair bit of trollism on these forums for instance if i was to troll i’d use a name like “i H a T e T A N U” or something similar,and your correct that using all caps is rude and is akin to internet yelling, that’s why trolls do it it’s illicits negative emotions…I have some real time experience in radio and television long ago so i would be i hope helpful and i have some plot ideas..and i know Naz and i have similar thoughts on characters. Hell we should just create our own serial and do what we wish other shows would do.

  6. Someone needs to listen and respect the viewers input. In America here, we take critics willingly, it helps businesses to expand. Each business place has an inbox with a pen and an e-mail address to get back to them with reviews. these reviews make a big difference to Business. Seems like you people at ZEE whoever you are, that run these shows are like robots. Our reviews and feed back goes to deaf ears. no one replies to us. No one cares whilst you make your living through us the ones who pay monthly fees for International Channels just to get our kids in touch with their culture away from home. My kids laugh when they see how comical / childish / boring / unrealistic the show looks.

  7. DannyComments

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    And you know What? If you weren’t a Troll, why aren’t you talking about how bad other scripts are huh? Or the actors ? Nooo! It’s only Tang and Aliya’s characters that are bad to you. And if you were smart you would know that Ekta is just the creator of the show! There are writers who are completely different! Story is done by Anil Nagpal ( I don’t see you attacking ) Screenplay is done by alot of people and so is the costumes and Dialogues but Nooooo! Ekta is the evil one! God! I just can’t deal with you right Now! You are impossible!!!

    1. Yaslike….. Akituster, apparently we can be in multiple places at the same time… across the ocean. My brown @$$ is sitting in Botswana.

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  8. Your On! Cathy. It would be great if you were a part of the production team! I think that Alka and Naz would be a good candidates for the writers, Maria as publicist. Kalika, do you want in? Anyone else? As well, I have been informed that using caps is like YELLING on the internet. O.k. I can deal with that. How would a username indicate your ‘troll-ness’?

    1. Hey, I want on too.

  9. Y very slow updates Sona…. What happened to Hassan….

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