Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update Will Bulbul Save Vijay?

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul reads Baba’s given’s riddle. Vasu says there riddle has no middle, it is misleading. Bulbul says Baba himself wrote this riddle when he was assured that she finished her task. Baba orders Vishal to kill Vijay and give him good news before Bulbul finds Vijay. Bulbul reads riddle. Mandira says they have to read earlier riddle to solve this one. Bulbul says last riddle took her to store room and she found Vijay’s look-alike doll. Vijay behind wall tries hard to seek help. Mandira says clue leads to her father’s house. They all run to Baba’s house. Mandira asks Baba where has he hidden Vijay and insists to check house. Inspector says she cannot. Baba says let her check. They all check house. Bubul repeats riddle and realizes Vijay is not here and in his own house instead. Mandira asks Baba to give store room keys. Baba says he forgot. Mandira insists. He gives keys. Bulbul says Baba is misleading them to waste time, else he would not agree so easily, they should rush to their house. Vishal tlels baba that Bulbul solved riddle. Baba says make sure they don’t reach house.

Bulbul with Mandira reaches near car and finds it punctured. She calls Gayatri and Sadhna and asks to search Vijay at home. She and Mandira runs towards home then. Sadhna calls back and says they id not find Vijay anywhere. Vishal calls baba and informs they did not reach home yet. Baba says only 15 minute are left and walls would be very close no and Vijay must be suffocating.

Gayatri walks near Prabhath’s photo. Vijay calls her from behind wall. She hears, but thinks it is her imagination and walks away. Bulbul with Mandira reaches home short of breath and reminiscing fire accident incident asks Mandira if she informed Baba about fire accident. She says no. Bulbul reminisces Baba using remote inside house and says remote works for some distance, something has happened which they are missing. Angad reminisces Baba’a aides rebuilding wall behind Prabhath’s photo. Vijay hits wall forcefully. Photo shakes. Bulbul says Vijay is behind wall then. They all run towards wall, break it and get Vijay out.

Precap: Vishal informs Baba that Vijay is no more. Baba happily puts garland on Vijay’s photo. Bulbul stands crying in front of Vijay’s dead body.

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