Udaan 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Chakor fight evil

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The Episode starts with Gumaan asking Imli to kill everyone. He angrily holds Chakor’s neck. Anjor shouts mumma. Gumaan asks what did you say, you wanted to stare in my eyes, I will kill you and Anjor, but in front of your husband, where is he. Chakor says I came alone. Imli says this can’t happen, he maybe hiding around, call him. Police sees the staff shot to death. Inspector asks constable to call ambulance first. Injured inspector Yadav says Sir…… Gumaan and Imli Devi have done all this. Imli asks Gumaan to beat Chakor and Anjor. Gumaan gets a whip to beat Chakor. Chakor sees Suraj outside and signs him no. Suraj gets worried. Imli stops Gumaan and says I want to get this happiness, I will beat her. Imli beats Chakor.

Suraj looks on and feels Chakor’s pain. Tejaswini and Anjor cry. Imli says Chakor is bearing pain, but not shouting to call her lover, I admit, her love is true. Suraj rages and enters the haveli. Imli fills nails in the whip. Gumaan says now her skin will part away and it will be fun. Anjor asks Chakor to call Suraj. She shouts to Suraj and asks him to save them. Chakor says no, I won’t call Suraj, don’t fall weak, be brave, you are my daughter, you can’t lose. Suraj switches off the light. Gumaan asks Mahendar to go and check. The light comes back. Imli sees Gumaan gone. Chakor smiles. Everyone laughs. Imli gets shocked. Chakor says its your day to cry, look there. Suraj takes Gumaan at gunpoint and hangs him down the balcony. Udaan hai….plays…. Suraj reminds Chakor her promise and asks her not to step back today, don’t pity the enemies. Chakor says yes. Anjor asks Chakor to beat Imli.

Chakor asks people not to be scared and tell them that you were also hurt, don’t worry, Imli can’t do anything, its a day to settle scores. Anjor hits a goon. Imli asks goons to beat them. Chakor says don’t dare to come close, this whip will ruin Imli’s senses, she won’t be fine to pay anyone. Everyone claps. Anjor frees the tied up villagers. Chakor says money can’t buy any respect, the people are fighting for their self esteem, look at the goons, they will watch your drama, but none can protect you, the villagers lost everything, but they are fighting for their self esteem, you will realize how much you have hurt them. The villager ask Suraj to kill Gumaan.

Gumaan says I m your brother, if you kill me, you will go jail, leave me. Suraj says don’t call me your brother, police knows your truth, it will be easy to prove that I killed a devil in self defense. He throws him down. Imli tries to run. Chakor beats her. Everyone smile. Suraj steps on Gumaan. Imli says I m your younger sister Imli, don’t beat me, I will change. Chakor catches her face and says you are a devil, its imp that you die, you are a stain on humanity. She beats Imli more. She scolds Imli for supporting Bhaiya ji, and breaking her trust always, cheating her. She says I should have killed you when you faked pregnancy drama and played with Vivaan’s emotions, I m your sister and pitied you, you didn’t change, I should kill you.

Chakor ties Imli and Gumaan. The villagers say burn this Raavan and his team. Chakor takes the fire torch. Imli says don’t kill me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Lokesh

    Finally extension for Udaan, now at 7 pm gud decision

  2. Seeing Imli getting whipped was cathartic but I felt yesterday’s episode was more entertaining.

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