Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Guddan thinks she isn’t the one

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Postman comes and says AJ has invited you and your family to a party tomorrow. He will announce his wife as well. Kaushaliya says we will come for sure. He is such a big name.
Guddan comes to AJ and says thanks for kicking perv out of my sister’s life. She says I wanted to apologize too. He says we had a two way deal. She says yes I came today. Tomorrow you would be busy in wedding announcement party. He says how can I be busy without you? She says what? He says I want you to marry me. Guddan says what? She says I can’t do this. Look at our age difference. I can’t do this. I can do anything else. Please don’t take my name tomorrow. She leaves.

Kaushaliya says I want all these new jewelry. Kaushaliya says we can’t look poor. Guddan says I don’t wanna wear all this. Kaushaliya says you have to. We can’t look cheap.
perv’s wife says you are so lucky to have a wife like me. Perv says i love you. Aj says for sure you do. I am sending you two to Shimla in next four hours. Siddy says but I want to attend party and meet your wife. AJ says you will know her. She says thank you. Perv says why are you all doing this? AJ says if you are in party you will be exposed and siddy would be hurt. I don’t want that.

Scen 2
Party starts. Lakshmi says its our independence day. He will announce his wife. They dance on sasu ji tune meri qadar. Guddan comes. Saru says before we kick you out get lost. Lakshmi says you will ruin everything. Go from here. Durga says you want to be insulted. AJ says is this how you treat my guests? She will be respected here.
Guddan sees AJ meeting his friend. She thinks AJ would marry her. Guddan says AJ will marry that girl. I saw it. Lakshmi hears and tells everyone. She tells other two. Saru says its better. She is our friend. Durga says Guddan should be insulted in the party.

AJ’s friend meets Guddan and says are you happy? she says yes very happy. Uncle is not what he looks. He gets angry anytime. AJ hears. She says I think marrying him is stupid. But its okay your personal life. She turns back and sees AJ. She spits. Guddan says sorry. she cleans his coat. H says I will do it.

Saru says to Guddan where did you get this necklace from? What is your designer’s name. She says real diamond is strong. She pulls it and it breaks. Guddan says better mingle with people of your standard. Guddan says I am glad if reach people are like you I am not one. Before hurting people think once. Because poor people can curse you. I hope your new mother in law teaches you manners. They leave. AJ sees her leaving.
Precap-AJ announces Guddan will be his wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Lokesh

    Dragged today, haven’t watched but update shows everything, loved kasauti today

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Now i get it why kushaliya is behind gudden and treated her like this making nervous and less confident as she wanted luxurious life style and she got middle class husband and step daughter… She is really disgusting????

    2. AJ said to prav that he can’t see women hurt and he himself hurt his Durga, Laxmi, and saraswati (though not in wrong way, but their feelings)?????????

    3. Did someone noticed that though AJ face is shown an angry one but since few days when ever gudden come infront of him, he smiles a little bit and than cover up???????

    1. He does not I’ll treat his bahu’s.Even though he is very strict his bahus always are up to something or the other.How can durga take police to guddan s house when saru was at fault as she does not have any right to tarnish guddan s image.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I already mentioned that, i was talking about their feelings..
      And yes he is strict becoz indireclty he is doing his wife duties too as its mostly shown in serials that Mother in law keep family joint and men look after business, and his strictness does not allow his children to break family.
      And who is saraswati hubby??

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